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How To Apply For The Dell Student Discount

A laptop or PC is a necessity for anyone going to college, but it can be quite expensive.

Not to worry, Dell’s student discount offer allows you to save up to 15%.

Exciting, right?

Read through the article to learn how to apply for the discount and get the most out of it.

The Dell student discount offers typically a 10% discount on Dell items in addition to any other promotions Dell may be running at the moment. 

This sum is subject to change, so before choosing, be sure to check UNiDAYS to see what the current offer is.

After confirming that you are a student, UNiDAYS generates discount codes you can then use in the Dell website’s purchasing checkout. 

Find out how to Get Free And Exclusive Student Discount On UNiDAYS

About Dell

Dell computers are quickly becoming a favorite among college students, thanks to their selection of reasonably priced and high-quality PCs and laptops.

Additionally, the company offers exclusive online discounts for students of up to 20%.

DELL has everything you need, whether you’re looking for an incredibly fast gaming laptop with built-in cooling fans or a basic desktop PC for word processing.

Getting a Dell laptop will sure improve your productivity in school.

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Some Of Dell’s Products

Some of Dell’s products

Dell is a leader in the tech sector and one of the best. 

The Dell product line comprises:

  • DELL laptops, such as DELL Inspiron, XPS, Mini, and gaming
  • DELL desktops, including Inspiron, Studio XPS, all-in-one, and gaming
  • Alienware products, which are ideal for gaming
  • Dell Mobility, including smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones

Does Dell Offer A Student Discount?

Yes, Dell offers a 10% student discount for college students.

The name of the student discount program is “DELL Advantage Student”.

Who Is Eligible For The Dell Student Discount?

UNiDAYS has a couple of requirements that you need to meet if you want to take advantage of their Dell student discount codes. 

To qualify for this discount, you must be:

  • At least 16 years old.
  • Currently enrolled at a college or university.
  • Access to either a .edu email issued by your school or a credit card-style student ID from your school.

Any college or university student, including those attending trade schools, is eligible for a discount. 

All that is needed from them is a copy of their student ID and their student email.

Other acceptable kinds of verification include a school transcript or a specific letter from the academic institution. 

If unsure, ask Dell by emailing them. 

Note that NUS cards do not qualify as verification documents.

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What Would The Dell Student Discount Get You?

Typically, the discount gives you a 10% discount on Dell products.

Before you make any purchase, be sure the promo code is accepted for the item you are purchasing because some products may not be covered by this offer.

Your discount codes are produced by UNiDAYS and can only be used at the checkout. 

You will notice when the discount is reflected in the pricing at the checkout.

How Do I Get The Dell Student Discount?

Getting a student discount coupon from DELL is simple and can be done online through the DELL website. 

Although the actual discounts you can get will vary by product and may alter over time, you can typically save up to 20%.

Follow these steps to get the discount:

  • Visit the Website
  • Enter your student email and click on submit
  • Dell will send you the discount voucher in your email

The coupon is available in 16 countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

How To Sign Up For The Dell Student Discount On UNiDAYS

To take advantage of the Dell student discount, follow these steps to register with UNiDAYS:

  • Select the menu icon denoted by three horizontal lines on the UNiDAYS website.
  • Choose Join now.
  • Type in your email address, and then pick a password.
  • Type in your school’s details, then choose Continue.
  • Follow the subsequent instructions to finish the procedure

You can always contact UNiDAYS to manually validate your account if you can’t verify automatically or if your school isn’t listed.

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How Does Dell Verify My Enrollment?

Dell uses the UNiDAYS service to confirm your status as a student. 

Most four-year universities and colleges are able to use this service to confirm students’ eligibility.

If your school can’t use the service, you will have to verify your status manually. 

Since several other major corporations also use this program, signing up once can provide you access to various student discounts from businesses other than Dell.

How Do I Use My Student Discount On Dell?

  • Locate a Dell offer on the UNiDAYS website and click Redeem Online.
  • Click on “Redeem Code”.
  • Copy your code after verifying your account
  • Find the laptop or desktop you want to purchase on the Dell website
  • Enter your promo code, your discount will be applied at the checkout. 

Try creating a new code if the discount is not working. 

If it doesn’t work, get in touch with UNiDAYS for more assistance.

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Other Ways To Save On Dell

Here are the other ways you can save on Dell aside from the student discount:

1. Check the Dell coupon page

Check out the Dell coupon codes page for current offers and discounts. 

There are 459 active deals available.

2. Follow them on social media

Frequently, Dell posts exclusive deals on their social media platforms for followers.

3. Check them on Amazon or eBay

Dell products are offered at a discount on Amazon, and shipping is free for Prime subscribers.

It can be worthwhile to check through used Dell devices on eBay.

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How Do I Apply The Dell Student Discount Coupon?

You can make use of the voucher as soon as you receive

Just find the laptop, desktop, or other product you want to purchase on the Dell website.

When you get to the checkout page, you’ll see there is a box marked “Promotional Code.” 

Add it to your shopping cart along with any configuration choices you desire. 

Enter your coupon code and click on apply.

Note that you can only use the code once.

So you should only click the Apply button when you are certain that your order is accurate.

After completing your information and making your payment, your new Dell gadget should be on its way to you within the next few days.

Can I Use Multiple Discounts On Dell?

Yes, if you have a second coupon, you can apply it.

Other Laptop Brands With A Student Discount

  • MacBook – $100 Student Discount
  • Samsung – 30% Off Student Discount
  • HP – 50% Off Student Discount
  • Lenovo – 5% Off Student Discount
  • MacBook Pro – $100 Student Discount
  • Razer – 20% Off Student Discount
  • Alienware – $100 Student Discount
  • Acer – 10% Off Student Discount
  • Google Chromebook – 10% Off Student Discount
  • KEH Camera – 5% Off Student Discount

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Dell Student Discount

Does Dell give discounts?

Yes, Dell offers different kinds of discounts.

You can save an extra $50 on selected Inspiron laptops and desktops priced at $699.99 and higher. 

Alternatively, you can save an additional $100 on a few Inspiron laptops and desktops priced at $1499.99 and more.

There are only a few of Dell’s products excluded from the discount.

Are there student discounts for laptops?

Yes, Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung all provide student discounts when you purchase a laptop.

Can I use two coupons on Dell?

Yes, you can use a different coupon code if you have more than one.

How do I use a Dell promo code?

Enter the coupon on the Cart page, then click “Apply Coupon.”  

Utilizing Dell discount codes will allow you to take advantage of the maximum savings.

How do I activate the Dell student discount?

You only need to go to the Dell Advantage for Students page, type in your student email address, and click the Submit button.
A voucher will then be issued by Dell and delivered to your email. 

You can then use it to make a purchase on the Dell website.

How do I get a 10% discount on Dell?

You can get 10% off when you subscribe to the email newsletter.



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