College Dorm Party Decorations

A College dorm party is the perfect opportunity to discover your passions and strengths, but it’s also an important place to meet new people and have fun.

From a chance encounter to a themed event, you can have an incredible experience with those you live with and meet along the way.

From drinking games to icebreakers and everything in between, this is the time in your life when you can help discover who you are as a person and create amazing memories.

Get inspired for your next party – here are the funniest dorm party ideas you need to try.

What is a College Dorm Party?

Dorms are notorious for being small, and while you can share them with a roommate or two, this is usually the first time someone has lived apart from their family.

This is essentially the perfect formula for a great date. While there are a few rules to follow, dorm parties are a great way to meet people from your college and make amazing memories and lifelong friends in the process.

Can you host a College Dorm Party?

There are many things you should be aware of before planning or organizing a dorm party. The first is noise pollution.

Parties are loud and if you overdo it, you’ll probably turn it off. It is also imperative that you understand all of your dorm policies.

They vary from college to college, but the general rule of thumb is to make sure you don’t make too much noise after work during the week.

While it’s not impossible to organize a dorm party without getting into trouble, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your Resident Assistant, better known as your RA.

Take their side and make sure you follow their guidelines along the way. It’s also a great idea to make sure your roommates are okay with throwing a party too!

What is allowed at a College Dorm Party?

There are rules and guidelines that you should follow before hosting a dorm party. First, make sure your roommates are okay with organizing a party.

Invite your neighbors over too so they can have fun. Also, be aware of their schedules so you don’t interrupt them if they don’t make it.

Then let your RA know in advance that you are planning an event so they don’t close it before it starts.

You should also determine the size of the party you want – will it be small and intimate or a big party? Make sure you decide all of these things before planning your next steps.

Last but not least, make sure you understand all dorm policies before you begin to avoid problems along the way.

Plus, it’s a good idea to hide all your valuables before guests arrive – the last thing you want is for your valuables to get broken or stolen.

College Dorm Party Ideas

There are many different types of parties that you can have. While there’s nothing wrong with a standard party, a themed party is a great way to explore your creative side, organize a costume, and create great memories.

Party of the Decades (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s)

College Dorm Party Decorations | EXPAAT

Do you feel like you were born at the wrong time? This theme is the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner hippie, mod, rock and movie star with a decade old party.

Choose the decade you want to celebrate, like the 60’s or 70’s and let everyone wear the clothes of that era!

Create a playlist with the hottest songs of the time, whether disco, rock’n’roll or pop – they are guaranteed to make you want to dance.

Bonus points if you have a disposable or film camera to capture the best moments – it’s an old school touch that will impress.

Pajama Party

College Dorm Party Decorations | EXPAAT

Did someone say superior comfort? A slumber party is an excellent choice for a themed party for many reasons, but the best part is to feel relaxed at all times.

No need for painful heels or tight dresses; Tonight is all about putting on your sleepwear and having fun.

Of course, you can always spice it up by wearing something silky and luxe or feathers on the edges of the outfit.

Team up with your friends and get something special if you’re part of a sorority! The best part? No need to change after the party – just hop on the bed and go!

Jazz Night

College Dorm Party Decorations | EXPAAT

Jazz-themed parties are a little funky and sophisticated, making for the perfect dorm party.

As the name suggests, it’s all about celebrating the incredible music and culture that comes with the genre.

Pick your favorite pieces and create an amazing Spotify playlist for the night and dress everyone in their best formal attire for a night to remember.

You can even turn it into a Gatsby themed night, with 1920’s costumes and music galore!

Hip Hop Night

Are you a big fan of the 80’s and 90’s hip hop era? Celebrate the best of the season with a themed party.

Rappers and RnB artists often host the best events, so you can use their book to help you plan your book. Start arranging the music – will you be presenting today’s artists or will you also add some retrospectives?

As for clothing, wear something comfortable — bask in nostalgia with ’80s and ’90s throwbacks, like red, yellow, and black (à la Salt-N-Pepa) leggings and jackets, vintage necklaces, and airbrushing -Hoodies.

Ugly Sweaters Party

College Dorm Party Decorations | EXPAAT

When Christmas comes, what better way to spread the joy and have some laughs than with an ugly sweater party!

Find your (least) favorite knitwear items and display them – you can find great options at thrift stores or make your own!

Let everyone find a terrible option for this party, remember your best drinking games and have fun.

Give a prize to the person with the best costume of the night – don’t forget to take lots of photos!

Devils and Angel

College Dorm Party Decorations | EXPAAT

Show your good or naughty side with this naughty theme! With two costume options, guests can dress up as their more angelic or devilish side — wear lots of white with wings and a halo, or drip red with horns and a tail.

Add candles, red lights, a photo booth, and themed food and drink for maximum impact. Play games like Truth or Dare to get in touch with your mischievous side and play a selection of throwback hits sure to wow the crowd!

Sexy Nerd Party

Do you think you are the best at Mario Cart or do you enjoy immersing yourself in the world of Lord of the Rings?

Then this party is the best idea to try! The sexy nerd party combines two opposing themes, creating a mix of fun and proactive themes.

Wear your biggest glasses, suspenders and bow ties for a classic geeky look and mix it up with a cute mini skirt and heels for a sexy twist.

Play games like Tetris and watch your favorite movies – from Marvel to the Harry Potter universe, you’ll be really cool for school!

Masquerade Party

Put on your fanciest outfit, add a mask and voila – it’s a masquerade party! Channel your inner Gossip Girl with this mysterious and exciting party theme that’s sure to captivate everyone.

This is a great party idea for New Year’s Eve or if you’re just looking for an excuse to dress extravagantly.

Grab your chicest clothes and glasses of champagne and don’t forget to show your ID at midnight!


College Dorm Party Decorations | EXPAAT

Do you want to rock all night and party every day? Then this is the perfect theme for your next party!

From Elvis to Queen and everyone in between, unleash your inner rock star with leather jackets, ripped jeans, heavy eye makeup and lots of awesome guitar solos!

Create a playlist with the best songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway to Heaven and Born To Be Wild.

Dress up like members of The Beatles, KISS or even Little Richard! You can also organize an air guitar competition and see who has the best skills!

Denim Themed Party

Wear your Canadian tuxedo to this party – jeans are the name of the game! As the name suggests, you only need to wear jeans, so the costumes are very easy to put together.

This is an excellent choice for a last minute event or when you want to show off your cool new jeans.

As with any other party, make sure you have good music and plenty of drinks to enjoy the night in comfort and style!

Pink Fantasy

If you’re looking for a last-minute theme that doesn’t require a lot of commitment, a pink costume party is a way to go.

Much like the name suggests, all you need to use is this shade – mix and match different shades for a more complex look.

Cover your dorm room in a soft color, make drinks with raspberry lemonade and serve themed food!

Ghosts and Monsters

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to unleash your spooky side. A ghost and monster party is the best way to celebrate all things spooky, and you can do it any time of the year.

Have guests dress up as a vampire, zombies, or witches – a really easy costume idea is to take a sheet and cut out his eyes.

Decorate your place with all spooky things – a blood-red cocktail, spooky food, and decorations like skulls and lots of pumpkins!

Black and White

Can you get more classy than a black and white party? Although the theme is simple, it means that anyone can find an outfit in their closet to wear and you can easily dress it up or dress it down.

Decorate your dorm room with black and white decorations like balloons and streamers, and only serve food that matches the color combination.

You can even take pictures at night with black and white film for the finishing touch!


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