Gymshark student discount

Gymshark Student Discount (2023)

What would you say if an offer exists that helps your workout process be easy? An offer that helps you work out and save money. Well, lucky you, yes, this is it. Gymshark produces gym wears for workouts and exercise.

Exercising gear produced properly helps ease the workout and exercise time because comfort is guaranteed.

The Gymshark student discount now offers a discount on their products for students to ease the financial strain and enhance their fitness journey.

Double win I may say. In the sense that you get to be comfortable physically and financially.

So, the brand gives students from the age of sixteen and above who are in getting full-time education access to their products.

Hence, in collaboration with the Student Beans company that gives amazing student discounts- the brand is here to serve you. 

So, read this article and have a sneak peek of the awesome plans and packages available for you with the Gymshark student discount.

About Gymshark The Brand.

Gymshark is a British fitness apparel and accessories brand. The manufacturing and retail headquarter are in Solihull, England. The brand was founded in June 2012.

Also, Gymshark creates and distributes its style of fitness wear. In 2020, the company’s value was over £1 billion and Ben Francis is the majority owner of the company.

Gymshark is into the sales of fitness apparel for men and women. Thus, some of the products include; workout vests, hoodies, t-shirts, and leggings.

While the brand’s initial target customers were men, by 2020 approximately two-thirds of sales were to women.

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Who Can Get The Gymshark Student Discount?

Anyone who is over 16 and is in a full-time educational facility including a university can access the student discount on Gymshark.

So, anyone in a college, sixth form, or high school can use the Student discount Gymshark offers. Also, you can use Student Beans if you are studying for an apprenticeship.

All you need to do is register and verify your student status. So with that done, you get access to thousands of free student discounts.

Hence, you can sign up here to get the Gymshark Student Discount privileges.

All you need to do is register and verify your student status to get access to thousands of free student discounts. So you can sign up here.

How to Use a Student Beans Discount.

Once you have added what you want to your bag and headed to the online checkout, simply enter your discount code.

However, it varies between different retailers, but normally there will be a box titled Promo Code, Discount Code, Student Discount, or Voucher Code on the checkout page, just before you put in and confirm your payment details.

So, the offer amount is taken off the total once you put in your code, so you can see how much money you saved.

However, for a selected few of their offers, there’s no code involved, you have exclusive access to the discount site without needing our student discount code at checkout.

These include brands like Samsung or Apple, for example.

Also, we have some in-store offers, which require you to show your Student Beans Student ID to access.

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How to use the Gymshark Student Discount.

How do I use the Gymshark student discount code? Well, it’s quite simple, once you add what you want to your cart. Go also to the Gymshark website and search for some trendy gym wear to add to your cart.

Then head to your cart and paste the discount code in the box and apply before making payments. Once you do this, all you need to do is to sit back and watch your code work discount magic for you.

Availability of Discount.

Each brand we work with has its own rules regarding its discounts. So, this means that while some discount codes will work with all products, some codes only apply to selected products in the brand’s range.

Hence, simply check the Terms & Conditions to see where and when you can use the discounts.

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How to Get Access to Gymshark Student Discount Stores.

First, it’s worth noting that Student Beans are available to use in most countries worldwide. The international websites are found in one of the links below:

For more information check to see the countries the service is available. 

Alternatively, if your country is not on the list above, you can use one of the Uk sites to shop and have your orders delivered.

However, if you are using an in-store discount you just need to show your Student Beans ID to the staff at the checkout or one serving you in a restaurant to apply the discount.

Your Student Beans ID is located at the bottom right corner of the app.

Most importantly, be sure to upload a photo of yourself so that the member of staff can tell that it is you.

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How to Access the Gymshark Student Discount

You can access the exclusive 10% student discount at Gymshark with Student Beans.

Simply, use the Gymshark student discount code at the checkout to enjoy 10% off your order.

For instant access to this discount you, can simply register and verify your student status with Student Beans.

What to do When there’s a Discount Code Problem

If you have put a code already into your basket, and then changed your mind and didn’t buy anything, few a times, a brand will consider this code ‘used’.

So, this can occur also if the transaction fails to go through, or the retailer cancels it.

As annoying as this can be, in most cases, you will be able to generate a new code within an hour.

This gives you more time to spend browsing online. However, if this happens more than once, give an email at for thorough checking.

Reason for Expiration.

Your student status lasts for one year once you create an account with Studentbeans.

However, they have to ask you to re-verify each year, to ensure that you’re still a student in full-time education.

So, if you let the time scheduled pass you may likely miss the discount.

When this year given is nearly up as long as you’re still a student, you have access to easily reverify and continue to gain from the great offers available.

No cause for alarm though. Also about your ID expiration, you get prior notifications automatically.

Additionally, for a re-verification so you aren’t stranded or miss out, you receive e-mails.

These students can get exactly a 10% discount and this is possible when they shop online at

Customers who are students can get to register and verify their student status. So once verified, they can save instantly using a Gymshark student discount code.

About Gymshark Student Discount Offers.

The love for the gym should not dent your pocket. With the Gymshark student discount, you can find a discount code or promo to suit your pocket.

Plus, this will take a little off the initial registration price. Below are a few longstanding discounts for NHS, students, and apprentices:

  • Blue Light Card holders save up to 10%
  • 15%Students can save up to 10%
  • Apprentices may also save up to 10%

Note here though, that’s only when your verified status is acceptable. So, you can know this by signing into the eligible account and shopping for your next awesome session.

Welcome Gift

Are you a new customer? Then get yourself ready to join the Gymshark Family in the best way possible- Gymshark student discount. The brand offers a £10 discount code on your very first order over £90.

Also, scroll through the site click on any voucher offer, and buy your stylish and high-quality sportswear for less!

Newsletter Advantage.

Gymshark gives updates and information, when you subscribe to the newsletter, and also gives you a pre-notice about their latest news, sales events, and products. No one knows but you may receive an exclusive Gymshark promo code in your inbox as well.

You can check out the sales and discounts section. Also, as soon as new stocks come in, the old ones are moved to make space for the new stock coming, meaning you can get more for less.

Use the Buy now and pay later to spread out payments of your order during checkout.

There exists an installment plan – like Afterpay, Klarna, or Affirm – which will let you enjoy interest-free payments without having to use up your whole available cash at once.

Do the Student Beans Have an App?

Yes, the app runs currently in the UK, US, France, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

You can check and download it on the App Store for iOS devices and the Play Store for Android devices.

If it’s not available in your country yet keep checking. Those available for download are;

Are Free Deliveries Possible?

Many brands that produce offer free or fast delivery. You just have to check out the retailer’s site to check what delivery and returns policies they have and work with. 

SAID on its end, offers a variety of delivery options. These options include ASOS Next Day Delivery, Standard Delivery, Nominated Day Delivery, Evening Next-Day, and Click & Collect.

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How to Gain Gymshark Student Discount Various Codes Available.

With the arrival of online shopping, you to get purchase products and have them delivered to your door.

That you may not have otherwise been able to attain without the coming existence of online stores.

With the availability, you will be able to make shopping more beneficial.

A new and more enticing improvement is the use of promotional codes when you place an order through an online website.

These codes have similarities with the cents-off coupons used at grocery stores.

They allow saving a certain percentage or dollar value of the total value of your order.

Sometimes you are even able to use more than one coupon at a time. I will give the steps which are possible.

Step 1

Locate the codes you wish to use. You are likely to send these codes to your e-mail address. They can also be on the back of a catalog or in an advertisement sent through the mail.

Step 2

Visit the website you wish to purchase products from. Fill your shopping cart with your desired merchandise.

Continue through the check-out process until you see the option to enter coupon codes.

Sometimes you will be able to enter coupon codes from your cart without having to go through the checkout process.

If this is the case, there is a box somewhere on the page of your cart labeled “coupons” or “promotional codes.

Step 3

Enter your promotional codes. The number of codes you can use per transaction at any store’s website depends on the store.

Victoria’s Secret for one has the option for up to three promotional codes per order.

Other sites, allow for unlimited promotional codes per order, as long as the order meets the minimum requirements for the code.

Stores such as Clinique only allow one coupon per order. In all ensure you crosscheck the store’s policy.


Getting a good and quality education is already expensive as it stands.

Gym Shark Student Discount is available with the help of Student Beans Discount to ease the little it can.

It is advisable to take advantage of discounts available to students. Make use of all discounts available and save a reasonable amount of money today.


1. Can you use two codes?

No, you can’t use two codes. You can only apply one discount code per order. You can’t use the discount code alongside any other voucher, you can only use them alone. 

Either a promotional and/or discount code. The codes are not available for any staff of Gymshark Ltd or any of its group companies. The discount code does not apply to delivery charges.

2. How to enter a discount code for use on Gymshark?

You go to the Gymshark website and look for any trendy gym wear of your choice. Then add to your cart. Next, head to your cart and paste the discount code in the box.

Before you make payments, you need to apply these codes. When you do all these then all you need to do is, sit and watch your code work for you.

3. How student status is verified?

You get verified straight away when you sign up to Student Beans, as long as it recognizes your email domain.

If you get to add a new place of study, the support team will review your application and get back to you within 3 days with confirmation of your account status.

If it is verified or rejected the team would let you know.

4. Do you pay for the Student Beans Discount code?

It is free and easy to sign up for Student Beans. All you need is an email address for admissions and school activities.

With this, you can access loads of student discounts online and in-store for free.

5. Are there some kind of code tests?

It is with everyone’s agreement that it is pretty heartbreaking to get excited about a great deal, only to find it’s fake.

That’s why all of the discount codes available on Student Beans are hand tested by the team regularly. Regular checks with the brand partners to make sure codes still work are done too.

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