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Crocs Student Discount – Code Up to 30% in 2023

Giving your feet and your pocket comfort that’s what crocs students discount. If you have been following the trend, you will notice that crocs are the latest thing and if you have been thinking of getting them, then luckily there is a Croc student discount for you.

That means, there is a slash for you that will let you get the same value for a smaller price.  Crocs student discount offers you a 30% slash on their prices for all eligible students. You don’t have to worry about spending too much on Crocs, the student discount got you covered.

About Crocs

Crocs is an American-based company that deals in shoes, it was created in 2002 and takes pride in creating the comfiest slippers for people. In recent times Crocs is one of the most “must have ” fashion items. Celebrities, adults, high schoolers, and middle grades are seen wearing these shoes now, more than ever.

Crocs come in different sizes, colors, and styles. You can even find slides, boots, heels, and slipper versions of crocs.  Some come in one plain color while others are a mixture of 2 or 4. In 2021, Rapper and Singer Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber were seen promoting Crocs on Instagram. The company has about 4000 employees, currently and is experiencing rapid sales.

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What Is Croc Student Discount?

Just like any other student discount, the sole aim of Crocs student discount is to help students purchase their products at a lower rate. So, this way they do not have to spend extra money on these accessories. Most students have to work extra jobs to pay for tuition and the company has decided to help them by slashing prices so they can afford it.

 So, you might wonder how much the discount Crocs is offering, well they are offering a 30% student discount to you. You can choose any size, color, or design with this discount. You just need to be eligible for this offer. How? I’ll explain how to get a student discount.

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How To Get A Croc Student Discount

How do you get access to this 30% student discount? Well, it’s pretty easy to get this offer but you need to be eligible. To be qualified for this offer you need to be a student in any accredited university or college, above the age of,16 years old.

Finally must be enrolled in part-time or full-time classes in the university, colleges, and high schools. So, if you have all these qualifications you can go right on and sign up for the student discount.

You can sign up for Crocs student discount through student beans on Croc’s official website

How to Sign Up Via Studentbeans.

I’ve made a good list of straightforward ways you can sign up on Studentbeans. Just follow each step by step.

  • Click here to go to Croc‘s official website
  • Then you need to log in or sign up for your student beans account
  • From here, you generate your unique Crocs Student Discount code
  • Copy and paste it, when you want at the checkout page
  • Enjoy your 30% discount

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Other Ways to Save On Crocs

If you are looking for other ways to save on Crocs because the student discount is still above your budget, do not worry, I’ve got you covered. There are multiple ways to save despite the Crocs student discount. So, I’ll give you a few tips on how to save your money especially if your allowance isn’t enough to purchase this.

1.   Visit Amazon

Amazon is a big e-market with almost everything you need. They sell these things at a very affordable price and most times they are cheaper than the original prices of items. So, if you are trying to save money but still get Crocs, I recommend you go on Amazon and check for whatever price suits you.

 If you are an Amazon prime member this offer will work better for you because you have access to free shipping and other benefits. So, go on to Amazon and search for whatever Crocs that’s your style.

2.   Check eBay For Cheaper Prices

eBay has a lot of cheap items of good value. Most times they are fairly used but never to fear you get the value of what you paid for. So, you can go on to eBay to check for Crocs that are cheap but still in great condition. This way you can save your allowance and still get the things you need.

3.   Follow them on social media

Social media is like a newspaper these days, so if you want to get info on the newest or bigger coupon codes that could help you save. So, you should follow Crocs on their official social media handles. This way you’re not left out on the good stuff and you still get to save money on Crocs. It’s a win-win for everyone.

4.   Join their newsletters

Your mail would be one of the first ones to receive updates on new products, slashes, discounts, coupons, and all the goodies. So, if you want to be part of this you should sign up for their newsletters. All you need to do is put your email address and you will be getting first-hand information.

5.   Check for Coupons Online

Multiple sites post coupons online that have higher price slashes than the student discount. All you need is to surf the internet search for which coupon code you want to use and copy them. So, be careful to stick to legit sites, most of these sites upload expired coupons.

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Reasons You Should Buy Crocs

If you want to know why Crocs is so popular, I’ll list a few reasons. You will surely be spending your money on a good offer

1.  Comfortable

A shoe that gives comfort, is extremely valuable and Crocs are pretty comfortable. The American Podiatric Medical Association listed them as acceptable shoes. Moreover, most people have jobs that require standing all day. Crocs blend into your feet and make standing easy. If you stand for a long time at work or walk around a lot, Crocs will make things a lot easier for you.

2. Cheap

Shoes aren’t cheap, most are very expensive and could take away from your budget by a lot. Crocs are super cheap compared to other shoe brands; with the 25% student discount, they offer it’s cheaper for you. So, you get comfort and other benefits at a great price. So, sign up for this great discount to save money and get a pair or more Crocs you will enjoy.

3. Easy to Maintain

Most shoes need shoe polishes, cleaning agents, etc to maintain. In order to maintain your Crocs, you just need water and soap, you don’t need any extra products or cleaning agents. So, if you enter a muddy place or you drop something on them, you just need a little water and soap and you can get the stain right off.

4. WaterProof

The Crocs have holes around the shoe. So, it allows water to drain faster and it exposes your feet to air. Most shoes are usually tight-fitted and don’t allow air to get into your feet making them stink or moldy. Crocs allow your feet to breathe because of the holes. So, you don’t worry about your legs having a bad smell.

5. Light Weight

Some shoes are pretty heavy and lifting your legs to work might be a struggle. Not Crocs though. Crocs are super light. They are made of light materials so it doesn’t drag you back when you walk. It’s super easy for you to use without feeling discomfort or stressing your feet.

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Crocs Student Discount Offer

Apart from the 30% Croc student discount, they are a host of other discounts that croc offers. Examples are the teacher discount, military discount, health care discount, and others. So, I’ll be explaining each of the other discounts that Crocs offers.

1.   Teacher Discount

Yes, Crocs offers discounts to teachers. Teachers are one the most impactful humans and so croc giving them a 15% discount is amazing. So, to use this offer you need to verify your teacher status on Sheer ID, it’s completely free to sign up. Once you verify your status, each time you shop on Crocs, your status eligibility will be verified and you will get an instant coupon at the checkout page.

2.   Military Discount

The military protects the country from threats and enemies. They risk their lives to protect ours and Crocs’ 10% is a great way to show appreciation. So, for them to access this discount you need to verify your status on sheer Id and remember to add the discount to the checkout page, to enjoy the offer.

3.   Health Care Discount

The healthcare discount is for first responders. First responders are the real superheroes without capes, always protecting the public from harm and putting themselves in danger. So, it’s amazing that Crocs is giving them a 10% off on their products. In order to access this offer, you need to verify your status on

 Once you are verified, remember to use the discount at the checkout point. Next, check your balance, if it has been reduced. If it has then your discount worked and you can go ahead to enjoy your discount. In 2020 Crocs donated 100,000 free Crocs to hospitals to distribute to workers.

4.   25% Kids discount

If you have kids or siblings you want to give Crocs, Crocs is offering them a 25% discount. Their prices are already cheap, so the slash will make it even cheaper and you won’t have to spend as much. So, if you are considering buying, remember to use the discount code to save.

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Past Offers

  • 60% off Crocs plus free delivery
  • $5.19 Crocs flip flops
  • 30% off sitewide plus free delivery
  • 40% off when you purchase two pairs of Crocs
  • Half-price Crocs wellies
  • Free delivery
  • and more!


Crocs student discount is aimed at helping students get good products at a low price. You get comfortable shoes without having to break the bank or spend past your budget.

As a student, you spend a lot on educational materials and other necessities.

Croc is giving you a 25% discount to help you spend less and still be up there in the fashion charts, so take hold of this opportunity while it lasts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crocs Student Discount

1.  How old do I need to be to access the student discount?

 To access this discount, you need to be above 16 years old. Unfortunately, if you aren’t you won’t be able to use this discount.

2. Can I use my student discount with other ones?

No, you can’t. You can only use one discount at a time.

3. Can I use my Croc student discount code for all items?

Unfortunately, no. So, you only get access to limited items. Please note you can’t purchase Brooklyn wedges, littles, and classic styles.

4. Is the free shipping on Crocs?

You can get free shipping if you buy items for $49.99 and above. Croc’s shipping fee of $6.99 per order. Also, there are other options, you can find out more.

5. Do they offer Next delivery?

Yes, they do for $29.99 but if you purchase items for $44.99 you get to pay $19.99 for next-day delivery.

6. I haven’t used the croc website before. Can I still use the student discount?

Yes, you can. Also, you don’t need to use the website before you use the student discount.

7. Does Croc have a warranty period?

Yes, they have a 90-day warranty on all their products. Also, Croc products are of great value despite the discount.

8. My item was marked “Final Salecan I return it?

No, you can’t refund them. Unfortunately, items marked Final sale can’t be returned.

9. Do I need a student email to use this discount?

Yes, you do. Also, you need a student email to access this discount. So, if you don’t have one then you can’t use this discount.

10. How long does it take to process refunds on Crocs?

On crocs, it takes 10-14 working days to process your payment.

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