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What are the best 5 graphics design schools near me? (US)

Do you have an interest in graphics design? Are you looking for graphics design schools near you?

If yes, search no more, as we will be discussing some of the best schools for graphic design near you.

In this article, you will learn a lot about the listed graphic design institute and get a little insight into their curriculum.

In addition, you will also find out a few things to consider before choosing a design school for yourself.

Also, you will see the benefits of being a graphic designer and how you can transition into related fields in the future if you choose the right graphic institute for you.

Let’s begin by first understanding what graphic school is all about.

What is a graphic design school?

A graphic design school is a school with a focus on training designers. It is a school where you will learn the fundamentals of graphic design and work on projects that will be included in your portfolio later.

Graphic design (also known as communication design) uses images, text, and media to convey information or ideas. Graphic designers are strategic communicators who create websites, advertisements, posters, book jackets, app interfaces, and other forms of visual communication.

You will require a solid work portfolio to offer to potential employers if you want to become a professional graphic designer, which you might theoretically do on your own or by acquiring an associate degree. But, if you want an utterly fleshed-out college experience, a guaranteed great portfolio, and ready-made professional connections, consider pursuing a BA or BFA in graphic design or communications design.

The best graphic design schools are listed below, where you can obtain a graphics design education and develop the skills you need to start a design profession.

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What are the top 5 graphic design schools?

A graphics design workspace

The best graphic design schools are covered in the section below. They are not in any particular order.

1. Rhode Island School of Design.

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) offers a 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a 2 and 3-year graduate program Master of Fine Arts in Graphics Design.

The RISD program equips participants and students with the necessary skills to evaluate communication effectiveness, respond to communication needs via various media, use cutting-edge software and technology, and establish a professional brand and identity.

The curriculum includes:

  • Design for publishing.
  • Package Graphics.
  • Motion, sound, and vision.
  • Reframing the poster.
  • Virtual Space and Interactivity With Unity.

2. Yale University School of Art.

Yale University School of Art offers a minimum of a 2-year Master of Fine Arts(MFA) Degree program.

The student’s thesis, often known as a cohesive body of research, is emphasized in the graphic design curriculum.

Although the School of Art has a digital lab, each student studying graphic design is required to have a computer. Each student has a specific workspace in the design studio and access to equipment such as bookbinding materials and wide-format printers, amongst other equipment.

The curriculum includes:

  •  Expression, Structure, and Sequence: Typography.
  •  Programming as Writing.
  • Communicating with Time, Motion, and Sound.
  • Letterform Design.
  • Mobile Computing.

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3. Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute offers an AOS 2-year graphics design program and an AAA 2-year graphics design and illustration program.

A solid foundation in design is provided along with capstone courses, internship possibilities, and a professional portfolio upon graduation in this competitive, fully art and design-based program.

The curriculum includes:

  •  UI/UX Interactive Media.
  •  Light, Color, and Design.
  • Advertising Design.
  • Image as Communication.
  • Branding and Messaging.

4. Maryland Institute College of Art

Maryland Institute College of Arts offers a 3-year undergraduate program in graphic design, with an undergraduate graphic design studio minor; a graphic design graduate program; an MFA-2-year graduate program in graphic design; and an M.A.-less than a 2-year program.

A three-year sequence of core design courses serves as the foundation for MICA’s graphic design curriculum. Students develop experience by completing extensive studios and the required typographic classes. 

In every course, theory, method, and history are connected. Electives in a wide range of specialist subjects are available for students inside and outside the major.

The curriculum includes:

  • Drawing: Tradition & Innovation.
  • Fashion Graphics.
  • Sustainable Graphic Design.
  • Design for Music.
  • Product Design & Prototyping.

5. ArtCenter College of Design

ArtCenter College of Design offers an undergraduate graphic design and a 2 or 3-year graduate program in graphic design.

Students at ArtCenter are urged to go beyond the confines of a conventional art and design education by taking part in various educational opportunities, such as transdisciplinary studios that promote collaboration between faculty and students from different disciplines on subjects of shared interest.

The curriculum includes:

  • Narrative Sketching.
  • Art of Research.
  • Transmedia.
  • Generative Media.
  • Photo for Graphic Design.

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How do I choose the right graphics design school for me?

Choosing just a few programs, you’re genuinely interested in can be difficult when there are so many options. 

I strongly recommend visiting different graphics design schools, attending information sessions in your area, and speaking with current students and recent graduates.

The following are some of the critical questions to consider before choosing the right graphic design institute for you:

  • Is my portfolio strong? 
  • Do I have geographic preferences?
  • Do Inter-Disciplinary Studies Interest Me? 
  • Do I have a stronger interest in design’s creative or business aspects?
  • Is there any particular faculty I would like to work with?
  • Can I enroll in a highly competitive program?
  • Do I want to pursue a career in the arts?
  • Do I want to study abroad?

Let us look at the 8 fundamental types of graphic design.

What are the 8 fundamental types of graphic design you can learn in a graphic design school?

Understanding the 8 categories of graphic design will assist you in identifying the appropriate skills for the task. These include the following: 

1. Visual identity graphic design.

Visual identity graphic design is the visual element of brand identity that serves as the face of a business, communicating intangible traits through images, shapes, and color. Examples include logos, typography, color palettes, and image libraries.

2. Marketing & advertising graphic design.

Marketing and advertising graphic design engage individuals based on their wants, needs, awareness, and satisfaction with a product, service, or brand using images, shapes, and colors. Examples include postcards and flyers, infographics, and vehicle wraps.

Most people go to graphics design schools to learn marketing and advertising.

3. User interface (UI) graphic design.

User interface (UI) graphics design is the process of creating interfaces that are simple to use and give a pleasant user experience. The visual experience of the user, as well as the design of on-screen graphic components such as buttons, menus, micro-interactions, and so on, are all considered UI design. Examples include web page design, game interfaces, and application design.

4. Publication graphic design.

Publications are long-form productions that connect with an audience by being widely distributed. Publication design is a classic form of design that include books, newspapers, magazines, and catalogs.

5. Packaging graphic design.

Packaging designers design concepts, mockups, and print-ready files for products. Their work demands exceptional conceptual and problem-solving abilities and a solid working knowledge of print and industrial design. Examples of packaging designs include labels on beverage cans or a specific industry (like food or children’s toys).

6. Motion graphic design.

Motion graphics are visuals that move. Examples include animation, audio, typography, graphics, video, and other effects used in internet media, television, and films.

You can also attend one of the graphics design schools to learn motion graphics.

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7. Environmental graphic design.

Environmental graphic design connects individuals to places visually to improve their entire experience by making locations more memorable, entertaining, educational, or easy to navigate. Examples include wall murals, office branding, and museum exhibitions.

8. Art and illustration for graphic design.

Graphic designers and illustrators create unique artwork. Their artwork ranges from fine art to decoration to storytelling images. Examples include motion graphics, graphic novels, stock images,  and video games.

Let’s also consider the prospects for a graphic designer’s career.

What is the career outlook for graphic designers?

Since graphic design is a crucial marketing tool, a designer can benefit numerous workplaces. However, the need for graphic designers varies from company to company.

Graphic designers will be in more demand as businesses continue to expand their online presence.

There are numerous chances for graphic designers to diversify into other design disciplines. A graphic designer can go into related fields like UX/UI design or web development because of their many transferrable talents.

Do I need the experience to work as a graphic designer?

There is a vast market for graphic designers with some real-world experience.  

There are many ways to learn this information. Even though many employers favor applicants with relevant work experience, you can still show off your skills through side projects, internships, and volunteer work.

Even though smaller organizations are more tolerant, most graphic design roles require at least a year of experience. A solid portfolio with a variety of your work will assist in igniting an employer’s attention if you lack considerable experience. You can start freelancing to expand your portfolio while you apply for graphic design employment.


There are numerous possibilities for graphics design schools. The problematic aspect is deciding which one best suits your career objectives and skills. 

Creativity, technical know-how, and business savvy are all necessary for graphic designers.

You must consider which design schools best suit your personality and career goals when selecting the ideal ones for you. To determine whether the school you are finally applying to fits your personality, it is also strongly encouraged that you speak with recent graduates of the institution.

Frequently asked questions about graphics design best schools

Do graphic designers pay well?

According to usnews, graphic designers made a median salary of $53,380 in 2020. The best-paid 25 percent made $71,310 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $40,160.

Does graphics design require math?

Many college graphic design courses include math as a necessary component.
This covers topics including statistics, calculus, arithmetic, and perspective geometry.

How long does it take to become a graphic designer?

A graphic design or UX design Bootcamp might last a few weeks to a few months, whereas a conventional university degree can last four years.

Once a designer has the foundational skills and knowledge of design and a strong portfolio, they can begin freelancing.

Can graphic designers work from home?

More than ever, graphic designers can work remotely from their homes or other locations.
In the past, many businesses demanded that their designers or teams be present. That’s not the situation anymore. Companies now permit designers to work from the comfort of their homes.


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