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15% Off HelloFresh Student Discount Code

Ever woken up thinking, ‘I don’t know what to eat?’ Or so tired to make any fresh meals due to your busy schedules as a student? Well, you’re not alone, this tends to happen to everyone especially students and this is why you’re probably wondering if there is an HelloFresh student discount.

So. other times, you’re exhausted after a long day and don’t want to make a grocery run or a home-cooked meal.

Rather than choose not to eat because you’re too tired, or binge on unhealthy snacks like most students would do, check out HelloFresh.

With a HelloFresh student discount, your food problems will drastically reduce, and you’ll get fresh and sumptuous meals delivered right to your doorstep.

What is HelloFresh?

HelloFresh is a German-based meal-kit company, currently providing services in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, and the United States.

It is currently the largest meal-kit provider in the American market and generated €5.99 billion in 2021. Established in November 2011 by Dominik Richter,

Thomas Griesel, and Jessica Nilsson, the company has grown from a small meal-kit provider to a giant firm with over 14,635 employees.

So, what is a meal-kit provider? How exactly does HelloFresh make money? In a nutshell, HelloFresh sends you a box of pre-portioned ingredients and tested recipes to keep you from making grocery runs. This helps you eat better, home-cooked meals at your convenience.

Of course, all of this isn’t free, it comes at a subscription fee. Don’t confuse this with your regular food delivery, though.

Here, you get the uncooked ingredients, seasonings, and recipe to make your food, but for food delivery, you’re getting a full, scrumptious meal.

What Can I Get at HelloFresh?

A service such as this one sounds extremely expensive, I mean, pre-packaged recipes? That sounds like something straight out of a bougie movie, and as a student, the price can easily be a problem. Plus, a subscription like this would naturally raise questions like, ‘Do I get to choose my meals?’.

Yes. With HelloFresh, you get access to a wide range of 55+ menu options each week, so say goodbye to daily repeated menus.

Moreover, you can select from the food categories and dietary plans depending on your likes and needs.

And no, you won’t need to pay heavily for it either, in fact, HelloFresh is notably affordable. So, what plans are available to you, and what are the perks of each?

HelloFresh offers you six plans – Meat & Veggies, Veggie, Low Calorie (all around 650 kcal), Quick & Easy, Pescatarian (seafood and veggies), or Family Friendly all at $7.99/serving only.

Currently, for each of these plans, HelloFresh is giving a $0.75 discount, so sign up to get yours. For more information, visit www.hellofresh.com.

Equally important, the prices shown are single-person prices. Albeit, you must pay for either 2 or 4 servings per recipe.

The meal-kit boxes arrive once a week on any day you choose. Plus, you also have the flexibility to pick the number of days you want a meal.

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15% Off HelloFresh Student Discount Code in 2023

While HelloFresh is certainly convenient and not highly-priced, subscribing for a full week may be hard on you still. Indeed, many would argue that it’s substantially cheaper to do your grocery runs yourself.

You have a lot of bills to pay as a student hence, a meal-kit subscription is probably not high on your list of priorities. Consequently, is there a HelloFresh student discount you can use to enjoy this convenience without hurting your pocket?

Yes, there is. As always, HelloFresh is very customer-friendly, so they offer a 15% student discount on every box you order per week. So, how can you grab this discount?

Qualifying for HelloFresh Student Discount

Like any discount, you need to have a few things in place before you’re eligible to receive a HelloFresh student discount. Thankfully, there are no difficult conditions. I’ll list them below.

  1. To begin with, you must undergo student verification with UNiDAYS. HelloFresh has to be sure that you’re a student before giving you the student discount.
  2. Also, although HelloFresh operates in multiple countries in Europe and America, only residents of the U.S. are eligible for the discount. For Australian residents, go through www.hellofresh.com.au to get $165 off.

What is UNiDAYS, though, and how do you verify your student status through the platform? Go on to the next section to find out.


It’s difficult to know who’s lying online and who isn’t by word of mouth alone. With discounts, companies also need to protect their interests, hence the need to verify your enrolment status. This is what UNiDAYS aims to achieve.

As a medium between the brand, in this case, HelloFresh, and you, UNiDAYS verifies for the brand that you’re a student. After you become a recognized member of the platform, you can now receive the coveted HelloFresh student discount codes.

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How to Create Your UNiDAYS Account

Signing up on UNiDAYS is an effortless, straightforward process. The prompts are easy to follow, and you’re not required to bring any documents or papers. Furthermore, it’s completely free, and you don’t need to pay a dime.

Regardless, you do need a means of identification to sign up with UNiDAYS, preferably a student school email address. If you don’t have one, it’s not a problem. UNiDAYS allows you to use a valid student ID if you don’t have one.

Keep in mind that email is the fastest verification method. Verification using your ID may take a couple of days.

Next, let’s see the steps to creating your account. Signing up with UNiDAYS is a three-part process.

Form 1: Personal Details

  1. Click myunidays.com/account/register to open the account creation form on your browser and click Join now.
  2. You’ll get input fields for your email address and password. Fill in this form. Don’t enter your student email address here, rather ensure you enter a personal email address. Then, pick your gender.
  3. Click sign up to submit the form. Don’t forget to accept the platform’s terms and conditions.

Form 2: School and Course Details

Secondly, enter your school and course information. Take these few steps to complete the form.

  1. Enter your first and last name.
  2. You’ll get a search box to select your institution. Input your school’s name in the search box and select it when it comes up.
  3. Select the length of your course and current year of study.
  4. Select Continue to conclude this section.

Form 3: Verification

Finally, verify your student email address.

  1. You’ll get a form to verify your account with your student school email address.
  2. Enter your student school email address and click Send email.
  3. Now you’ll get a verification link from UNiDAYS in your mailbox.
  4. Click the link to verify your account.

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Applying Your HelloFresh Student Discount

After verifying with UNiDAYS, you’re now eligible for a HelloFresh student discount. Applying your discount at checkout isn’t rocket science. You only need to place your order as you normally would and enter your discount code in the required field. Need a guide? Then, follow these steps.

  1. Firstly, visit the UNiDAYS website at My Unidays Page – Student Discount – HelloFresh and log in to your account. You should get the available discount code. Copy this code.
  1. Now, go to the official HelloFresh website at www.hellofresh.com
  2. Select Get started and pick your preferred plan.
  3. Click Continue and select the number of recipes and servings you’d like per week.
  4. Now, you’ll get to the order page. Input your address details and delivery instructions, and confirm your information.
  5. Click Next to go to the payment page. Here, add your preferred payment method, then scroll down. Below your order summary, there’s a box for codes. Add your discount code from UNiDAYS, and complete your order.

Note that with your HelloFresh student discount, you can’t combine it with gift boxes or any other promos or discounts. Also, this discount is only available to new HelloFresh customers.

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How to Save on HelloFresh Boxes

Student discounts are amazing, but like it’s said on the HelloFresh website, only new customers can get them. So, in what other ways can you save money? Read on to find out.

●     Sign up

This may sound absurd, but it’s foolproof. HelloFresh gives you 16 free meals spread over six deliveries. This means that for every box, you get some money deducted from your fee. Yet, that’s not all! You also get free shipping on your first delivery and three freebies.

Your discount will vary depending on the plan, serving size, and frequency you choose. But to give you an idea here’s a breakdown of the discounts for a two-person, 4-day plan.

  • First box: $50 Off + Free Shipping
  • Second box: $31 Off
  • Third box: $19 Off
  • Fourth box: $18 Off
  • Fifth box: $18 Off
  • Sixth box: $18 Off

This sums up to more than $150 in discounts.

●     Email Newsletters

If you’re a regular patronizer of any brand, then this shouldn’t be a surprise to you. Joining a brand’s email list gives you first-hand discount information, and HelloFresh is no exception. You’ll always know what’s in store, new deals, or promos. Also, sometimes, HelloFresh can reward you with random bonuses for being a regular customer.

To use these promo codes, login to your HelloFresh account, and go to the Gift card and discount tab on your screen. Any coupons or gift cards available for you should be listed there, so feel free to make use of them.

Moreover, if you periodically cancel your membership, HelloFresh will award you $20 to encourage you to renew your subscription.

●     Referrals

Again, HelloFresh has an active referral program in place that enables you to earn a $20 credit when you refer a friend. You can choose to give your $40 off referral code, or a free meal voucher. Either way, everybody wins – your friend gets to save money and try out HelloFresh while you earn some cash.

●     Plan your orders

Yes, trying out different cuisines without the stress of shopping for ingredients is fun and exciting. This is particularly true if, like me, you love to cook. However, when poring over appetizing recipes and menus, try to order something that’ll last longer. This trick is more helpful for a student because you probably aren’t cooking for a crowd, unlike parents.

For example, ordering pasta will probably serve you more and give leftovers, than a fancy, expensive meal. By taking this into account, you’ll likely order less during the week.

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Dreary, monotonous meals or hurried grocery trips can now be a thing of the past. With HelloFresh, you have access to tested, trusted recipes and meal kits that’ll turn out five-star dishes every time. Regardless of your cooking skills, HelloFresh will have you eating a balanced, fresh, home-cooked meal. Further, with your HelloFresh student discount, you can get a royal meal-kit treatment without breaking the bank.

FAQs About HelloFresh Student Discount

1. What is HelloFresh?

HelloFresh is a subscription-based meal-kit provider. Hinging on your menu and plan choices, you’ll get a box of the ingredients you need for your meal along with the accompanying recipe.

2. Is there a HelloFresh student discount?

Yes. HelloFresh offers a 15% student discount through UNiDAYS.

3. What is UNiDAYS?

UNiDAYS is a website that verifies your enrolment status with your indicated institution. When you’ve been successfully recognized as a student, it gives you access to HelloFresh student discount codes.

4. What do I need for UNiDAYS verification?

As long as you have a student school email address or valid student ID, you’re good to go.

5. Can I choose my meals with HelloFresh?

Yes, HelloFresh gives you six broad meal plans with loads of chef-tested recipes to choose from. You can also decide how many meals you want per week, and their corresponding serving sizes.

6. Can I cancel my subscription to HelloFresh?

Absolutely! HelloFresh is famous for its flexibility. Therefore, you can cancel your subscription if you feel you won’t need it for some time and renew it again when you’re ready.

7. Does HelloFresh give free shipping?

No, shipping costs $10 per delivery. However, for your very first box, HelloFresh rewards you with free shipping.

8. Can I combine my HelloFresh student discount with other promos?

No. You’re not allowed to use your discount with free boxes, trials, or any coupons.

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