Disney Plus Student Discount: All You Need To Know

Now, do you search for comfortable streaming platforms with quality picture delivery? A platform where subscriptions are affordable? Disney Plus student discount is here with a package that would help you fix two problems at once. The problem of quality pictures and a bonus provision of good subscription plans. Disney Plus student discount has package subscriptions that allow you to enjoy bundles like Disney Plus, Hulu, and  ESPN+.

When quality cartoon content is needed the first thing that comes to mind is Walt Disney. If you have had any movie interests and used this, then Disney plus sounds relatable. Honestly, you are not wrong. Disney Plus, with a reasonable amount of competition, is one of the most popular movie streaming platforms. Walt Disney is known as a platform for quality cartoons but Disney plus gives the chance to watch life-like movies.  

What to do to Get The Disney Student Discount?

First off, you have to use a platform that is easy and ideal for you. You can choose StudentBeans or UNiDAYS. Once the choice has been made, sign up for membership by creating an account. This will grant you access to the available Disney Plus student discount.

So, here’s how to sign up for the Disney plus student discount using Student Beans:

  • First Visit the StudentBeans website.
  • Follow through with the registration process as specified on the website. 

Also, below is a guide on how to sign up for the Disney plus discount for students using UNiDAYS

  • Firstly, visit the UNiDAYS website
  • Secondly, click on the ‘Get now’ icon.
  • Thereafter, follow the instructions provided on their web page.
  • Also, enter your school email address for this registration.

Once you have registered, either of these platforms will give you a 15% discount for Disney Plus. With this done and completed you can stream and enjoy Disney Plus student discount offers. 

Disney plus student discount

Do Students Discounts for Disney Plus Exist?

The direct answer here is ‘no’. 

The streaming service Disney Plus does not offer a Disney Plus student discount. However, you can find an occasional exciting Disney Plus deal online. It may be during seasonal sales or through the service’s newsletter. Their past promotions through include:

  • A 7-day free trial to test out the Disney plus subscription before you commit
  • 17% off your annual subscription with some special Disney Plus discount
  • And they offered $10 off of a gifted subscription

Although movie streaming platforms other than Disney plus offer some kind of discount, Disney plus does not anymore. A discount is not available from the company directly. However, if you have a UniDAYS or StudentBeans account, you stand a better chance. 

Using any of these accounts, you are given a 15% discount off the Disney plus subscription. This means that every year that the UniDAYS or StudentBeans account is available to you, you get 15% off subscriptions. This means that instead of the yearly $79.99 you get $67.99. Besides the use of the UniDAYS or StudentBeans account, the discount is unavailable to anyone. 

About the Student Discount Disney Plus Offers. 

Earlier, Disney plus offered free trials to new users but that does not exist anymore. So once you sign up your subscription starts reading. Consequently, the access to StudentBeans and UniDAYS gives you discount access to Disney plus subscriptions. Do most students ask since there are no special offers or a special student deal on Disney Plus if there is a free trial option? 

Well, I bring to your knowledge that Disney Plus does not have a free trial option for anyone including students. Before now, Disney plus was offering free trial periods to new users, but it no longer applies as they have very affordable subscription rates. 

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Ways to Save Money While Using Disney Plus Student Discount. 

Being a student does not in any way mean you automatically get a discount. So if you don’t want to go through with the option of using the 15% discount offered by UNiDAYS and StudentBeans, there are other options in which you can watch movies on Disney plus at an affordable rate. These alternatives provided will help you save money on the Disney Plus platform with any student deal.

Below are a few Disney Plus student  deal options that will help you save;

 1.  First for the Music Lovers Subscribe to Free Disney Plus with Amazon Music

When you are signing up for Amazon Music, you can get six months of Disney Plus for free. Amazon Music costs $9.99 a month ($7.99 for their Prime members). With this, you can gain reasonable access to Amazon Music’s catalog of about  90 million songs, as well as Disney Plus.

 2. Try to Subscribe for the Free Disney Plus with Verizon:

A second way to explore the discount available for watching Disney Plus. This is to get free Disney plus plans with Verizon. With this service, you’ll get six months of free Disney Plus when you sign up for a Verizon Unlimited plan. At the end of six months, your plan will auto-renew after the six-month special period and you will be charged $7.99 plus tax each month if you choose to keep your account.

3. Subscribe to Disney plus Annually:

The theory of buying and selling in bulk is given here. This gives you the chance to save up properly. It also applies when it comes to subscribing to Disney Plus. A monthly subscription to Disney Plus costs $7.99 per month which is calculated to cost a total of $95.88 per year. However, the yearly subscription plan costs $79.99. That automatically saves you a pretty $15.89 to your pocket.  So, if you want to save on Disney Plus, explore the student deal where you get to subscribe annually instead of monthly subscriptions.

4. Subscribe To the Disney Plus Bundle:

Indeed the Disney Plus Bundle as a subscription option is useful. Using this option saves you $7.99 and gives you access to three fantastic streaming services: Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN plus all at a single price of $13.99 per month.

5. Try to Access the Disney Plus Bundle

This was aforementioned, so the answer is all in this article. The Disney Plus Bundle as a subscription option is useful. Using this option saves you $7.99 and gives you access to three fantastic streaming services: Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN plus all at a single price of $13.99 per subscription.

Interestingly, Youtube also offers student discounts, you can learn more about it in this article; How To Get YouTube TV Student Discount [Simplified]

Criteria for Student  Discount Disney Plus Offers.

At this point, you understand that there is no direct Disney Plus student discount except if you have access to the UNIDAYS or StudentBeans accounts. However, not everybody has the opportunity for a 15% Discount offered by UNIDAYS and StudentBeans. You are eligible for the Disney Plus discount if you are a student who has membership with UNIDAYS and StudentBeans accounts. 

So, how can you get UNIDAYS and StudentBeans membership?

  • Firstly, you have to create an account and verify your student status on either of these accounts. This gives you access to Disney plus a student discount.
  •  You must be in the sixth grade or high school. 
  • You must be above the age of 16.
  •  You must provide your school email address, which is used to check the credibility of the address.

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Subscription Cost for the Disney Plus Discount for Students. 

On Disney plus, like other streaming platforms, there is no free option to watch a movie. You have to pay to watch movies of your choice on Disney plus.

Disney plus student discount subscription costs $7.99 per month which amounts to $79.99 per year. Also, Disney plus discount has an offer where subscriptions are linked, like a bundle of some sort. Thus, their offers include; Hulu Plus, ESPN, and Disney plus itself.  It costs $13.99 for Hulu ad support. 

Also offering $19.99 for a subscription with Hulu no ads as well as ESPN plus per month. A lot of people choose this because it permits you to save up to 25% more than when all other purchased packages. With this discount, you get access to all Disney plus libraries with movies, shows, and series. These include old shows aired on Disney. In addition, you get to choose from the following;

  • New Release
  • Timeless classics
  • Documentaries
  • Unscripted sagas 
  • The entire Skywalker saga
  • Throwbacks, past seasons of popular shows. 
  • Exciting specials and limited-time streaming events
  • All series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Original new movies.

Guideline for the Use of Disney Plus  Student Codes.

Once you’ve added what you want to your bag. Navigate to the online checkout where you simply enter your discount code. It is a different process between retailers, but normally there is a box where ‘Promo Code’ is written. It could also be a discount code, student discount, or voucher code on the checkout page, still depending on the vendor. 

Thus, you see it just before you put in and confirm your payment details. Once you have put in your code, it takes off the offer amount, so the total price so you can see how much money you’re saving.

For a few of the offers available, there’s no code involved. You will have exclusive access to the discount site without your student discount code needed when you should checkout. These include brands like Samsung or Apple, for example.

 Some in-store offers available may require you to show your Student Beans Student ID to access the service. 


When money is spent, it should be spent well. When you talk about old cartons, the reoccurring name is Disney. The amazing opportunity offered by UNiDAYS and StudentBeans is available. This is for people wishing to reminisce on old times. It is obvious that not only old classics are available on Disney plus but now available are movie series. Disney plus allows watching cartoons and movies. With actual human characters. Disney plus a student discount is available to offer affordable comfort for activities. Patronize Disney plus student discount dear students so you can have quality recreation with smart savings.


1. Is the discount available for all products?

Every brand has its own rule or guideline of operation. This also applies to discounts offered. They differ for every brand. Through every purchase process check the terms and conditions carefully to know what the brand offers and exceptions.

2. Age range for the Disney plus discount?

If you are in the sixth grade, high school, a university, or college. Anyone above 16 years who fits into any of these groups is qualified. 

 3. Free deliveries are possible with Disney plus?

Some of the brands that they work with offer free or fast delivery. You simply have to check out the retailer’s site. There you can check out what their delivery and returns policies will be. ASOS, for one, offers different delivery options. Though, ASOS Premier delivery is an additional paid option.

 4. Is the Disney plus package available now?

The Disney plus package deal applies to existing customers. You can contact the Disney plus help team.  This is so you get to watch your favorite Disney plus movies and shows at a discount. Upgrade to The Disney Bundle and receive a credit for your existing monthly or annual subscription.

 5. Affordable way to get Disney plus?

One of the most affordable ways to get exclusive access to content on Disney plus is by redeeming a promo code or bundling streaming services. Maximize the advantage of existing credit and debit card offers for cash backs on Disney plus subscriptions with no promotion necessary.

 6. Are there any benefits aside from the cash saved?

The Disney plus student discount comes with its benefits. Consequently, you can get access to all of their content for a low fee every month. You can also merge the subscription with other services. As stated a few times already, the services that are merged are Hulu, ESPN Plus, and others to save a few dollars on your monthly bill.

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