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Guidence Vs. Guidance – Which Is Correct?

Some English words are spelled differently than we assume. Because the words ‘Guidence and Guidance’ are similar in spelling and pronunciation, they are frequently mistaken. But how do you spell guidance?

Keep in mind that ‘Guidence’ is the wrong spelling of the correct term ‘Guidance.’ The term ‘guidance’ is produced by adding the suffix ‘ance’ to the root word ‘guide,’ 

Meaning Of Guidance

Guidance means giving someone suggestions or instructions to solve a problem or challenge.

It also means counseling or offering assistance to someone or a group of people.

Remember that ‘Guide’ + ‘ance’ produces the right word ‘Guidance.’

Examples In A sentence

  • The guidance I got from my parents was always helpful for me in many situations.
  • If you are not perfect in this work, take the guidance from James to complete the project.
  • Whatever he is today, it is all because of her coach’s guidance while training him.
  • I felt bad when you didn’t take my guidance while dealing with the situation alone.
  • The professors in the college also provide guidance to students for their careers by seminars and by counseling them.

Guidence Vs. Guidance Which Is Correct?

How do you spell guidance?

The correct spelling is “guidance.” 

The core word guide was coupled with the suffix -ance. The meaning of this suffix is “process” or “activity.” Because the suffix included a -a, the vowel ‘e’ in the word ‘guide’ was removed. The final result is ‘guidance’, not ‘guidence’, as some people mistakenly believe.

Why People Make The Mistake

Most people don’t know that the ‘a’ in “ance” replaces the ‘e’ in “guide” once they are joined.

Once you know this, you will not make the same mistake again.

Other Words From Guidance


  1. Someone who leads or directs others’ paths.
  2. Someone who displays and explains interesting facts. E.g The information provided by the museum guide was quite beneficial. The stars were utilized as a guide to locate their way back.
  3. something that provides a person with guiding information


The present participle form of the word.


Past tense of “guide.”

How Do You Spell Guidance: FAQs

Is it Guidence or Guidance?

As I already stated, the term “guidance” is spelled incorrectly as “guidence”. When individuals add ‘ance’ to the root word ‘guide,’ they make this mistake because of their diverse pronunciations and patterns.

What is the meaning of guidance?

It means the act of guiding or showing direction.

Can guidance be plural?

Guidance is a countable or uncountable noun. The plural form will also prove instructive in more generic, regularly used circumstances. However, the plural form can also be guidances in more particular circumstances, such as when referring to several sorts of guidances or a collection of guidances.

How do you use guidance in a sentence?

  • They require all of the assistance and guidance they can obtain.
  • I had no real power and received no guidance from you or anyone else about what my position should be.
  • In conception, there is no guidance.
  • Andre had been his confidante and tutor, guiding him through his duties as an immortal.

Is it guidance on or guidance for?

The term ‘guide’ is frequently used as a singular noun. When you’re referring to ‘advice’ on specific issues, you should use ‘on’ in the sentence.

Final Words

Knowing a word is one thing, spelling it correctly is another. Now that you know how to spell the word correctly, do not make the same mistake again.

Also, don’t hesitate to teach others.

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