Global Cyber University: The Home of Technology

The global cyber university is a welcome development in the world currently. This is because this university seeks to make the world better with the use of technology.

The world, as you know, has drifted to technology, and what better way to learn than in a university where technology is utilized as a means of communication?

Besides, the stress of attending a physical university can be overwhelming for most people.

If you desire a good cyber university, then this is your go-to school. And this article will expose you to all you need to know about this school.

A view of the global cyber university

Global Cyber University (GCU) is a school that is run based on the Hongik ideal, and it is also called BTS University abroad in other countries. Six of the seven members of the popular group BTS went to Global Cyber University. 

At Global Cyber University, they believe that education is the most important part of how people live their lives. Because of this, they want to show the world the deep meaning of Korean culture.

Also, the way people study has changed so that the curriculum and study schedules can be made to fit each person’s needs. This has made advanced studies easier and more accessible.

Global Cyber University wants to be as easy to get to as other online universities, so you can take advantage of the benefits of e-education. They also help spread Hallyu culture (also called K-culture) all over the world.

What will a global cyber university offer you?

There are various benefits attached to attending a global cyber university. And they are:

  • Like at any other university, the people at Global Cyber University try to improve the world’s cultural information and development.
  • Global Cyber University also tries to help people use their talents for the good of the whole world and live by what they call the Hongik ideal.
  • People who are creative can grow their skills and dreams through popular art and culture and connect with the rest of the world through Global Cyber University.
  • At Global Cyber University, everyone agrees that education is the most important part of a person’s life and is much more important than the phone they use or the TV shows they watch.
  • Global Cyber University wants to show the world the deep meaning of Korean culture. This can be done through internet-based education and digital technology, which allows most people to get some kind of education, no matter how much money they have or what kind of life they live.
  • Also, more and more older adults are going back to school to learn more and advance their careers. And what better way to learn than online?
  • The way people study has now changed as they adapt to a curriculum and study schedules that suit their own needs. It made advanced studies more accessible and easier to do.
  • Global Cyber University wants to be a part of this quickly growing trend in education by making it as easy to get into as other online universities. 

De-merit for attending Global Cyber University

One bad thing that might happen as a result of attending a global cyber university (Internet-based education) is that students might feel alone. Even though some traditional universities have classrooms where students talk to each other, cyber students don’t see their teachers or other students and maybe left to their own devices to learn.

Still, the goal of this university is to connect people for the good of all.

Even though some of their classmates may be on the other side of the world, Global Cyber University’s approach and support for problem-solving and collaborative learning via the Internet encourage their students to get even closer than they would in a traditional classroom.

What is the Global Cyber University Ranking?

Because most people are not so familiar with online schooling, they would not want to agree that Global Cyber University is rated. But it would interest you to know that:

People think highly of this university because it helps them improve their skills and reach their full potential.

From these teachings, a powerful personal development system has been created that helps people all over the world live better lives.

The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency gave GCU the “Emotional Labor Healing 365Campaign” award in July 2018. This is an award for excellence that has been given every year for the past four years.

What Are the Programs Global Cyber University Offers?

The global cyber university aims to be different from other traditional universities. Being a university that promotes creativity and technology, it majors in courses such as:

1. Counseling psychology

2. Convergence in Brain Education

3. Health and Sports

4. Brain-based Emotion Coaching

5. Literal English

6. AI Convergence

7. Convergence Contents

8. Media and Entertainment

9. Convergence Management

10. Oriental Studies

11. Interdisciplinary-Major (Dementia Care and Global K-Culture)

Admission Requirements for First-Year Students

For first-year students, the admission requirements for this university are:

  • You must have graduated from high school (or be expected to graduate).
  • An applicant who passed the high school equivalency test
  • An applicant with the same educational level as the one mentioned above, as determined by law

Admission Requirements for Second-Year Students

For second-year students, the admission requirements are as follows:

  • Applicants who have graduated from college or are on track to graduate are recognized by the law as having the same level of education.
  • Applicants who have been to college for at least two semesters and have earned at least 35 credits are eligible.
  • Under the Act of Credit Recognition, applicants who have earned 35 or more credits are eligible.

Admission Requirements Third-Year Students

For third-year students, the admission requirements are:

  • Applicants who have graduated from college or are on track to graduate are recognized by the law as having the same level of education.
  • Applicants who have at least 70 credits and have finished at least four semesters of college are
  • Under the Act on Credit Recognition, applicants must have earned at least 70 credits.

Eligibility for transfer students

Students who want to enroll in a new school but in the same class as they were in their previous schools are known as transfer students. And the requirements for them are:

  • Credits will be accepted once the transcripts from the previous college have been sent to and looked over by the associate department.
  • Transfer students in their second year can get up to 35 credits, and those in their third year can get up to 70 credits.
  • Credits are given for cultural choice, primary choice, or general choice courses, depending on the field of study at the previous university and the field of study at the new department.
  • Only course credits are accepted; course notes are not.
  • General elective credits are the rest of the credits that aren’t considered to be either primary or cultural elective credits.

How to Apply for Global Cyber University Admission

Registration is done in accordance with the rules.

After signing up for classes for the semester, students have to pay tuition and can only change or drop classes during the course correction period.

Here are the steps you need to take if you want to get into Global Cyber University.

Submit an Online Application:

  • Visit
  • Fill out the application form completely and then save it.
  • Make a payment for the application fee (KRW 30,000).
  • To be filled out: To be filled out: Study Plan and Academic Aptitude Test

Document Requirements:

  • Official transcripts for all high school years (translated and notarized)
  • If you went to elementary school, middle school, and high school in different countries.
  • You will need to send in all of their official transcripts from elementary school, middle school, and high school, along with an official, translated, and notarized high school diploma.
  • Attached file: Official Agreement for Enrollment and Academic Credits
  • The Academic History Verification Report or the Verification of Apostille
  • A 3×4-inch photo of the applicant.
  • Apply to GCU online (download form)
  • A copy of a passport

Document Screening:

The school will do this privately.

In-Person or Online Interview:

They will give you more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Global Cyber University Expensive? TuitTuition and living expenses

Global Cyber University is not expensive since it’s a new school.

Their tuition is also quite affordable for any student on a low budget.

Here are the standard tuition fees for this university:

Entrance Fee: KRW 166,000

Course Fee: KRW 70,000 per credit

Total course fee per semester (18 credits for 6 courses): KRW 1,260,000

If you want to make a payment, you would make use of credit cards or wire transfers.

Is Global Cyber University the same as the Cyber University of Korea?

No, they are not the same.

What is the global acceptance rate for global cyber universities?

The acceptance rate at this university is 96.3%. It is high, and if you apply to the university, you have a better chance of getting in.

Out of all the cyber universities in Korea, the 2010 school year had the third-highest number of new students.

Is Global Cyber University accredited?

Yes, both the Higher Education Act and the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology have given Cyber University and Global Cyber University approval as 4-year universities.

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