Cult Beauty 20% Student Discount Code

Cult Beauty 20% Student Discount Code 2023

As a student in the University, you certainly don’t want to be left out on the “Looking good is good business”, right? Cause I mean, society says, ” The way you’re dressed (appear) is the way you’re addressed”. But have you always struggled with finding quality makeup products for your skin? Or always too skeptical about even bothering to get beauty tools because they’re quite expensive? Well, what if I told you you can get the student discount Cult Beauty offers?

Now, you must be wondering, what is Cult beauty, never heard of it, do they really offer student discounts? How much percent off do I get as a student? Or what requirements do I have to pass to enjoy the student discount Cult Beauty gives if there is one?

Well, luckily, you’ve just stumbled on the answers to all your possible questions about Cult Beauty. In this article, we’ll give insight and answers to satisfy your curiosity. So, there’s so much you’re going to learn while reading through. So, grab a rocking chair or a comfortable seat, sip your cup of hot coffee and have a great read!

Cult Beauty 20% Student Discount Code

About Cult Beauty.

So what is Cult beauty and what are they all about? Cult Beauty is a UK- based beauty retailer that Is majorly online. This beauty online store has its headquarters in the UK, London. So if you’re a student living in London, you might want to check this store out. Cult Beauty is a facial cosmetics store that has a wide variety of quality products. 

Some of the Cult’s Beauty products include glow drops, tinted balms, facial cleansers, lip gloss, eyelash conditioner, etc. As earlier said, they offer a wide variety of products that makes your skin glow and more beautiful.

Cult Beauty is a brand fully focused on the female gender, but I mean, who says a guy can’t wear makeup too? Right. Well, this brand is for all, as long as you’re a beauty or skincare lover, Cult Beauty has got you covered.

Also, this brand was established in 2008, meaning, it’s been over 10 years of quality delivery. So, if you’re wondering if it’s a brand you should trust, then you should check out its reviews here.

P.S: The products listed here are just a snippet of what this brand sells, so check out their online store to view more.

Alright, so does this cosmetic brand offer a student discount or not? Well, you’re about to find out, most certainly!

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Can I Get a Student Discount on Cult Beauty?

Well, luckily, yes you can. Cult Beauty offers student discount promos on their online store. So, this means you can get really good makeup products at a lower price, sounds interesting right? But hold on, before jumping the gun, let’s enlighten you on what student discounts are and what you stand to gain.

Student discounts are simply reduced prices or percentages of the total price of a product given to students only. So, this means, as a student, you can enjoy some discount promo on any store that offers and save more! But do the student discounts apply to all students regardless of their Universities? And does the student discount Cult Beauty gives apply to every student?

Keep reading and you’ll find out about it in no time. Meanwhile, you might want to refill your cup of coffee! So let’s find out more about the student discount on Cult Beauty.

About Cult Beauty Student Discount

So, now that you know you can get a student discount on Cult Beauty, you’re probably wondering how many percent off. Cult Beauty gives you as a student a 20% off whenever you shop with them. So, this means, for every makeup item you get, you pay 20% less, well isn’t that amazing?

Consequently, if during the student discount Cult Beauty offers, you buy a  £49 makeup remover, you get it at £39.2 instead. Well, take a look at that, you save £9.2 and still buy the item you need. If I were you, I’d jump right into their online store to check it out.

However, Cult Beauty doesn’t always give a student promo, so you need to stay updated on their offers. So, how do you stay updated on every special they offer, whether student discount or not? This article has you in mind.

In the write-ups below, you’d find well-explained steps on how to get the student discount Cult Beauty does. Also, you’d find out about the criteria to meet to enjoy this discount.

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How to Get Cult Beauty Student Discount

If there is one general criterion you must pass to enjoy any student discount, it’s that you have to be a student. I know it appears quite obvious but what I’m driving at is that you must be a verified student at a University. Unfortunately, student discounts are not available for students still in High School or students below 16 years. 

Thus, you must pass these two major requirements before you can benefit from student discounts. And if you’re wondering if Cult Beauty Student Discount is any different, then sadly, it’s not. The student discount Cult Beauty gives requires that you’re a verified student, and above 16 years. However, to enjoy these discounts, they are specific sites that generate the student discount codes. 

Also, and most importantly, they provide students with verification. Cult Beauty majorly uses three of these websites to generate their student discount codes and these are; UNiDAYS, TOTUM, and You need to sign up to these websites first to be verified, so let’s find out how to do just that.

So, let’s see start with UNiDAYS and see how to sign up on this website as a student.

How to Sign Up to UNiDAYS

Signing up for UNiDAYS is for you to access the student discount codes, and apply them to the Cult Beauty store. So, UNiDAYS generates these codes for you and verifies if you’re a student or not.

Ready to see how to sign up already? The following steps below will give you a thorough guide I how to successfully register with UNiDAYS.

  • Firstly, visit their website here to start UNiDAYS
  • Then, provide your student email address issued by your University

N.B: This email address is given to you by your University and not a personal one. The essence is to verify that you’re a student in a tertiary institution.

  • Next, create a strong password ( A password that has a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters)
  • Wait for the confirmation link that is sent to your email.
  • Check your Gmail or spam inbox for a link sent to you.
  • Click this link and it redirects you to the website (The link is meant to verify that it’s your email address)
  • Then, you’ve been successfully verified and signed up on UNiDAYS

However, if you face any sort of challenge while registering, you can easily contact their customer support via UNiDAYS customer care.

Talking about UNiDAYS, check out how to Get Free And Exclusive Student Discount On UNiDAYS.

How to Sign Up on TOTUM

TOTUM is another student verification website, although it’s now known as NUS. Similar to UNiDAYS, it’s used to generate discount codes for many discount promotions. Also, it’s like a student ID or more like a digital card. 

Unlike UNiDAYS, TOTUM doesn’t use a website to generate codes or verification. It uses a card endorsed by the National Union of Students. Therefore, you could carry this plastic card as a means of identification when shopping in a physical and online store.

Thus, without further ado, here is a guideline on how to get this card:

  • Visit the NUS or TOTUM website. (Also, you could download the app if you don’t want a web version).
  • Enter your place of study i.e University
  • Enter the details of your course (duration, faculty, etc)
  • Choose your card options
  • Upload your NUS photo for ID
  • Cross-check and confirm your details
  • Complete your personal details
  • Input your delivery address and be sure it’s accurate

So, with these steps listed here, you can apply for your TOTUM card and get it within 7 working days.

How to Sign up on

Signing up on is so easy and stressless. Actually, it doesn’t have any specific steps to signing up. So, unlike other websites, doesn’t need student verification to generate discount codes for you.

Thus, all you need to do is to visit their website and carefully scan through for the student discount codes you need. This website hand-verifies all your discount codes and ensures they’re legit. So, they save you the stress of signing up or worse getting spammed with dozens of emails.

So visit their website today and see what discounts are available and who knows? You might be lucky to see a student discount Cult Beauty promo ongoing.

How to Apply the Student Discount Codes for Cult Beauty

Great, so now that you know how to sign up for a student verification and code-generating website. It’s as well important to know how to redeem these codes on Cult Beauty. Thus, I’ve written some easy-to-understand steps to guide you through.

  • Visit the Cult Beauty online store 
  • Select the makeup items you want to purchase
  • Add these items to your cart
  • After selecting, go to any of the listed websites and copy the codes generated for you.
  • Head back to your Cult Beauty cart and go to the check-out page
  • Paste these promo codes at the checkout 
  • Enjoy the discount it offers!

What to Do If Your Student Discount Code isn’t Working

Don’t be worked up, this happens at times and is easily solved. However, when your student discount codes don’t work, it could be because of something you did wrongly. So, let’s quickly see some things to take note of while redeeming your voucher codes.

  • Ensure you entered the code correctly 

These posies as a big issue most times, when you wrongly apply the codes or don’t write them according to their format. So, in other words, you must ensure the codes you enter are well written and not wrongly spelled or pasted.

  • Check if the code is expired or not 

This might be another reason when you’re applying a discount code to an expired promotion. In this case, it really doesn’t matter if it’s the right code or not, as long as it’s out of date. So, when applying any codes, double-check to see if you arrived too late or not.

  • Check if there are any spend requirements 

By spend requirements, it means checking if you meet the criteria for enjoying that student discount. Well, this is because some student promos only apply to buying a certain amount of items in the total. Or shopping for a particular look, so check if there are any before redeeming your codes.

What are the alternatives to cult beauty student discount

There are so many sites that are similar to Cult Beauty or rather within the same niche. So, we’ve provided a list of them you could check out and see if they offer student discounts as well.


Everyone loves looking good, we love to be in the spotlight when we step into the room. Well, no one loves being sidelined for looking shabby and underdressed. So if you want to step up your game and go about turning heads around, getting stares. 

Then, you certainly need to try using some cosmetics. And luckily, a beauty store like Cult Beauty, offers 20% off, for you just for being a student!

So why the wait? Hurry now and seize this offer before it expires, best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Will there be more available student discounts at Cult Beauty?

The short answer is yes! There will be and you can stay updated by signing up for their newsletters.

  1. Are there other ways to save at Cult Beauty as a student?

Yes, there are other ways to save as a student on Cult Beauty. They offer random offers occasionally for everyone.

  1. Is the student discount Cult Beauty given to every student?

Fortunately, there are no certain kinds of students that can enjoy this benefit, as long as you’re under a registered institution. So, you could be part-time, full-time, or even an adult student.

  1. Does Cult Beauty offer free delivery?

Yes, they do. They offer free delivery on your first order using a promo code

  1. Can you cancel a Cult Beauty order?

Unfortunately, changes aren’t made when an order is placed. However, you can cancel the order to place a new one by logging into your account.

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