Greyhound student discount

Greyhound Student Discount (Enjoy a 10-15% Discount Offer)

As a student, have you ever had issues with road traveling to and from school or perhaps you find them too stressful? Well, if this is you, then Greyhound is a highly-recommended bus transportation company.

So, what if I told you there’s also a Greyhound student discount? Greyhound is one of the iconic and well-known motorcycle brands that have so a fleet of luxurious buses you should try.

So, what better way is there to save than to use the Greyhound student discount if it exists? If you’re familiar with this brand, then you’ve probably been wondering what benefits they have for you as a student.

Most assuredly, you’d discover all about the Greyhound motorcycle brand, if there are offer student discounts or not, the policies guiding them, and many more.

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What does Greyhound Deal on?

Greyhound brand, often known as Greyhound Lines Inc. is one of the largest intercity bus transportation companies, that was founded in 1914. This iconic brand is widely known for its long-distance travels within North America. The Greyhound brand has a large fleet of vehicles that travels across over 2400 different destinations in North America.

Greyhound is an American transportation bus company widely known for delivering affordable and enjoyable rides to its customers. This corporation has an estimate of over 16 million passengers annually in America and even Canada.

Well, there’s more to Greyhound Lines Inc. than passenger road transportation, this company also offers package deliveries. So, you could waybill or deliver items from anywhere to anywhere in North America.

This is a trusted brand with over a million customer base, so if you enjoy traveling via the road rest assured that Greyhound has got you.

Additionally, Greyhound has charter packages for businesses, schools, conventions, etc. So, this bus company does not only deliver packages but could also be used for your school field trips, perhaps you need to go on excursions or camping.

Greyhound Lines Inc has several entities which are under it, the Greyhound Express is a brand that services about 135 markets in North America. Others include Boltbus, Greyhound Connect, and some partnerships with famous bus line corporations.

Well, that’s just enough brief on what the Greyhound brand is all about. So, let’s find out more about the Greyhound student discount and how to register if there is one. Read more about Greyhound.

Is there a Greyhound Student Discount?

The answer to this question is a big yes. Greyhound student discount is available as long as you’re a verified student in a recognized college/university. As a student, you enjoy a 10% discount and even a 15% discount with a Student Advantage Discount Card.

However, the Student Advantage Discount Card is only needed when you need shipping services. So, for a normal ride, Greyhound takes 10% off the normal transport fee.

The total cost of the card is $30 per year and it can be used for other services asides from shipping, you could use it for movie discounts, shopping, etc. Furthermore, you could get this Student Advantage Discount Card at their online store or any of the 400 physical stations in the US.

However, sadly, the Greyhound student discount isn’t operational in Canada, only within the U.S. A pretty awesome thing about the Greyhound student discount is that it connects the same discount to all the partnering bus companies.

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How to Get the Greyhound Student Discount

Greyhound makes it quite easy for you as a student to get their discount codes. So, here are the right ways to secure your Greyhound student discount, but firstly bear in mind that you need to be verified as a student.

Student Beans is a student verification website that Greyhound Lines Inc. uses to generate discount codes for you. Although currently, the Greyhound student discount isn’t available on Studentbeans, here’s how you can sign up.

How to Sign Up On Studentbeans

Simply, follow these straightforward steps to sign up as a student on this website.

  • Visit the website on your browser, Greyhound Studentbeans.
  • Click on the Sign-Up button
  • Enter your full name (N.B: Don’t enter a nickname, the name must correspond to the name on your school documents).
  • Type in the email address your university gave to you
  • Next, enter your password. (Quick Tip: Create a password that you can easily remember).
  • Re-enter your password to ensure it’s accurate.
  • Click on Create Account
  • Check your email address for confirmation and sign in with your accurate details.

However, note that Studentbeans only offers Greyhound to students who are at least 16 years of age, so if you’re a teen below this age, you might need to try out these other options.

How to Sign Up On UNiDAYS

The UNiDAYS Greyhound student discount is only available for students in Australia. So, Greyhound Lines Inc partners with Australia UNiDAYS to offer and generate student discount codes for trips.

Although currently, there are no student discount codes available for Greyhound on UNiDAYS, you could still find out how to sign up.

So, simply, follow these instructions below to sign up:

  • Visit the UNiDAYS browser
  • Type in your full name
  • Enter your school email address
  • Click the “Sign Up” button and get ready to enjoy discounts on UNiDAYS

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Greyhound Student Advantage Discount Card

The Student Advantage Discount Card is the easiest and surest way to enjoy any student discount code Greyhound has. So, you can get this card at any of the Greyhound bus stations closer to you and pay for this card. Well, after paying you need to apply for this card to get the discount offer.

Simply, visit any Greyhound Ticket store and show the attendant the card for your discount to reflect. Alternatively, you could paste this code GRY48L9002 at the online store and there you go, you can begin to enjoy the Greyhound student benefits.

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Other Ways to Save up on Greyhound

As a student, you most definitely need to seize every opportunity to save. The extra savings you could get can go a long way in helping you solve your miscellaneous problems. So, in this section, I have carefully researched the possible ways to save on Greyhound asides from the student discount.

Although traveling with Greyhound is one of the cheapest means to travel by road, there are still some ways to spend less.

1. Book Your Bus Tickets 2 Weeks Ahead

This is the most seamless way to enjoy discounts, booking your tickets two exact weeks in advance or more. Greyhound gives a whopping 50% discount off the normal prices and there’s more to this. So, unlike the student discount, you don’t need a Student Advantage Discount Card. This discount is applied automatically to your fee, so you pay only half of the normal fee.

For instance, the bus tickets from North Nakoma to Florida that might cost $200 will cost you only $100. Surprised, right? Well, here’s another bomber, this discount applies without limits as long as you purchase two or more weeks ahead.

2. Book Online

If you’ve been booking all your Greyhound bus tickets online, then little wonder why you haven’t been enjoying any discounts. You get a 10-20% discount when you book online. Also, you can also make your bookings with the Greyhound mobile app, the same discount applies as well, you could also use E-tickets. Using the mobile app makes booking quite easy for you, you can do this anytime and anywhere.

3. Mid-week Travels (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Traveling during the week is something most people love to do, and this is because the crowd is less populated in the vehicles. Greyhound offers travel discounts to passengers traveling during these days- Tuesday & Wednesday. They give a 5-20% discount to all their passengers that embark on trips these days. However, according to the Greyhound traveling policy, you must be at the station on/before 10 a.m.

4. Use Promo Codes

Greyhound has quite some promotional codes that give you additional discounts while patronizing this brand. You can use these promo codes together with any other savings you currently use. So, visit the Discount & Promo page.

5. Become a Road Rewards Member

Joining the Road rewards membership is also a good way to earn discounts on Greyhound. Plus, you don’t need to pay a dime, signing up is absolutely free and you instantly get rewarded with a 10% off discount as soon as you do.

Also, for being a member of the Road Rewards program, you have free points for every trip you make. So, you could save these points till they reach a certain threshold and sum them all up for a proper discount. So, just imagine, having over 20 points in total just for traveling.

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How to Get Notified about Greyhound Student Discount

You can’t keep walking long distances to Greyhound bus stations just to find out about their latest offers and promos. Everything in the world has gone digital so don’t stay back. Here are some ways to always stay up-to-date on the Greyhound student discount.

1. Visit the Greyhound Coupon Page:

Greyhound’s website is a go-to for these coupons and promotions. There are about 49 active sales offers, so just visit the website to browse through them.

2. Follow their Social Media Handles:

This is one of the surest ways to get the latest information about Greyhound student discounts and other discounts. So, if you’re social media savvy, then it is much easier for you. Thus, follow these Greyhound student discounts, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

3. Visit Amazon for Greyhound Items:

Amazon has literally everything you really need and Greyhound bus tickets and coupons aren’t exempted. They have a list of coupon offers for you so visit here to check them out. Greyhound items on Amazon.

Similar Alternatives to Greyhound Student Discount

You could explore any of these similar alternatives if you want to try something different from Greyhound Lines Inc. As much as Greyhound is the biggest and most widely-used bus transportation in America but sometimes, it’s good practice to try others out.

  • AAA: This transportation brand offers you a 20% student discount. Visit their website.
  • CheapOair: As a student, you can enjoy a 10% discount with this brand. See here
  • Viator: You can enjoy a 15% discount with this brand, the same discount offer Greyhound student gives you. Visit Viator website
  • EuropCar: This is also one of the biggest intercity bus transportations also 15%. Find out more about EuropCar.
  • SuperShuttle: Also offers a 15% student discount. Check SuperShuttle website for more info
  • OneTravel: offers a student discount of 15% as well. OneTravel official website
  • SmartFares: This is another transportation that also offers 15%. SmartFare official website.


As a student in College, you honestly can’t do without traveling, you need to embark on trips literally almost every day. So, getting a discount as good as the Greyhound student discount with a 15% off the total fee is just too good to miss out on.

Take a moment, get a calculator and do the maths. Now you see how much a 15% discount could save for you. That’s additional money you could invest somewhere else.

So, now think of much you get to save every day using brands asides from bus companies that give student discounts and advantages, superb, right? Well, asides from the luxury of traveling in a safe and comfortable bus like that of Greyhound Lines Inc.

So, get your Student Advantage Discount Card by following the aforementioned processes if you have none, and start enjoying the discounts you deserve.

FAQs about Greyhound

1. Does Greyhound Search Bags?

Yes, they do. However, this is done cautiously and with courtesy by their safety officials. Plus, your baggage is passed through a scanner and everything is X-rayed.

2. How Many Bags Can I Bring Along with Me?

You can only bring one bag, which is free, so bringing any other is counted as additional loads. Greyhound charges you at least $20 for each.

3. How do I Use the Greyhound Promo Code?

This article contained some ways you could access your student discounts and promos on Greyhound. However, you can read more about it here.

4. How Much Does Greyhound Bus Ticket Cost?

Greyhound’s pricing is in tiers, so it all depends on the offer you choose. They have the Early Bird, Advantage, and Premium prices.

5. Can I book for Another Person?

Most certainly, you can.

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