How To Get Web Development Internship

A Web development internship refers to the tasks related to creating websites for various products and services and hosting them on the internet in order to gain experience for a larger role.

It includes web design, web content development, server-side scripting, and network security configuration.

A web developer designs a website and also writes web scripts in programming languages ​​such as PHP and ASP.

It is imperative that the candidate gain hands-on work experience that provides knowledge of common programming languages, databases, frameworks, operating systems, and hosting services.

An internship in this field will help you achieve your goals as you will have the opportunity to help full-stack developers with their assigned projects. In addition, you can also opt for freelance projects.

What Is A Web Development Internship?

In a web developer internship, you will work alongside professional developers, designers, and project managers to support website development and learn the tools of the trade.

As an intern, you can help with programming under the guidance of a professional computer programmer, test existing code, format graphics for use on the web, or communicate with clients about the project.

Your duties may also include testing new technologies for potential use in your web development project. Some interns perform additional administrative tasks as needed.

What Are The Qualifications To Get A Web Development Internship?

The requirements for a web development internship include enrollment in a degree program, previous experience in web development, knowledge of a relevant computer language such as HTML or JavaScript, and knowledge of coding or computer science.

Some employers may be looking for students in an accredited post-secondary program in computer programming or web development, while other companies offer internships to college graduates or those with no formal training who can demonstrate the necessary technical skills.

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Tips On How To Get A Web Development Internship

How To Get Web Development Internship | Expaat

Build a strong portfolio

When you apply for a web developer internship, the first thing employers will look at is your online portfolio.

It must be extremely impressive, which should reflect your skills. A candidate should keep in mind that their portfolio should be solid and clean, which will make them stand out from the crowd.

Do freelance projects

This is a great option to gain more experience. Some freelance web development projects will help you develop your business skills.

Projects can range from small to large; Depending on the customer’s project requirements.

Candidates who want to work on some freelance projects can join various Facebook groups or visit websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, etc.

Redesign logos and websites for your favorite brands

It’s the easiest way to build a strong portfolio. Redesigning your favorite brands’ logos and websites can help you show your creativity and imagination.

Upload your code to Github

A candidate can demonstrate their skills to employers by showing their best code by logging into their Github account.

For that, you need to make sure that your contributions to Github are regular.

Contribute to an open-source project

Open source refers to source code that is publicly available and can be modified by anyone. Some of the open-source projects are used in Rails, Linux, MySQL, and Java Scripts.

A candidate can search for open source projects on Explore Github. This project will help a candidate strengthen their teamwork and development skills.

Join a Hackathon

A hackathon is an exciting way to meet like-minded techies. It will help you solve problems, learn from others, and test your programming skills.

But for that, a candidate needs to code with a team. One of the best tricks for working with a team of programmers will get you to hire managers at web development companies.

Find Internships

Once you have your portfolio ready, the next step is to research internships and apply. Some internships will pay you well for your hard work.

One of the best benefits of internships is that they give you hands-on experience and help you improve your skills.

Getting a web development internship is not a difficult task, but the above tips are just a few that will help you seize an opportunity.

But above are some tips that will help you get an internship opportunity in a good company

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Web Development Internships Allow You To Do The Following:

  • Write well-designed, testable, and efficient code
  • Create website/UI design
  • Integrate data from multiple services and backend databases
  • Collect and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs.
  • Create and maintain software documentation.
  • Search engine optimization
  • They are responsible for maintaining, growing, and scaling websites.
  • Stay up to date on new technologies and industry trends
  • Work with web designers to fulfill the visual design intent


Web developers are in demand in all areas. Creating attractive, business-friendly websites is the new norm.

People from all walks of life and from all businesses will eventually need a web developer. That is why all startups are looking for interns in the field of web design and development.

So your chances are very high and you have to go way too far to find an internship if you have the necessary skills.

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