The Top 20 Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

To make good money with cryptocurrency, you need a good cryptocurrency trading platform. As there are many cryptocurrency platforms, spotting a good one may be a bit difficult.

For newbies in the crypto space, this is a vital question you need to first of all understand. Even as an intermediate or advanced crypto trader or investor, you may be stuck with the use of one particular trading platform.

The above should not be allowed, as other platforms may give you distinct features that will suit your crypto journey. But because you have no knowledge about them and their features, you tend to lose out.

But this will be over today, as this article will give you in-depth details of the top 20 cryptocurrency trading platforms.

By the end of this article, you will become a crypto trader with a difference, knowing the best crypto platforms that will serve your needs.

Qualities of a good cryptocurrency trading platform

It will be in your best interest to know the qualities that should define a good trading platform before you look at any of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms.

And they are:


Reliability is among the key characteristics of a successful crypto trading platform. This implies that the platform must be able to offer consistent service whenever you need it. 

Additionally, it should be capable of handling high traffic volumes without crashing.


The security of a platform for trading cryptocurrencies is also crucial. The platform ought to have security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to your money and personal data. Furthermore, safeguards against cyberattacks ought to be in place on the platform.


Nobody wants to use a platform that is sluggish and difficult to use. The top trading platforms for cryptocurrencies are quick and effective. 

This implies that you will be able to quickly place your orders and promptly receive the desired results.

Legally Recognized By Governments

Equally crucial is that your nation’s government recognizes the “best” cryptocurrency exchange platform as a legitimate business entity. 

Avoid platforms that are under investigation by the government of your country because they are not registered with the SEC (or any other government agency) of that nation. 

Avoid platforms that are not verified until the government exonerates them of any alleged wrongdoing. 

It might be a good idea to start trading cryptocurrencies on a cryptocurrency trading platform if both professional traders and average people can conduct legitimate transactions on your preferred platform. 

This is due to the likelihood that you will hear a lot of talk about online cryptocurrency trading platforms that conduct illicit transactions. 

Some of them even collaborate with dishonest traders who steal their money and assets, or they have a lot of haters coming out of the woodwork. 

One way around this is to check out a cryptocurrency exchange platform if you’ve heard great things about it at least once to determine if it’s right for you.

Recognition by CoinSwitch

You might want to check out CoinSwitch’s website for advice on selecting an exchange, as it acts as the gateway for many other cryptocurrency exchanges. If you can find a review of Coinswitch, look for details about the exchanges they are connected to. 

Because CoinSwitch is well-known in the world of online trading, this will assist you in reducing the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading.

Practices KYC Protocols 

Additionally, using crypto exchange platforms that rely on KYC protocols is crucial. The term “Know Your Customer” (KYC) indicates that the platform wants to be transparent with its transactions. It looks for information on the people or businesses that use its platform to conduct business.

 In the past, cryptocurrency trades were conducted anonymously regardless of the amount involved in each transaction or the total number of trades coming from a single source.

 The lack of KYC protocols on a platform increases the risk that it will be used for money laundering and other illegal activities. So choose cryptocurrency exchanges that follow KYC protocols if you want to keep your transactions legal and transparent.

Best cryptocurrency trading platform

Now, you will get the top cryptocurrency trading platforms that have the above characteristics. If you seek the seven characteristics above, and after research, you discover a platform has at least five, then it’s worth it.

1. Binance

The first cryptocurrency platform that is accepted by many is Binance. It is an excellent starting point for investing in currencies like Cardano or Neo. 

They don’t have a user interface as user-friendly as some of the best platforms on this list, but they do have one of the most effective trading platforms. 

They do have a respectable mobile app, but it’s not as user-friendly as it could be. There are KYC procedures in place, and the minimum deposit is $10.

More than 1,400,000 transactions are made every second, with an average daily trading volume of 1.2 billion.

In contrast to the international version of Binance, the US version of the platform,, offers fewer coins and tokens for investment.

2. FTX

This is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the Bahamas. FTX was founded in Antigua and Barbuda, where FTX currently serves as its principal office. In July 2021, the exchange had more than a million users and an average daily trading volume of $10 billion. 

A different exchange run by this exchange that is accessible to US citizens is called FTX.US. According to the principle of effective altruism, this trading platform was established with the intention of creating as much wealth as possible to support charitable causes.

Because this platform was created by traders, for traders, it is simple to use and intuitive, making it enjoyable for seasoned traders and simple for new traders to learn.

Thanks to its low fee structure, leveraged trading options, and advanced trading features, it is a great exchange for experienced traders as well as beginners looking for a simple-to-use platform that can save them more on trading.

3. Coinbase exchange

Because it allows direct USD investment, Coinbase is unquestionably the most popular and best cryptocurrency exchange. 

Along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, the platform currently allows you to purchase more than 30 different coins and tokens. 

By completing various tasks, you can also receive token rewards, and your USDT balance will accrue interest.

This is another cryptocurrency trading platform that you will love as your money is kept in a vault for security purposes and you must complete the KYC process.

4. Kraken

One of the first cryptocurrency trading platforms was Kraken. They offer a wide range of coins and tokens for trading and investing. They also allow margin trading. It is a real exchange, but it isn’t as user-friendly as some of the best platforms on this list. 

One of the few websites on this list that lets you trade in DOGE and other riskier tokens is Kraken.

Notably, US customers have access to a smaller selection of coins and tokens on Kraken than customers from other countries.

This cryptocurrency trading platform has a high level of trust and security but poses a problem with two-factor authentication (2FA).

5. Kucoin

One of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin, offers the most modern and secure platform for trading cryptocurrencies. 

It is a good cryptocurrency trading platform that offers customer support around-the-clock. It is user-friendly and can be enjoyed by beginners and seasoned traders. To top it all, it offers KYC procedures too.

The Kucoin trading platform is accessible in South Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Russia, India, and other countries.


One of the first Chinese bitcoin exchanges was established in 2013 by Lin Han and is called  The exchange experienced a 7,000 BTC hack back in 2015. Its cold wallets were broken into and the coins taken.

The exchange’s previous name was until 2017. But when the Chinese government outlawed trading in fiat for cryptocurrency in 2017, it was forced to change its name to

It shut down the previous domain, abandoned fiat cryptocurrency trading pairs, and shifted its emphasis to crypto-to-crypto and over-the-counter trades in Chinese yuan. is known as alternative currency exchange, and for good reason—it offers trading in 180 different cryptocurrencies across almost 400 different markets. Fiat, however, is not addressed.

It is loaded with features; among them are the ability to trade in cryptocurrency markets, leverage your margin trades by 10x, lend or borrow money on margin, take part in period investment plans, invest in IEOs through the Startup platform, and enter into perpetual swap contracts. has low fees, like the majority of alternative coin exchanges. There are a number of discounts, though it is not the service with the lowest price on the market. The platform charges 0.2% of the total amount of the order for each trade.

Security. The team is well-versed in security; according to CER, it is one of the top exchanges for cybersecurity. Users can secure their accounts in a variety of ways, and the platform itself has a number of built-in security features.

The countries where cannot be found are Washington (U.S.), New York (U.S.), Cuba, Pakistan, Crimea, etc.

7. Bitfinex

Another cryptocurrency trading platform that is popular is Bitfinex. It is closely related to the Tether stable coin, which has caused the exchange to run into regulatory issues. 

The low transaction fees on Bitfinex are a plus, but prospective users may be wary given the exchange’s erratic past.

The peculiarity of this cryptocurrency trading platform is that it has low transaction costs. 

Its supported order types include advanced, derivative, and margin trading. But the United States doesn’t have it available.

8. Huobi Global

Although Huobi Global is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers expert trading tools, neither the United States nor Japan has access to it. 

Nearly 350 cryptocurrencies are available for purchase, sale, and trading on this exchange. Users also have access to over-the-counter (OTC) trading, trading bots, margin and futures trading, and the option to stake cryptocurrency assets in exchange for rewards. 

Additionally, it provides loans that cryptocurrency holdings can secure. 

Huobi Global is a great choice for intermediate and experienced traders as well as institutional investors because it is one of the biggest global exchanges with affordable trading fees.

This cryptocurrency trading platform offers competitive trading fees, expert trading tools (margin, futures, advanced charting, etc.), and round-the-clock live chat support.

However, it is not accessible in the United States and is not suitable for novice cryptocurrency investors (the trading interface might be too complicated).

9. Gemini

If you want a fully regulated cryptocurrency trading platform, then you will enjoy Gemini. And this is because it is a fully regulated exchange. 

It aids in establishing cryptocurrency as legitimate in all countries. The exchange deals in the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

The qualities that make this exchange stand out are that it provides effective safety safeguards.

For many investors, regulation equals confidence.

Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, South Korea, and more than 60 other nations are among the countries that have access to this trading platform.

The following information is required for KYC: full legal name, address verification, date of birth, social security number, phone number, and email.

10. Bitstamp

Bitstamp is a great option for fee-conscious cryptocurrency investors because its trading fees are lower than those of many of its rivals. 

This cryptocurrency exchange is also simple to use, making it suitable for both novice and experienced traders.

 A few significant cryptocurrencies are absent from its lineup, and it has a poor staking strategy. But it is simple to use and has a popular mobile application, 

11. bitFlyer

The cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer makes cryptocurrency trading quick and easy with no fixed per-trade fees for typical trades. 

This cryptocurrency exchange is a top Japanese exchange with more than 2.5 million users worldwide.

You might want to look elsewhere for more complex needs and lower overall costs, though, given the limited number of supported currencies and spreads of up to 6%.

What makes this cryptocurrency trading platform stand out is that when buying and selling cryptocurrencies, there are no set transaction fees. 

There are both simple order forms and sophisticated trading platforms available.

12. Coincheck

In 2012, Koichiro Wada and Yusuke Otsuka launched the cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, which allows users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. 

Tokyo, Japan, is home to Coincheck’s headquarters, and it has maintained its position there since its inception.

The platform places a strong emphasis on giving users a quick, easy, and easy experience. You will find it very convenient to access all the options, whether you want to buy, sell, or trade.

 Due to this, Coincheck is a great option for users who are new to the cryptocurrency market. 

The platform is quite exclusive to users from Japan and is designed with that market in mind. Some countries can access it, but before registering, you should confirm that your country is one of them.

13. Uphold 

Open one account with Uphold to trade multiple assets without having to go back to your wallet; this is a straightforward solution to trading multiple assets. 

If you’ve ever traded cryptocurrency, you’ll be aware that many coins and tokens can only be purchased in specific pairs, so BTC or ETH is your default choice. On Uphold, however, you can transact directly in a variety of assets.

Additionally, Uphold is one of the few exchanges that lets you trade XRP, DOGE, and other cryptocurrencies.

The issue with this cryptocurrency trading platform is that it is not as user-friendly as some of the items on this list, and there have been a few complaints about subpar customer service.

14. Exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange offers a variety of services, including trading, investing, staking, wallets, and NFTs. 

This exchange provides more than 250 different currencies, affordable fees, and discounts for owners of substantial amounts of Coin (CRO). It may be a good option for those who are looking to do a lot with their cryptocurrency because of its ecosystem of cryptocurrency-related products.

The best part about this cryptocurrency trading platform is that it has a long list of cryptocurrencies that it accepts; fees that are open and competitive—offers discounts; and finally, support for a cryptocurrency product ecosystem.

The part that is not so good about this platform is that it has higher fees unless you possess and utilize CRO, mediocre customer service, and it can be challenging to navigate trading fee discounts.

15. OKX

If you want a good cryptocurrency trading platform, you will love OKX. And this is because low fees are offered by the international cryptocurrency exchange (OKX). 

Although users in the United States cannot access it, it might be a good option for those who want to buy, stake, and trade a wide variety of currencies. 

The peculiarities of OKX are that it has a low trading fee of 0.10% or less for the majority of trades, there are opportunities for high-yield staking, and buying cryptocurrency is simple using a card, bank account, or digital wallet.

The cons of this trading platform are that certain currencies have limited liquidity and some

Customer feedback reported subpar customer service. 

16. Paybis

Paybis is a cryptocurrency exchange that makes it simple to purchase Bitcoin using a debit card or credit card. 

The following cryptocurrencies are supported by this platform: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Tether, and others.

The merits of this cryptocurrency trading platform are that it uses security standards to keep your data safe, offers live customer service around-the-clock, and allows you to purchase cryptocurrency anywhere.

Furthermore, it gives you the ability to quickly verify your Paybis account, and the KYC requirements include an international passport, an identity card, and a driver’s license.

17. StormGain

You can easily invest in virtual currency with StormGain thanks to its crypto exchange. It has an intuitive dashboard that enables you to see assets rising and falling. The charting tools in this application can be used to monitor trends and price changes.

What makes this cryptocurrency trading platform unique is that your cryptocurrency is safeguarded in a safe wallet, and depending on your preferences, you can choose the payment method you like.

In addition to English and French, StormGain is also available in Spanish and Italian, and it accepts a number of coins, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and Bitcoin Cash.

Full name, birthdate, address, nationality, and an ID or passport are required for KYC.

18. changeNow

The non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange changeNOW lets you buy, sell, and trade more than 1000 different cryptocurrency pairs. 

In order to give you the best rates, it collaborates with a number of cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchange partners.

You can use them to gain access to Uniswap and Pancakeswap’s decentralized liquidity, and there are no restrictions on how much you can trade on this instant fiat to cryptocurrency and crypto to crypto exchange platform.

The characteristic of this trading platform is that it enables you to buy cryptocurrencies with VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Sepa, and Union Pay through their third-party partner integrations.

It does not demand the creation of an account in order to use its services and provides a way for you to keep track of the exchange’s progress on its exchange page.

Furthermore, it supports more than 200 cryptocurrencies and more than 1000 cryptocurrency pairs and enables limitless swapping.

Almost all of the continent’s nations, with the exception of Bolivia, are accessible.  For security, a photo, driver’s license, or passport is required for KYC.

19. Bitcoin IRA

One of the most popular and secure cryptocurrency trading platforms is Bitcoin IRA, and it is used by thousands of investors. 

You can easily buy and sell crypto on this 24/7 self-trade platform. It is a cryptocurrency trading platform that links users to accredited custodians, online wallets, and exchanges for cryptocurrencies.

The benefits are that it is tax-free, and it allows you to maximize your retirement growth to the fullest.

It provides distinctive features, including price tracking, portfolio performance, chart analysis, and more.

This platform also enables you to self-trade cryptocurrency anywhere, at any time, while providing devoted support via email and live customer service around the clock.

Supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cardano, Solana, Polygon, and others.

The United States is among the available nations.

20. PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is a very good cryptocurrency trading platform. . With the help of a single account, users of the cryptocurrency exchange PrimeXBT can access a number of markets. 

Cryptocurrencies, stock indices, commodities, and forex are all accessible with ease through this platform.

What sets this cryptocurrency trading platform apart is that it offers you leverage, that can help you perform better in your trading.

As one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms, it helps to automatically duplicate their trading activity.

With multiple liquidity providers, getting the best deals and taking advantage of both rising and falling prices is possible.

The United States, Canada, Cuba, Japan, Algeria, and 150 additional countries can access this platform.

Identification, address, and source of fund documentation are required for KYC.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Top 10 cryptocurrency

The top 10 cryptocurrencies are:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Tether (USDT)

U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC)

Binance Coin (BNB)


Cardano (ADA)

Binance USD (BUSD)

Solana (SOL)

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Which of the cryptocurrency trading platforms is safest?

Because you can invest directly in USD, Coinbase is by far the most well-liked and best cryptocurrency exchange. 

Currently, you can buy 30+ additional coins and tokens on the platform in addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


Now that you know the various cryptocurrency trading platforms, you can carefully pick the best that will serve you.

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