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20+ Free Tools For Email Marketing [2022]

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. It boasts about $36 for every $1 spent with the potential for more. There are a lot of free tools for email marketing that will help you achieve this.

Let’s go over some examples of these tools one after the other.

1. Omnisend

Omnisend is a marketing automation software with a wide range of features. The free plan is intended for businesses that are just getting started with email marketing to sell their items. While the free plan includes a limited number of foreign SMS credits and Web Push notifications, you can upgrade to a paid plan if you require more. 

In addition, if you don’t send more than 500 emails per month, the free plan allows you to employ email campaigns and automated processes to reach out to your clients with relevant content.

The ordinary plan allows you to send 12 times the amount of contacts in your contact list, as well as a limited number of SMS credits and unlimited Web Push alerts. Additional SMS credits are available for purchase if you require them. 

The number of segments available in the paid plans has also greatly increased. For example, you can build up a flow to automatically contact consumers who visited a specific page in your online store but then left or abandoned their shopping basket before making a purchase. 

You may segment your contact lists, create automation, and use tools like popup boxes, sign-up boxes, landing pages, and the wheel of fate with any plan.

The Paid plans start at $16 per month.

2. Sendinblue

Users with the Free plan are limited to sending 300 emails per day to an unlimited number of recipients. Higher-tier plans get rid of the daily sending limit in favor of a monthly amount, remove the SendinBlue logo from emails, and add Facebook advertisements, landing pages, and marketing automation to the mix.

Sendinblue comes with a mobile-friendly email designer, an email template library, email and SMS customization, SMS marketing, and A/B testing for all plans.

The free plan gives you up to unlimited subscribers and 300 emails per day, and the paid plans start at $25 per month.

SendinBlue offers a range of plans aimed at firms at different stages of their growth:

  1. Free – for those getting started with SendinBlue
  2. Lite – for new marketers
  3. Essential – for growing businesses
  4. Premium – for marketing pros
  5. Enterprise – for marketers who need more

3. Mailchimp

MailChimp is well known in the email marketing industry. Their product is routinely updated and new features are added. They recently grew into an all-in-one marketing platform.

The quality of MailChimp’s free service has always been a selling point. For enterprises that are just getting started, it covers all of the essentials. It now includes a basic service for a broader range of marketing channels, including email, landing sites, Facebook and Instagram advertisements, social posting, postcards, and pop-up forms, in addition to fewer email marketing tools in the free plan than previously. 

You can get features like retargeting advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram at the higher-paid levels. In addition to a basic CRM with a single audience and associated dashboard, tags and segments, and contact profiles, the free version offers a basic CRM with a single audience and related dashboard.

In the free version, you have access to Mailchimp’s Content Studio, which lets you sync and save all of your photographs, graphics, and other files, ensuring that your campaigns are always consistent. It also comes with a set of basic templates, with more expensive subscriptions providing access to more.

Welcome emails, order alerts, abandoned cart notifications, and other single-step automation are all available on the free plan.

The free plan offers up to 2,000 subscribers and 10,000 emails per month while the paid plans start at $9.99 per month.

4. Campayn

Campayn lets you create high-quality email campaigns, as its name suggests. You can use their free Basic Plan if you simply have a small email list (under 500 subscribers) where all of the essential features are included.

Campayn has a simple drag-and-drop interface, just like most modern email marketing products. A stunning design that fits your business might provide the right backdrop for your email message. You can choose from one of their pre-made templates or create your own.

It comes with a contact manager that allows you to keep track of your contacts’ responses to your emails and keep them up to date. Your list can also be segmented.

Website forms, hosted forms, Facebook forms, and pop-up lightbox forms are among the many options for creating sign-up forms offered by Campayn.

It also simplifies your life by allowing you to automate your most popular email marketing campaigns based on important customer activity triggers.

Once you’ve begun sending emails, you’ll be able to follow the success of each one with detailed, real-time data that show who opened them.

The Free Plan offers Up to 500 subscribers and 12,500 emails per month while the Paid plans start at $19 per month

5. Sendpulse

When you’re looking for a free tool for email marketing, SendPulse would easily come up. SendPulse prides itself as a multi-channel marketing tool that goes beyond email. You can coordinate a variety of services on the central platform with the paid plans, including email, web push, SMS, SMTP, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. This is because different types of messages can be sent singly or together into autoresponders.

SendPulse divides its plans into categories based on the services you need. For example, if you have fewer than 2,500 subscribers and don’t want professional services, it offers a free email marketing plan. It also provides infinite web push notifications and a free Web Push service to unlimited subscribers. Similarly, it offers limitless free Facebook Messenger messages. You can send up to 12,000 emails for free using SMTP or API.

It has sophisticated email marketing features including a drag-and-drop email editor. It also comes with over 100 ready-to-use templates like automation 360 which allows you to create email send-outs, online push notifications, and SMS flows based on variables, events, and user actions.

The Free Plan offers Up to 2,500 subscribers and 15.000 emails per month while the paid plans start at $9.85 per month

6. ExpressPigeon

ExpressPigeon is an excellent choice for firms with modest mailing lists that distribute to vital, high-priority recipients. It gives you the tools you need to personalize and send emails, as well as automate your email responses and send a large number of emails per month. You can use the premium services with the free subscription, but your send priority will be low.

For the free plan, the email tools are limited to 1,000 sends per month and 500 subscribers and paid plans start at $1,000 per month.

7. EngageBay

EngageBay has a number of products that can help you attract targeted online visitors, engage and acquire leads, and nurture and convert them into satisfied customers. Both their Marketing Bay and All-in-One Suite plans include email marketing.

To meet your business’s demands, you can choose from a variety of email marketing templates. You can always use one of the pre-designed templates or customize one to match your needs from the drag-and-drop interface. With EngageBay, you can always create eye-catching email templates with advanced text formatting.

Filters of your choice can be applied. Their criteria include country, created date, source, tags, and a variety of other options. Furthermore, EngageBay allows you to customize your emails by including your contacts’ attributes in the emails, giving them a more personalized feel.

The Free Plan offers up to 500 contacts and 1,000 branded emails per month, while the paid plans start at $7.79/mo for the Basic Marketing plan, paid biennially. 

8. Emailoctopus

Email Octopus is equipped with all of the essential tools for email marketing and automation. The Shrimp Plan is the free plan, which has a “fishy” theme. This plan simply allows you to send email campaigns with Email Octopus branding included in the emails. 

Only 90 days of sending statistics are saved. Although Email Octopus allows you to send an unlimited number of emails, once you reach 62,000 emails per month, Amazon costs you $0.10 for every subsequent 1,000 emails.

Paid options (starting at 10,000 subscribers) include email and automation, as well as the ability to send unbranded emails and store stats indefinitely.

Email marketing templates are open to all users, and you can also upload your own templates, with no limit on how many you can have. Email Octopus can be used to produce stunning newsletters or basic customized plain text emails.

Without any complicated integrations or code, you can collect email addresses using their hosted forms. You can also collect subscriber information on your website without creating a single line of code by using their embedded forms or WordPress plugin. With Email Octopus, your campaigns can be tracked in real-time. 

The free plan offers up to 2,500 subscribers and unlimited emails per month while the paid plans start at $19 per month

9. Mailerlite

MailerLite was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing businesses with a simple yet effective email solution to help them grow. It offers a free subscription with limited functionality for people with fewer than 1,000 subscribers. The only difference between the paid plans is the number of subscribers, as it allows you to send unlimited emails.

The free plan gives you access to a lot of valuable features. The drag-and-drop editor, the rich text editor, and the built-in photo editor are among them. You can use their file organizer to organize your files and produce mobile-friendly email newsletters. Email automation and complex segmentation are available, and unlike some competitors, MailerLite’s free package includes A/B testing.

The free plan offers up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month while the paid plans start at $10 per month.

10. Mailjet

Mailjet bills itself as an email solution for teams that move quickly because you can generate, edit, and send emails as a group from a single platform. It is a reliable free tool for email marketing.

Its free option is for users who send less than 6,000 emails per month. The Basic or Premium plans, both of which come in five pricing levels based on the volume of emails you intend to send, are then available to pick from. Finally, for customers sending more than 900,000 emails per month, there is a tailored Enterprise price package with professional account management services.

Unlike many of these tools, the free plan has no limit on how many individuals you can email – simply a monthly limit of 6,000 emails. You have access to a powerful email editor, as well as advanced campaign data.

The free plan offers up to 6,000 emails per month / 200 emails per day and the paid plans start at $8.69 per month.

11. Hubspot

HubSpot is most known for its CRM, but it also offers a free email marketing solution to help small businesses with transactional email. This simple drag-and-drop tool includes a visual editor and pre-built templates to get you up and running quickly. HubSpot’s email marketing service includes a native connection with the company’s other marketing tools and a centralized database of contacts where you can arrange lists, run campaigns, and track results.

The free plan offers free email tools, which are limited to 2,000 sends per month, with HubSpot branding. HubSpot’s paid marketing plans start at $480 per year.

12. Stripo

Stripo has two email editors: one for marketers with minimal (or no) design experience and one for email developers (with an HTML code editor). Stripo’s drag-and-drop editor can be used to make customized emails.

The limited free plan offers 2 email templates, 5 test emails daily, and 1,000 monthly views. The paid plans start at $125 per year.

13. Moonmail

MoonMail bills itself as a “next-generation omnichannel communication platform.” This includes email, SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Bots, among other things.

With the Free Forever plan, you can send up to 300 emails every month for free – one campaign per day to a maximum of 10 recipients. Because of this restriction, most users will immediately upgrade to the Starter bundle.

Users on the Free plan still have access to a robust drag-and-drop editor, but MoonMail’s logo displays in the footer.

It’s fine for small businesses, though, because you can create a list of up to 2,000 recipients and start segmenting them. However, once you have segments of more than ten people, you will need to upgrade to the Starter Plan.

The free plan offers up to 2,000 subscribers and 300 emails per month. The paid plans start at $23.99 per month.

14. Moosend

Moosend lets you send unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers per month and is a good fit for someone with a tiny email list. You get access to all of Moosend’s services for free, and you only start paying after you reach the 1,000-subscriber threshold (at which point you have built a successful list).

To help you grow your email list, Moosend offers personalized sign-up forms. You may segment your list to help you target your emails more effectively.

Moosend is a drag-and-drop editor with a free template collection that is easy to use. It comes with a number of features to assist you in designing your emails.

It uses a three-step procedure to offer you a whole toolbox of automation that will simplify your emailing process:

  • Choose the trigger event for the automation.
  • Set the desired filter(s) for the selected trigger.
  • Select an action from the drop-down menu.

The free plan offers up to 1,000 subscribers and unlimited emails per month and the paid plans start at $10 per month.

15. Wix shoutout

Wix is, at its core, a website builder. Wix ShoutOut combines the ease of use of Wix’s web builder with a simple email marketing platform that includes pre-built themes and an easy-to-use builder. 

You can personalize your emails by changing the background, color, font, and other elements. Furthermore, the emails are mobile-friendly and look fantastic on any device. Wix ShoutOut includes an email list management tool that makes segmentation a breeze.

The free plan offers you 3 ShoutOuts per month with the free plan and the paid plans start at $4.90 per month.

16. Sender

Sender offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to aid in effective email marketing. The free plan gives you full access to all services with the exception of the number of subscribers and maximum monthly emails.

Because the company’s technical infrastructure and legal organizations are all located in the European Union, it makes a point of complying with GDPR.

The software allows you to create attractive emails in a matter of seconds. It comes with free newsletter templates that you may personalize in every way to meet your specific requirements. Simply pick a template from the gallery and start dragging and dropping content pieces like text, photographs, and videos. You can customize the subject line and substance of your newsletter.

The free plan offers up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month and the paid plans start at $10 per month.

Sender offer drip campaigns, welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, happy birthday emails, nurture-your-subscribers campaigns, and emails to onboard your newcomers are just a few of the automation options.

17. Benchmark Email

With configurable email templates from Benchmark Email, you can create attractive, responsive campaigns in minutes. You can send email campaigns to up to 2,000 subscribers for free with the free starting plan. Automation Pro and personal follow-up features are included in all premium programs (CRM).

The free plan provides a drag-and-drop editor, responsive templates, and many forms, campaigns, reports, and integrations among other things. If you want to do A/B testing and targeted emailing, you’ll need to upgrade to a commercial account. 133 features are included in all plans with 2,500 or more members.

The free plan offers up to 2,000 subscribers and 14,000 emails per month while the paid plans start at $13.99 per month.

18. CleverReach

CleverReach is a high-volume email marketing service that incorporates automation, forms, a campaign calendar, and reports. CleverReach is a wonderful alternative if you have a modest email list and want to ensure GDPR compliance.

The free plan offers up to 250 subscribers and 1,000 emails per month while the paid plans start at $30 per month.

19. Mailgun

Mailgun is a developer-friendly email marketing and automation platform. Because the platform lacks a drag-and-drop interface, it may not be the best email marketing tool for users with low technical knowledge. 

However, because this platform was created for developers, you’ll have complete control over how your campaigns and emails are designed. Mailgun has a dependable API-first architecture as well as a strong sending infrastructure with comprehensive email validation, so you can send transactional emails in bulk without worrying about them being bounced or ending up in the spam folder. 

Mailgun also includes powerful reporting, tracking, and analytics capabilities to help you keep track of how well your email campaigns are functioning.

The free plans include up to 5,000 emails per month and a max of 5 authorized recipients, while the paid plans start at $35 per month. There’s also a pay-as-you-go flex plan.

20. Tinyletter

TinyLetter is a completely free service where you can have up to 5,000 contacts. If you have more than that, they recommend using Mailchimp. 

TinyLetter allows you to create forms for users to sign up for your email newsletter, complete with a personalized backdrop and some branding, but customization is limited. TinyLetter’s email editor is straightforward and similar to Medium’s post editor. 

You just need to simply put up your ideas, add some formatting, and send it out. You will always receive statistics on how many people have opened each of your emails.

There are no paid plans for Tinyletter.

21. Sendicate

Sendicate is similar to TinyLetter in terms of ease of use, but it offers a few extra customizing options. You can use columns, headlines, and a picture or video blocks to customize the look of your emails on the platform. To make lengthier emails, you may also add sections. 

The free plans offer up to 500 subscribers and 1,000 emails per month while the paid plans start at $9 per month.

22. Pepipost

Pepipost is an all-in-one SMTP relay solution that delivers emails in under three seconds. You can visit the dashboard after you’ve sent your emails for real-time updates on the performance of your email campaign. 

Pepipost optimizes your emails using AI-powered servers based on the metrics relevant to the email type. The number of delivery opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces will all be displayed. As a result, implementing predictive engagement features will prioritize delivery to people who are most likely to participate in your email marketing.

You can keep an unlimited amount of contacts with Pepipost’s free edition. You can send up to 30,000 emails throughout the first month of your free subscription. Following that, the free plan will limit you to 100 emails each day. Paid plans start at $17.50/month for up to 150,000 emails per month when paid annually.

23. Kickbox

Kickbox is an all-in-one email verification solution that ensures your emails are delivered to their intended recipients. When your emails are validated, they are less likely to be marked as spam by email providers. This implies that your emails will be delivered more reliably. Kickbox will check over your email list to make sure the addresses are correct and up to date, saving you time and money with a more accurate list.

For the free plans, your first 100 email addresses are free and the paid plans start at $5/month for up to 500 email addresses.

24. VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse allows you to send emails and share them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. With customizable emails and landing sites, you can grow an audience through email and social media, and with pre-built sections for photos, quotes, coupons, and more, creating emails is simple. 

You can also schedule social media postings and emails to go out at specific times.

The free plan includes up to 300 contacts and 4,000 emails per month while the paid plan pricing starts at $11 per month.

25. Sendwithus

Sendwithus is a solution that makes sending a transactional email service more convenient. It comes with an easy-to-use visual editor for creating emails. It’s an excellent tool for managing HTML email templates and converting blog posts and announcements into emails that can be sent to your mailing list. 

Sendwithus is a bit technical, which makes it a little more difficult to set up, but once you do, you’ll have a versatile email marketing tool that can do just about whatever you need it to.

The free plans up to 100 recipients and 1,000 emails per month and the paid plans starts at $150 per month for up to 1,000 recipients and 500,000 emails per month.

Free Tools For Email Marketing: FAQs

What is the best email marketing software which is free to use?

Mailchimp, omnisend, mailerlite, benchmark, elastic mail, sendinblue, seneder, amazon ses, mailgun are all in the options. You should make your choice based on the specific features of each software and what your business needs.

How do I get a free email list for marketing?

  1. Add a CTA to Your Bio
  2. Pin a Tweet with a CTA
  3. Create a CTA Post on Instagram
  4. Set a CTA on Your Facebook Page
  5. Create a Subscribers-Only Facebook Group
  6. Pin Your CTA to Pinterest
  7. Use Instagram Stories
  8. Offer Lead Magnets and Content Upgrades.

What tool do you use for email marketing?

You’ve probably heard of Mailchimp, a leader in email marketing software. Their fundamental email marketing services, such as email generation and scheduling, are included in their free plan.

Final Words

Most of these free tools for email marketing require some technical know-how. You should always look out for resources to learn about these tools and how to use them.

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