H&M discount for college students

H&M Student Discount – (Get 20% Off)

Have you ever been thrilled when you spotted a stunning outfit in a store? But when you caught a glimpse of the price tag, your heart began to sink. If you’re a student and you’ve had this experience, you’re not alone. Every time I had to go shopping for clothes, I used to become anxious. However, I recently discovered the student discounts H&M gives. Keep reading if you’d like to know more.

H&M student discount codes will help you get amazing clothes and accessories at reduced prices. Hence, in this article, you’ll learn all about H&M and how to order from H&M with superb discounts. You won’t have to repeat clothes to save your finances anymore. Also, with H&M, you can wear more and spend less.

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What is H&M?

If you’re unfamiliar with H&M, I’ll tell you everything about it. Fast-fashion retailer H&M, or Hennes and Mauritz in full, is headquartered in Sweden. H&M copies popular trends from your favorite runway events. Subsequently, they create these items in large quantities for you at lower prices.

Whether you’re male, female, or need something for a little kid, H&M has something in store. Moreover, there’s an incredible variety of styles for all your wardrobe essentials. So do you need jeans for the school year or jewelry to make you stand out in a sea of students? Shop H&M.

Yes, H&M prices are significantly more affordable than high-class designers like Chanel or Gucci. But, who says you can’t save even more money when shopping? Thus, to do this, don’t sleep on the numerous student discounts H&M offers on clothes that’ll make you feel like a million bucks.

H&M discount for college students

What are Student Discount H&M Codes?

Student discount H&M codes are codes you can use to get reduced prices and slashes on H&M items. Like many other multinational brands and even smaller companies, H&M encourages and rewards you for shopping with them. Student discounts are one of many discount categories available at H&M. Using these, feel free to shop to your heart’s content.

Keep in mind that these codes are strictly for students. If you’re not a student, this won’t work for you. But, as we said previously, there are other discount options you can explore, so don’t be discouraged.

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Does H&M Verify Student Status?

Yes. You must be a student to utilize the student discounts H&M offers. H&M has checks in place to make sure “cheating” doesn’t happen. In order to verify that you are eligible for student discount codes for H&M, you must have an account with either UNiDAYS or Student Beans. We’ll discuss these platforms in detail below.

What is UNiDAYS?

Founded in 2011, UNiDAYS is a website that gives you access to student discount codes from countless brands. Brands that partner with UNiDAYS use this website to check with your school that you are indeed a student. After you are verified, UNiDAYS gives you the discount codes that you can use at checkout to get your price slash.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Is it free? I don’t want an added expense”. Well, yes, it is free.

Learn more about UNiDAYS by reading this article Get Free And Exclusive Student Discount On UNiDAYS.

What is Student Beans?

Now, let’s talk about Student Beans. Similar to UNiDAYS, Student Beans is also a student loyalty platform. It performs the same function – checks with your school that your student status is legit.

Student Beans has different websites depending on your country of residence for language conveniences. Visit this jink for more information. Also, Student Beans comes with a free app if you prefer going that route. However, the app is only available in the UK, US, Germany, France, Canada, and Australia. Students in unlisted countries are not left out though! You can place your orders using the official UK website

www.studentbeans.com and get them delivered internationally to you.

How Many H&M Student Discounts Can I Get?

With either UNiDAYS or Student Beans, you can get up to 20% off on your H&M purchases. Plus, you get an added 10% off on your first purchase. You also get access to special season discounts and coupons. Pleasantly surprising, isn’t it? So, how do you get started with these platforms? Keep reading to find out.

UNiDAYS vs Student Beans Conditions

You can sign up on either or both of these platforms depending on your preferences. They’re both reliable and offer amazing deals.

Now that we’ve seen what these platforms are about, how do you sign up with them?

In addition to being free to use, no stress is associated with signing up on UNiDAYS or Student Beans. Despite being stress-free, you do need to meet some conditions before you can sign up. They are:

  1. Again, you must be a student. These are student-only platforms.
  2. You must be at least 16 years of age.
  3. You must have a valid means of identification from your institution. A personal school email address is the basic requirement for this. You can use your student ID card if you don’t have one.

There’s no specification on the type of program or school you should be in to have an account. As long as you’re a registered student of any institution, and have the necessary identification, you’re free to sign up. College or university students, part-time or full-time students, and even apprentices can enjoy the student discounts H&M provides.

How to Sign Up with UNiDAYS

To gain access to the student discounts H&M offers through UNiDAYS, fill out these three forms. Here’s a step-by-step guide to completing these forms.

Form 1: Personal Details

  • Visit myunidays.com/account/register on your browser.
  • You’ll get a form to enter your email address and password. Fill in this form. Make sure you enter a personal email address and not your school email.
  • Pick your gender
  • Click sign up to submit the form. Don’t forget to accept the platform’s terms and conditions.

Form 2: School and Course Details

Now, complete your school and course details. It’s nothing too personal, don’t worry. Follow these few steps to fill out this form.

  • Enter your first and last name
  • You’ll get a search box to select your institution. Input your school’s name in the search box and select it when it comes up.
  • Select the length of your course and current year of study.
  • Select ‘Continue’ to conclude this section.

Form 3: Verification

  • The final step is verifying your school email address
  • You’ll get a form to verify your account with your school email address.
  • Enter your school email address and click ‘Send email’.
  • When you click Send mail, you’ll get a verification link from UNiDAYS.
  • Click the link to verify your account.

If you took these steps, hurray! You’re now eligible for H&M student discount codes.

How to Sign Up with Student Beans

If you’d rather sign up with Student Beans, or maybe you want to use both platforms, then follow these steps.

  • Open your browser, search ‘Student Beans sign up’ and click on the first search result. Alternatively, you could use this link.
  • Fill in your first and last names, email, and password.
  • Click the blue ‘Create Account’ button at the end of the form.

After submitting, Student Beans will ask you to set up your account details.

  • Add a profile photo (this is optional).
  • Again fill in your names, date of birth, gender, and the checkboxes.
  • You’ll notice a green button labeled ‘verify as a student’. Save changes, then click this button to proceed.

Now, you’re at the final and most important stage. This is where you’ll verify your student status.

  • Select your graduation year
  • Input your student email address and click Continue.
  • Select your country and input your institution.
  • Click Continue
  • Student Beans will send a link to your student email address. Click this link to verify your student status.

How to Generate H&M Student Discount Code

Signing up on UNiDAYS or Student Beans will do you no good if you don’t know how to get the student discount H&M codes. On completing your student status verification, follow this guide to generate your discount codes.

  • Search ‘student discount H&M’ in your browser. Click on the official H&M website. Here, you’ll be redirected to the UNiDAYS website to get your code.
  • On the other hand, you can visit the UNiDAYS or Student Beans websites directly.
  • Log in to your account.
  • When you log in, you’ll get a list of the available student discount codes, coupons, and season sales.
  • Select what suits you and copy the code.

How to Use Your H&M Student Discount Code 

Have you successfully gotten your code? If your answer is yes, head over to the H&M website. Do your online shopping as usual. Then, when checking out your item to buy it, paste the copied discount code. It’s that simple!

How to Know About H&M Student Discounts 

Sometimes, the ‘first come, first serve’ principle also applies in the world of fast fashion. Therefore, it’s always better to be among the first to know about new deals, promos, and giveaways from any brand. H&M periodically awards discounts and coupons to customers, but how do you stay in the loop? For example, there are currently no available student discounts H&M has in stock on UNiDAYS. How do you know when there’s something in the bag for you?

1. Newsletters and Email Subscriptions

Although there is no provision for newsletter discounts, H&M frequently gives a 10% discount coupon to first-time email subscribers. However, this is not particular to students alone, anyone can access this coupon.

Moreover, I’m sure you know the benefits of subscribing to your favorite brand’s newsletter. These emails are their way of communicating with you and letting you know what they have. You may find yourself interested in something and you’ll be on the lookout for a time it’s available in sales.

2. H&M Loyalty Program

The H&M loyalty program is H&M’s way of thanking you for your faithful, constant patronage. Hence, it’s easily the best way to score freebies, coupons, and even free shipping! H&M gives you $5 off when you earn 200 points. You’re also entitled to birthday discounts as a loyalty member.

As a loyalty member, you get free shipping off any purchase of $25 or more. Even without being a member, you get free shipping on a minimum purchase of $40 only.

Interested in the H&M loyalty program? Then click here, it’s completely free!

3. Social Media

Behind the scenes, social media is the best way to learn about a lot of deals. So follow H&M pages and groups, connect with other H&M lovers, and you may get access to amazing deals.


Wouldn’t it be nice to attend classes looking stylish rather than wearing drab old clothes? H&M is your one-stop shop for everything you need to make a fashion comeback without breaking the bank. What are you waiting for? Make good use of the student discounts H&M extends to you. Begin your fashion journey with H&M today!

Frequently Asked Questions about UNiDAYS and Student Beans

We’ve emphasized that using UNiDAYS or Student Beans will give you no trouble at all. But here are answers to a couple of questions you may have along the line.

1. What if I don’t have a personal school email address? 

Your student ID card will do just fine. To use your student ID:

For UNiDAYS, visit SuDDort and select “I don’t have an institution email address”. Then proceed to upload your ID card by clicking the upload link.

For Student Beans, visit this jink to learn more.

When doing this, make sure your details (especially your name and card expiry date) and photograph are visible. Manual verification takes about three days on these platforms, so please be patient.

2. Can I use my H&M student discount code for items in sales?

Yes, you can use your discount code for items in outlets or sales. Hence, don’t forget to read any attached terms and conditions though, so you don’t accidentally misuse a discount.

3. Are the discount codes on UNiDAYS and Student Beans tested?

You’re not going to be disappointed using these platforms. Every code here is tried regularly and tested with the brand partners.

4. Can I pay in installments?

Yes. With installment plans like Klarna, H&M gives you the Buy now, pay later option. Also, you can spread your payments and pay conveniently with no interest.

Note that you will have to share your bank information and personal data with Klarna Bank for credit assessment.

5. Is my Country Eligible for an H&M student discount?

You can get H&M student discounts from UNiDAYS and Student Beans in most countries across Europe and America


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