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All You Need To Know About Church Insurance In Florida

In the United States, how does church insurance in Florida work? What kind of insurance does a church in Florida need? What kind of insurance should a church have? And what exactly is pastoral liability insurance?

Church insurance in Florida includes specific types of coverage for each type of church. Chapel, cathedral, synagogue, and temple insurance are all common and sometimes included as part of a larger church policy.

Churches and other houses of worship hold religious services for their members. Some of their facilities can be rented as rental halls for events such as wedding receptions. Others provide funding for sports teams, tournaments, and initiatives. 

Youth activities can range from Mother’s Day out to full-time preschools, kindergartens, elementary schools, and/or high schools.

Church insurance firms offer both liability and property coverage, with specialized options tailored to each church’s specific needs. Churches require specialized coverage to protect them from liability in their most vulnerable locations.

While some policies provide liability and property coverage as part of the umbrella, others may require a church to obtain additional endorsements for their Florida church insurance policies in order to be fully protected.

In this article, a lot about church insurance in Florida will be discussed. But first, we need to understand church insurance itself and all it entails.

What is Church Insurance?

Churches are required to carry insurance coverage just like any other kind of commercial enterprise is required to do so. Insurance is essentially a contract between your company and the insurance provider, in which the insurer pledges to pay financial losses in the event that your company receives harm. 

This contract protects your company from financial loss in the event that the insured event occurs. Church insurance can be thought of as a subset of the larger category of commercial insurance referred to as business insurance. Its principal function is to protect church owners from being sued for various offenses. 

The owners and operators of churches are liable for ensuring that their buildings, as well as their vehicles, employees, and any other aspects of their organization that extend outside the core business, are covered by suitable insurance.

Why Do I Need Church Insurance?

What Types of Insurance Should a Church Have

Even though churches are houses of worship, this does not mean that they are immune from being sued simply because they are places of worship. 

Churches not only have parishioners, but they also have the capability to host events such as weddings, baptisms, funerals, and a wide variety of other important life events. 

You really must have liability insurance before you throw any of these enormous parties or get-togethers. In addition, churches usually employ people who need to be covered by personal injury and workers’ compensation insurance. These individuals should be covered by the church. 

A church is an organization. Thus, it needs the right coverage in order to fulfill its tasks in an efficient manner.

How Much Does Church Insurance Cost?

Church insurance costs can vary, based on the type of coverage purchased and also the location of the insured church. 

Small churches and other religious groups often pay between $37 and $59 per month for the usual general liability insurance coverage that protects them against claims of up to $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 in damages. 

This number is derived from factors such as location, membership, services provided, payroll, sales experience, and years in business.

The cost of commercial property insurance for churches is typically the highest because churches are typically housed in aesthetically pleasing buildings that are worth a significant amount of money, frequently measured in the millions of dollars. 

Because of the high value of these properties, the commercial property insurance premiums are also rather high. A commercial property insurance policy that offers complete coverage for such a structure can cost between $25,000 and $35,000 per year. 

This is based on the assumption that the building in which the church is housed is worth $5 million.

To obtain the best deal on the policy, shop around with a few different firms or use a digital broker like CoverWallet. This is so that you can compare the prices of a few different policies before deciding.

Various Choices for Church Insurance Are Available

Church insurance in florida

It is estimated that there are over 63 million people who attend religious services weekly in the United States. This number represents almost one-fifth of the total population. 

Religious Americans rely on their religious community for support and direction. Those who do not regularly attend worship services place a lower value on religion.

On the other hand, the vast majority of churches have assets that need to be safeguarded against the danger of liability; as a result, it is very necessary to have comprehensive church insurance coverage at all times.

The following is a list of some of the numerous types of coverage that could possibly be included in the individual church insurance in Florida plan that your church purchases:

General liability

Most church plans include general liability insurance to protect churchgoers, staff, leaders, and volunteers against legal action.

If a 3rd-party is injured while doing church-related work or on church property, this insurance will cover their medical expenses.

Pastoral liability insurance

What exactly is the name for insurance that protects against pastoral liability? By purchasing this sort of insurance, individual pastors and other leaders in religious organizations, as well as the religious organization itself, are shielded from liability. 

Insurance for Ministers and Other Licensed Professionals If you work in the field of spiritual therapy and have this type of insurance, you are protected from any legal action that may be taken against you. 

It is likely that the provision of counseling services will be required to be carried out, in order to fulfill the requirements of certain businesses, by a minister or pastor who is in possession of a degree in divinity or theology.

Liability for church activities

Protection against liability for events that are organized by churches. If your church is like the majority of churches, you probably hold recurring events over the summertime, such as meals, picnics, baseball games, and Bible school. 

Other possible events include: In the event that a member of the general public sustains an injury while taking part in an event that the church is sponsoring, this type of insurance will absolve the church of any responsibility to pay for the associated medical costs. Consider purchasing some form of coverage for your sporting activities.

Insurance against fire

However, some churches are more at risk than others due to the frequent use of candles in religious ceremonies. Churches are susceptible to the same dangers as any other building; however, certain churches are more at risk than others because of the widespread use of candles.

In the event that your house or another property is destroyed by fire, fire insurance can help pay the costs of rebuilding up to the policy limits, minus any deductibles that you may have paid out of pocket.

Professional liability insurance for cemetery

If it turns out that your church in Florida has a cemetery on its grounds, the cemetery liability insurance that you have purchased will cover any damage or liability claims that are filed by the surviving members of the deceased person’s family. 

These claims could include anything from medical expenses to funeral costs.

Insurance for infant and toddler care

By acquiring this type of insurance, the church will be covered from any claims that may be filed against it as a result of the establishment of a daycare center on the grounds. 

These claims may arise as a direct result of the presence of the daycare facility. Some examples of this would be failing to perform the service that was agreed upon. Thus, giving insufficient care, or causing participants in the program to suffer damage as a result of their actions.

Provision of insurance coverage for instructors and those in the process of becoming instructors

This insurance will protect your church from any potential legal action that may be taken against it in the event that it is discovered to be in possession of a parish skull on its premises.

Employees procedures coverage

In the case that an employee of the church sues the church for discrimination, wrongful termination, or harassment, this policy will make a contribution toward the price of legal counsel and damages.

Coverage for all the trustees, authorities, and directors

This type of insurance shields the church’s board of directors, trustees, and whoever else is in charge of the church from any claims of liability that may be filed against them.

Coverage Cyber Liability


If your church suffers a data breach, having cyber liability coverage will shield it from the consequences of the breach. In today’s world, virtually every organization saves at least a portion of their information online or on a local computer. 

Obtaining cyber liability insurance makes sense if a church maintains information such as payment information, addresses, names, and SSN. Criminals and hackers are constantly on the lookout for new methods to obtain personal identity information.

Theft of employee or congregational information is expensive. Notifying each client, paying for credit monitoring and litigation brought against your company are costs involved with this circumstance.

This kind of insurance can also reimburse you for ransom payments and cover the costs of data restoration. 

The costs associated with any data breach can be mitigated with the assistance of cyber liability coverage.

Umbrella Insurance

umbrella church insurance in florida

Additional protection against legal responsibility can be obtained through the purchase of a second insurance policy known as umbrella insurance. 

It would assist the church when a claim is made against the ordinary insurance coverage that exceeded certain criteria. 

E.g, in the event that your church is hit with a claim over $1M, this insurance will cover the claim. Up to the limit of the policy.

Automobile liability insurance

Accidents on the road involving vehicles owned by the church are covered by a proper business insurance policy. This coverage is with a policy that covers vehicles that are hired or that are not owned by the business. 

Personal vehicles that are driven for church-related errands are protected under the terms of the hired auto policy.

Additional Varieties of Church Insurance in Florida

In addition to property coverage, your Florida church can get liability insurance, professional liability insurance, abuse liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, crime insurance, cyber liability coverage, and umbrella policies.

These include employee benefits liability, group health insurance, key man insurance, hired and non-owned auto liability, employment practices liability, directors’ and officers’ liability, management liability, basic student accident coverage, catastrophic student accident coverage, and violent response coverages, and religious enhancements.

Other types of liability insurance include employment practices liability, directors’ and officers’ liability, and directors’ and officers’ liability.

FAQs on Church Insurance In Florida


Why is church insurance in Florida so costly? 

It is not only church insurance in Florida. Generally, this is because church insurance is specialized insurance, and there aren’t many companies that offer it.

What is church insurance in Florida plan?

Church insurance protects churches and other religious organizations. Choosing the right insurance for your church’s property, personnel, and vehicles is crucial to its financial health.

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