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DoorDash Student Discount – Enjoy 25% Off!!

Who doesn’t love well-prepared and sumptuous meals? Even a vegetarian would want his veggies tasty. I know how it feels when the hunger pang comes and there’s no money in your pocket. Or it isn’t enough to afford the meals you crave, what’s more, afford the delivery fee. Fortunately, there is a DoorDash student discount.

Food is very essential for the body and especially for you as a student, who needs the energy to study effectively.

Without food, you can’t function properly and you can endanger some organs in your body. Now, the prices of food might be very high and that’s why most students prefer to stick with snacks or junk food.

Well, DoorDash student discount is offering new members 25% off! So, you get to order your favorite dishes for a discounted price and you can stay fit and healthy with good food.

If you want to know everything about the DoorDash student discount, then keep reading this article to find out all about it.

What Is DoorDash?

DoorDash is an American food ordering and delivery service that was founded in January 2013 and is currently based in San Francisco, California. They have a total of 6000 employees and operate only in the United States of America, Canada, and Australia. It is the largest food delivery company in the US and has a large number of customers and merchants. On December 31, 2020, it was recorded to have 20,000,000 consumers,450,000 merchants, and one million deliveries.

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What Is a DoorDash Student Discount?

DoorDash student discount is another platform that offers slashes on their prices to students to help with their expenses, students spend a lot with their small allowances, so they offer you a 25% discount on food and delivery.

You can only access this if you are a new customer at DoorDash and are eligible for the discount. You need to sign up through student beans and follow the prompts. Below I’ll explain how to sign up and get this offer.

Steps to Sign Up For DashDoor Student Discount

If you want to enjoy the 25% DashDoor Student Discount then it is important to note a few requirements.

First and foremost, the offer is only open to new members. Hence, you have to sign up with student beans for verification.

Also, you must be above the age of 16 years old.

Finally, you should be in at least Sixth form, high school, or college.

If you check all these requirements then you can proceed to sign up for the DashDoor student discount.

  • First of all, you need to visit the company’s official website to sign up.
  • Once, you get to the signup page. You’ll be asked to sign up through Google, Facebook, Apple, or email.
  • Remember that the discount is open to new members only, so sign up with your email address
  • Once you sign up, click on “Get code and open site” to unlock your discount
  • A list of questions will pop up asking what discount you need, click on student discount and follow the steps.
  • You will also be required to fill in the email address given to you at school. This is to verify if you are an active student.
  • Once you do this, you get your coupon and can now enjoy the 25% DoorDash student discount.

This offer is only open to new members and cannot be used with any other coupons.

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How to Save On DashDoor

There are multiple ways for you to save on the door dash apart from the student discount they are offering. If you are interested in saving your money and spending less than the amount on the student discount then you should check this list.

1. Follow their Social Platforms

Following them on social media is like getting a front roll to the goodies the company has to offer. These days companies post the arrival of new products, discounts, and giveaways on social media platforms to inform their customers.

If you don’t already know most of the Information they give out can help you with whatever saving plans you may have.

So if you want information on discounts, etc. You should follow them on their official handles. Remember to check for a blue tick to avoid joining a scam account.

2. Browse Amazon for DoorDash Products

Firstly, it’s important to note that amazon is a big e-commerce platform that buys products and sells them for a fair price. 

Consequently, this can serve as another way for you to save more and get good quality. You can go to their page and browse Door dash products. Find if you like their price range and if it helps you save the amount of money you are trying to.

It’s a safe option and you will always get value for your money.

3. Join Newsletter

If you want to receive first-hand news on discount codes, coupons, and new products without going to social media pages or constantly checking their store pages you should sign up for their newsletters.

This way, you get firsthand news on all their cool new products, discount codes that can help you save and other amazing offers they have for you.

If the door dash student discount isn’t enough. You should try this option, this way you don’t miss out on other offers the company has that might benefit you.

4. Browse Websites for Coupons

As a student, the first thing you should know is that browsing websites for coupons have been an ultimate saving option for students.

So, if you save more and not only use the 25% DoorDash student discount. Then, start checking websites and get coupons that could help save you money.

Most websites offer way bigger slashes than door dash or have coupons like things such as free delivery, 30% off, and many more.

So, go down and search for what works best for you. Remember to check legit sites only, so you don’t use expired coupons or already used ones.

5. Sign Up to Be A Dasher

While saving money searching for coupons on different sites might be fun and all. You can save money by earning some extra cash.

How? You can sign up to be a dasher i.e a delivery person. All you need to do is fill out the online form and meet certain requirements.

Just like Bolt, Uber, etc. It’s a freelance job where you can choose flexible hours, and this is a great offer for students because of the school activities.

However, they do have several requirements for those signing up, such as, need to be at least 18 years old, have a car, be open to a background check, and other things. If you want to earn more, so you could save more money, here’s your chance.

6. Check Ebay’s Prices

Finally, eBay. eBay is also another e-commerce platform like Amazon, the only difference with E-bay is they sell new and fairly used products all at an affordable rate. It’s a great option to fall to if you don’t find a deal in the above options.

 They have affordable things and you will get the value of whatever you pay for. Besides, most of their products are at ridiculously low prices. So, be rest assured that you are going to get the best for your money. Also, Click here, to check the door dash items, eBay has to offer you.

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Other Discounts DashDoor Offers

DoorDash knows that the secret to a fast-growing business is a lot of coupons and coupons that invite people.

Everyone loves a good coupon so the fact they have so many of them can tell you why they have over 200,000,000 consumers. So, below is a list of a few coupons that DashDoor gives out beside the DashDoor student discount.

1.   Military Discount

Everyone loves a good discount, including the military. These people put their life on the line and leave their loved ones just to protect us, so giving them a discount on food services is an amazing thing to do.

Thus, DoorDash offers this discount in honor of military personnel and their service to the country.

The personnel doesn’t enjoy this discount alone, his family also enjoys the 10% to 20% off DoorDash is offering them. Examples of these discounts are;

  • Extra up to $10 off – Military Discount
  • 25% off storewide
  • And many more

2.   Senior Discount

At DoorDash if you are 55 years and above, you can enjoy a 15% discount on your favorite DoorDash products.

Seniors have gone through life and deserve to kick back their feet and rest. The fact that door dash is offering them a discount, is huge and super amazing for the elders.

So if you know a senior citizen that likes DoorDash products and would be elated by this, because no one loves discounts more than elders. Share it with them, example of some of the coupons are;

  • Up to 30% Off
  • $20 off any purchase
  • And many more

3.    Black Fridays

If you know about important holidays, you should know that Black Friday is one of the most celebrated holidays. This holiday gives people huge slashes on products and items from different companies also, some as high as 50% discount on products!

So, if you love DoorDash meals, you should take advantage of this holiday and get good deals. Examples of these coupons are;

  • Lowest good start at $1.99
  • 30% off your orders
  • And many more

4.    Cyber Mondays

If there’s another holiday as popular as black Friday in the market world, it is cyber Monday. They have discounts as high as 50%, they have amazing deals and great products you will surely be interested in. This holiday is the Monday after Thanksgiving or two days after black Friday. So, you can start shopping at midnight on Monday morning because of the rush. Because of this the company provides and shows what will be on sale and their price range. They had discounts such as;

  • 30% of your orders
  • 50% when you place an order
  • And many more

5.   First Responder Discount

To honor those who put their life on the line and always arrive first at a crime scene, dangerous sites, etc. DashDoor is offering them and their family members a 10% discount. So, these first responders include people such as; Firefighters, Policemen, EMTs and search and rescue professionals. All these heroes get to enjoy a 10% discount on products at the door dash. Examples of the coupons are;

  • Save With DoorDash First responder discount
  • Extra 10% off – First responder discount
  • And many more

6.   DoorDash Teacher Discount

Teachers are very important to society; they teach and help a lot of illiterate people become literate. For this reason, DoorDash is giving teachers a 10% off products sitewide. Moreover, this will help them save money and they can enjoy this amazing service. This discount has been running for years and might stick around for a very long time. So, if you know a teacher who loves DoorDash. Send them this coupon

Examples are;

  • DoorDash Special Deals for Teachers
  • $20 of any purchase

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In conclusion, DoorDash offers students a way to eat healthy food at a good price. In-between those long breaks and after your work shifts you can just pick up your phone and get your order anywhere you are anytime.

So, all you need to do is sign up and follow the procedures to enjoy a 25% student discount. Apart from the amazing disco bey, to have a host of other coupons your family and friends can benefit from.

They’re also job openings that are flexible and won’t interfere with your school work. The ball is in your court and only you can know what’s best for you. Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can old members of DoorDash use the student discount?

Unfortunately, No. The offer is only open to new members of door dash

2. Does DoorDash give you a free trial?

Yes, they certainly do. They offer 30 days of free trials and after that, you will be charged the normal price.

3. How old do I need to be to use this discount?

You need to be at least 16 years old and above to use this discount.

4. Can I combine my student discount with other coupons?

Unfortunately, you can’t add other coupons to your student discount. You can only use your student discount alone.

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