how to drive traffic to a beat store

How To Drive Traffic To A Beat Store

A beat store is a combination of a music player and a shopping cart. It’s a platform that allows customers to listen to your beats and buy them right away. In this article, you will be learning a lot about how to drive traffic to a beat store.

Your beat store can be physical or online (website, eCommerce store). Either way, you will only make money when there is enough traffic coming to your store.

Some of the ways to drive traffic to your beat store include:

1. Youtube Videos

Consider launching a channel dedicated to publishing useful updates if you discover that you thrive at offering others advice on generating music, marketing, performing, composing, or something similar. 

You have the option of driving a lot of traffic to your helpful content and then directing them to your beat store, where some of your content’s admirers may become fans of your original work as well.

2. Email Marketing

Collect emails from friends, family, past clients, and potential new clients who could be interested in hearing new beats you’ll be making in the future. This way, anytime you publish new material, you can simply send an email to hundreds of thousands of individuals who will see it. 

This is unlike social media posts, where the home page is frequently customized to expose your posts to your connections.

3. Social Media

When tagging someone or having a one-on-one chat, social media can be quite successful. Many artists and producers are using the strategy of spamming random people and posts with their current music, but why not try a more subtle and effective approach? Look for threads, phrases, and groups where producers are being sought. 

Supporting others can help you create relationships, and some people will reciprocate.

4. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the visibility of your website on search engines such as Google and Bing. If you have the talent or the funds, you may start ranking your website for terms that people search for, such as “slow R&B for sale,” and get daily visitors. Please keep in mind that this is a complicated procedure that requires a significant amount of time and/or money, but it is well worth it in the end.

5. Music Forums

Forums aren’t as popular as they once were, but they still offer a free and relatively simple way to network in the music industry. There you can meet fellow producers and beat makers and even music enthusiasts who will be interested in your beats. 

Music forums are one of the easiest methods on the list of how to drive traffic to your beat store.

6. Blogging

You can establish a blog that will help or excite people enough to build a consistent audience over time. Once you’ve established a significant audience for your blog, you’ll be able to promote your own store anywhere on the site, including in your email audience.

7. Ads

Facebook ads

Many small businesses have benefited from Facebook ads in terms of generating leads and driving traffic to their websites. You may either do it yourself or hire a Facebook ad professional to assist you in creating a campaign. Because both methods necessitate a large budget, this strategy will be ineffective if you have little or no money to experiment with different Facebook advertising.

Instagram ads

You can also extend the ads to Instagram to reach more people.

Youtube ads

YouTube advertising is really beneficial to musicians, especially if you’re a producer who already has a large number of beats on YouTube. You can send people to your website or another YouTube video. You can narrow down your target audience by selecting people who are already looking for music. These would be fantastic when used in conjunction with “type beat” marketing.

Google ads

You can target an audience that is searching for music terms, similar to how Facebook and Youtube advertising work. This is similar to SEO, but instead of showing you organic search results, it shows you sponsored results, which you may see when searching. This, too, necessitates a big expenditure, but it yields returns faster than SEO.

Buy sell ads

Bey Sell Ads is a network that lets advertisers to find niche-specific websites and buy ad space on those sites in exchange for focused traffic. Musicians have achieved great results by placing banner advertisements on relevant music blogs and publications to promote their music. This strategy necessitates a significant budget and relies greatly on you having a compelling advertisement.

8. Repost Exchange

RepostExchange is a relatively new marketing tool available to artists and producers that publish their music on Soundcloud. As a producer, you can upload your beats with your website link prominently displayed and receive a large number of listens from musicians in your genre. They pick up interest and visit your site.

9. In-person Marketing

The real world is still a fantastic marketing environment. As a musician, attending events such as talent showcases and music conferences with a nice business card is still an efficient approach to drive visitors to your website. The idea is to be pleasant and offer something intriguing that will entice the client to check out your work after you’ve given them your card.

10. Other Promotional Channels

Millions of people subscribe to promotional channels on sites like Youtube and Soundcloud, eager to hear new good music. It’s evident that getting into popular channels like these is difficult, but if you’re getting a lot of positive feedback from other musicians and believe you’re at the top of your game you should give them a try.

11. Offer Free Beats

People love free things. When you offer them free beats, you will hook them to want more and you can upsell premium beats to them or even direct them to your beat store,

12. Ask For Reviews

Requesting reviews is another excellent technique on the list of how to drive traffic to your beat store. It will help to provide incentives for your customers to submit positive evaluations about your beats. Offering discounts or freebies to customers who provide favorable comments on your site is a simple way to accomplish this. This will help you develop client trust and popularity, which will eventually lead to sales.

13. Include Your Web Address In Your Email Signature

This will create an impression and ultimately drive traffic to your store.

14. Add Your Url To Your Social Profiles

People should see your store address on your social profiles too. You never know, one unique impression and traffic could lead to a conversion.

15. Affiliate Program

You can recruit other people to promote your store. They can do this through their website, social media handles, and even in-person marketing.

Word of mouth marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a beat store.

Final Words

One of the most crucial aspects of any organization is traffic. The same may be said for beat shops and it is good you’ve learned how to drive traffic to a beat store. 

You won’t be able to sell anything if you don’t have any traffic and if you follow all of these instructions, you’ll be able to successfully expand your beat store.

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