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How to Get Final Cut Pro Student Discount Offers in 2023

Are you tired of making poor-quality videos? If yes, then you need to start using Final Cut Pro which is one of the best video editing apps ever. The only challenge is that it is more expensive than many other video editing apps available today.

So, getting this app is a lot of money to spend as a student. So is there a student discount Final Cut Pro offers? You’re about to find out!

So, in this article, you’re going to learn all about the student discount Final Cut Pro offers. Well, there’s more, there are detailed steps.

What is Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro is an exclusive video editing app that is used for making high-quality videos. There are so many amazing features this app has, so this is why it’s highly rated and recommended.

This app is one of Apple’s video editing software and so it integrates properly with only Apple products.

Final Cut Pro gives high-resolution and definition to your videos and some of its features include:

  • Edits any graphics from standard definition to 8k videos
  • It uses all professional camera formats
  • Gives 360° graphics, effects, and titles
  • It uses a magnetic timeline to assemble clips
  • It has super-effective trimming tools
  • It arranges sound clips separately in the timeline
  • Has more than 300 built-in visual effects and transitions
  • Uses professional imaging effects

In summary, Final Cut Pro is certainly a premium version you should opt for if you want to take your video editing skills professionally.

Well, that’s just a snippet of the super unique and premium features Final Cut Pro offers. So does Final Cut Pro offer a student discount or not? Well, this article answers this question and much more.

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Video editing

Is there a Student Discount Final Cut Pro offer?

Absolutely! As a student, Final Cut Pro gives you an exclusive offer to enjoy amazing discounts while using the app.  As a student, it can be quite a struggle to save up for it due to its expensive pricing ( which is actually worth it).

But luckily, the student discount is also available on Final Cut Pro. So you get to save even more while making videos of better quality. 

Moreover, the student discount on Final Cut Pro is available to all students. Regardless of what type of student you are.

So even if you’re a part-time or a full-time student, this discount works for you. However, you must be a verified student in a university or college.

Now, let’s talk about the Final Cut Pro student discount, shall we? 

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About the Student Discount Final Cut Pro

The student discount for final cut pro slashes the price of the app to $199 unlike its normal $299. A discount of about $100 dollars, ureal but available either way.

Students, teachers, and those who work for educational institutions can save money all year round. If you use a new iPad, Mac, or MacBook you can save money through the Apple education store.

Competing apps like Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer provide monthly or yearly subscriptions, not this one. The final cut pro supplies service is paid for once. A one-time payment is made and the services of the video editing app are available to the users.

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How to get the Final Cut Pro Student Discount Codes

Apple student discount now requires the institution’s verification to make purchases of their products. In the United States, Apple requires that their customers must verify what they allege. Whether a student, teacher, or staff member at an educational facility, you must verify your position.

The student discount final cut pro is for students of certified schools and teachers in various institutions. You, on the other hand, have to prove that you are a student of the school you claim. If you claim to be a teacher, in the institutions claimed you prove to be. If you can not prove it, you do not get the discount.  You can use the following steps to get your discount. 

Get and register with UNiDAYS

First, you need a UNiDAYS account. UniDAYS is a website available for students and teachers to get discounts from different companies. But, to enroll, you need your school email address.

Visit the Apple store

  • Next, go to the Apple education store, and search for “pro apps” on your school’s store. You note that your school must have an Apple education store, as students use that to shop.
  • Now select final cut pro.
  • Then log into your campus’ store to get your student discount final cut pro gives.
  • Thereafter, search for student discount final cut pro offer on your chosen products.
  • Select the products you fancy, select buy and “add to bag”.
  • After selecting the product the student discount final cut pro has offered you need to pay. Click “check out”.
  • Click “pay” and select the payment option. The options include; purchase orders, credit cards, or P-card.
  • After complete payment, you are set to enjoy the awesome products from student discount final cut pro offers. 

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Ways to Save Money as a Student using Final Cut Pro

While everyone understands the economy is in a terrible place, you still have control of your finances and how you spend. Here are 7 days students can save.

  1. It is advisable that as a student, for every money you get, you need a budget if you want to save more. Budgets help you keep careful track of your spending. You get to figure out where your money goes and how it’s spent.
  2. Separating wants from needs would help you buy important stuff. You need a video editing app. Not just any app but one that cuts cost and saves money. Student discount on final cut pro would give you the app you need and cut costs.
  3. Be careful about the money you spend. If you are paying for products carelessly you would not have enough for quality products when they are available.  Cross-check what the product has as a positive benefit that varies from others. It gives you a better understanding of where your money should go.
  4. In the understanding of what the student discount final cut pro has offered, you are better off. Cut on your excessive cash spending. The final cut pro for students offers a discount that helps you save a very reasonable amount of money. Optimize the opportunity available. 

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Other Ways to save on the Final Cut Pro

It is quite an easy process to save changes on Final cut pro because it does it automatically. During edits and while working, you can easily make the necessary changes and it won’t alter or ruin the video you’ve worked on.

Changes made to a project while editing does not affect the source file in the least. Thus, if you make lots of changes and need the original clip then you could still get it. Also, by duplicating the original video, you create multiple versions of a video.

What to Do If Your Student Discount Codes don’t work

If this is your plight, you have an expired code you want running. In rare cases, though it could be that you tried to share the code.

The discount code is significant for each user. No two users share a code so, if you perhaps share your discount promo code, it gets blocked.

The app would simply block you or the next user from using the code. Also, you could contact their customer support.


This is more like an exhortation. The advantages of using the Final Cut Pro student discount are quite numerous.

So many benefits exist for an app that takes a one-time fee for its use. Also, you could use the student discount final cut pro gives to edit and work on quality videos for movies, skits, and televised broadcasts.

They are used to edit school tasks and give a quality that is beyond impressive. Optimize the opportunity available.

Get your school’s email and get access to a beautiful app like this. This is Apple’s beautiful gift to American students, teachers, and staff. Use the student discount final cut pro has offered and save wisely.


1. Can all students get Final Cut Pro free on Macbooks for free?

Staff and students can download the free trial on both the Final cut pro and logic X web pages. Apple also makes this available to all customers so as to get more people to use the site. Note though, that, it is a trail and has a time span it would last for. All trials have a time span after which, you need to make payments using your credit/debit cards else you lose access to the service. The final cut pro has a trial time of about 90 days.

2. Is Final Cut or Premiere better?

If your interest in the niche is fresh you should use Final cut pro. It is easy to navigate and work with. If, though, you are in search of an advanced tool for working and editing videos you can use Adobe Premiere.

3. How much is Final Cut Pro Monthly?

The final cut pro X is a one-time payment. Note though, it is pricey and the discount is more likely an avenue you should consider if you are a student. The final cut pro is a one-time payment. It costs $299.00.
Note, it is a one-time payment hence the price. The student discount is $199, and the price slash is too good to be ignored, so you need to get this Final Cut Pro if you want to save more.

4. How do I activate the Final Cut Pro Trial?

The final cut pro gives a free trial of about 90 days for anyone interested in buying the app. Close the window and navigate to the application folder once after installing the app. Scroll and double-click on the Final cut pro app to launch it. A dialogue would inform you that you are starting a 30-day trial. You get the payment options for the app purchase.

5. Is Final Cut Pro and Filmora the same?

Final cut pro is easily agreed to be in existence for easy use. It is easy to use for all professional editing platforms. However, the Filmora on its end is more tailored for new users. This though is because of Filmora’s preset titles. Optimizing the use of the ease of interface and features that help users to write ” drag and drop” are here to import to the project worked on. 

6. Can I get a Final Cut Pro for free?

About this, no you can not. The final cut pro is not a free app. If you are interested in the student discount for final cut pro, you get a discounted purchase. Also, the only free service offered is during the trial time. The trial time is limited and when the time expires, it is expected that you either pay to use the app or lose the benefits of the app completely. 

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