Top 20 educational games for English language students

Playing games does more good to you, especially if it’s an educational game. In fact, educational games are one of the best ways to improve a person’s brain and intellectual abilities. Students who play games have proven to have higher IQ and shaper mental altitudes. Let’s take a look at educational games for English language.

Why play educational games to learn English?

Video games improve the cognitive abilities that society values. It also improves memory and learning.

Educational games increase your attention span, decision-making, and problem-solving capabilities in competitive environments.

Playing games are also useful for learning a new language like English. There are a lot of educational games for English learning and we would list some of them in the post.

Educational games won’t necessarily teach you how to speak English, it does more to teach you about the world in general. Learning about the world, in general, would help you make good conversations in English.

Top 20 educational games for English students 


We have compiled the top 20 educational games that would be useful to you as an English student.

They include:

1. Smarty Pants is a top educational games for english

This game will improve your knowledge of topics like history, science, sports, etc. You play the game by answering questions on these subjects. This will help you have a wide knowledge of things and make better conversations in English.

2. The “Call of Duty”

The call of duty helps you listen to different English accents, and different tempos of English speaking and broadens your English-speaking horizon. These games also come with a voice chat feature where you can chat, make jokes and come up with strategies with your teammates or have conversations with anyone before and after a game starts.

3. Spelling Challenges

This aids students who need help with spelling. It contains more than 25,000 words at 100 different levels and engages players through different series of spelling sessions.

4. 4 pics, 1 word

In this game, you get four pictures that have something in common, and you have to guess what it is they have in common. The game is educational in the sense that it switches on your ability to notice the tiniest detail in anything. Being an expert in this game would aid you to hear and understand the tiniest bit of what the other person is speaking. It improves your listening and communication skills.

5. Reader Rabbit

This game is in form of a series where you go through a variety of learning levels and topics. It basically improves your reading skills.

6. National Geographic Challenge

This allows players to quiz themselves, complete puzzles, or explore the world. Again this game helps you learn about the world and contribute to good conversations in English because you stuff that make you contribute to a good conversation.

7. The Witcher

The good thing about this game is that you hear everything in English. With that, you get to hear a lot of different English accents and tempos that can improve your own English.

8. Escape Adventure Island

This game helps players practice math, reading, and critical thinking skills, earning virtual rewards as they go. It’s an adventure game that teaches you about the world.

9. Super Why

Super Why is a literacy-focused game that helps build skills in everything from reading to rhyming. It is a suitable educational game to learn English.

10. Storybook Workshop

This game features 16 different fairy tales that players can listen to. It improves reading, spelling, and speaking skills. 

11. Visual thesaurus spelling bee

Here, you listen to a word and try to spell it correctly. It develops your listening and spelling skills.

12. LittleBigPlanet 2

The educational game helps players navigate through a rich landscape, finding objects along the way which they can use to solve puzzles that will challenge the mind. This game improves the player’s IQ and mental prowess.

13. Human Brain Cloud

In this game, you’re given random words, and your goal is to type in words, expressions, or even sentences you associate with the words you get.

For example, if you’re given the word “work,” your answer can be “jobs,” “business,” “skills,” “investing,” ” working environment”, “working conditions” or any other words associated with the word you’re given.

This is an educational game that builds your English vocabulary by letting you associate a lot of words or terms to a given word.

14. BrainQuest

With this game, you solve puzzles and a lot of other challenging stuff. As the name implies, it develops your brain to quest for more(pun intended)

15. Word shake

This game gives you 16 random letters of the alphabet and three minutes to come up with as many English words as you can with the letters. Every time you make a new word, you get points. It is an educational game indeed that lets you create English words out of a jumble of letters. It builds your vocabulary in the process. Word shake is one of the best educational games for the English language

16. Book Worm

This game tests your reading, spelling, and other language skills. It also has a lot of puzzles to solve to challenge your mind. 

17. Mindsnacks

This game is one of the best games to play if you want to become fluent in English. The educational game quizzes players on basic vocabulary words in English and other languages.

18. FluentU

Fluentu is a very educational game site. It takes authentic videos like music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. On Fluentu, you’re in for learning English because it’s more of learning than playing.

19. Magnetic Poetry

Here you’re required to create poems, stories, jokes, or any other thing with a word you’re given. This game challenges your brain to use a single word for a lot of other things. It helps to improve and vary your use of a lot of English words.

20. Pictionary

Pictionary helps players practice their vocabulary and take tests to see if they can remember the words they have been taught.

Summary of the top 20 educational games for English students

In summary, educational games for English are games that would broaden your mind and teach you more about the world. Beyond learning new vocabularies and grammar, seek to play educational games that would challenge your brain and keep it racking. As you stretch your brain with these games, you become better at English and every other aspect of your life.

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