Cheap Flight From Lagos To Abuja [Updated]

Securing a Lagos to Abuja flight that is cheap has become a necessity in Nigeria today.

Currently, the inflation rate and the economy of Nigeria are not so encouraging. The price of food, accommodation, and transport skyrockets daily.

The sad part is that no one is spared. The rich, the poor, and the average. 

Currently, there is a proposition by airlines to start utilizing the United States dollar for airfare, and this would cause a shift in the cost of Lagos to Abuja flights.

Nonetheless, if a flight is cheap currently, then the same flight would be relatively cheap when they charge in United States dollars.

At the exhaustion of this article, you would be able to decipher the best airline for you, and how to maneuver and enjoy the beautiful city of Abuja.

List of Cheap Lagos to Abuja Flight

The list of cheap Lagos to Abuja flights is :

1. Arik air

2. Dana air

3. Air peace

4. Med view airline

5. Green Africa airways

6. Ibom air

Arik Air

Estimated cost: This Lagos to Abuja flight would cost #50,000 for an economy ticket, and about #100,000 for a business ticket.

Arik Air is a Nigerian airline operating mainly from two hubs at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.

Its head office is the Arik Air Aviation Center on the grounds of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja.

It was founded in 2002 and commenced operations in Nigeria on 30 0ctober, 2006.

The US Department of Transportation authorized Arik Air to fly to America on April 4, 2008.

Arik Air began international service to London-Heathrow on December 15, 2008, using a Hi Fly Airbus A340-500.

Dana air

Estimated cost: This Lagos to Abuja Flight costs about #60,000 for an economy flight, and about #87,000 for business class.

Dana Airlines Limited (Dana Air) is a private sector-owned carrier. 

This airline was founded in 2008, and it has its headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Air peace

Estimated cost: This flight from Lagos to Abuja costs about #55,000 to #95,000.

Air Peace is a private Nigerian airline based in Ikeja, Lagos State. It is Nigeria’s and West Africa’s largest airline.

Air Peace is a passenger and charter airline that flies to several West African and Middle Eastern destinations.

In 2018, the airline launched Air Peace Hopper. Allen Onyema, a Nigerian lawyer and businessman, founded this airline. He claims he founded the airline to help Nigerian youth get jobs.

The airline started with Dornier 328s and 737s.  By 2018, Air Peace had the largest market share in Nigeria.

Med view airline

Estimated cost: This Lagos to Abuja flight would cost about #57,000 to #87,000

The C.E.O of Med-View Airline is Muneer, Bankole. This airline was founded in 2007 as a charter airline, and it has been offering domestic passenger services since November 2012.

Since then, it has added regional and long-haul scheduled routes. On January 31, 2017, this airline was listed on the Nigerian stock exchange market.

Green Africa airways

Estimated cost: This Lagos to Abuja flight would cost around #33,000 to #42,000

The C.E.O and founder of this airline is Babawande Afolabi. This airline service started in 2015, and the first flights took off on August 12, 2021.

It was a new low-cost airline that was trying to get people to fly to Nigeria.

The board of directors for this airline are Tom Horton (former CEO and chairman of American Airlines), William Shaw (CEO of Interjet) is also on the board, Virasb Vahidi, (former CCO of American Airlines), Wale Adeosun (founder and CEO of Kuramo Capital), and Gbenga Oyebode, the founder and Chairman of Aluko & Oyebode.

In August 2020, Green Africa announced that Kiran Koteshwar (former Chief Financial Officer of SpiceJet) would be the new Group Chief Financial Officer starting in September 2020.

Ibom air

Estimated cost: This Lagos to Abuja flight can cost you between #35,000 to #58,000.

Ibom air is an airline-owned by the Akwa Ibom state government. This makes Akwa Ibom the first state to own an airline.

On June 7, 2019, Ibom Air’s first flight took off from Uyo’s Victor Attah International Airport (IATA: QUO) with government officials on board. 

Nigeria’s first domestic codeshare agreement was made in May 2021, between Dana Air and Ibom Air

The above airlines have been carefully selected, based on their repute, their good services, and most of all their affordability.

It would also be in your best interest to note that the prices are subject to change, based on inflation. 

What you need to get a good Lagos to Abuja flight

Taking a Lagos to Abuja flight would require you to possess the following:

1. Passport

For a Lagos to Abuja flight, a passport is simply a means by which the airline can identify you. This is very vital for documentation purposes.

2. Drivers license

Your driver’s license serves as an alternate means to confirm the details on your passport. If you don’t have one, you can make use of NIN or other valid means of identification

3. COVID test slip

Prior to 2019, a COVID test slip was not a requirement for a Lagos to Abuja flight. But since the advent of COVID, it has become a necessity, in order to ensure that an individual with COVID does not board the same flight as those free from COVID.

Expert Tricks on Ways you can Source an Affordable Flight

Book flights early

This trick has been effective from time immemorial. Just as an economist would say, an increase in demand leads to a decrease in supply.

The same thing happens in the aviation industry. When people who intend to make use of a flight are much, the airline increases the ticket fee.

This is done in a bid to reduce the number of people that would be served. As the smart individual that you are, you should always book your flight six weeks to your intended day of travel.

Also, during holidays and festivities, the prices of airfare skyrockets. All you need do is apply the same logic. 

Also, when going for a vacation, you could look out for nice locations that people don’t frequent. Airlines would not charge the same airfare for those places, as much as they would charge for a location

Note the dates of notable holidays, and then book flights ahead of them

Schedule your flights during a particular time

Scheduling a Lagos to Abuja flight during the day (morning), would attract you to the best deals an airline offers.

This is because it is the first flight of the day, and just like the analogy of business, there is usually an increase in the price of goods towards the end of the day to cover up for the daily target.

Also, during lunch hours, you can get an affordable Lagos to Abuja flight. Did you also know that many airlines give discounted flights, and most times people opt for them but do not make payment?

After the night hours, these airlines reload these discounted reservations for people who would be interested. You can take advantage of this to get an affordable Lagos to Abuja flight too.

Stay updated

There are various platforms that give updates on the change in prices of airfares. You can take advantage of these, and get the latest information about the change in a particular airline of interest.

Be smart with group bookings

Most people tend to think that getting a group booking for a Lagos to Abuja flight would come cheap.

Well, the experts are here to debunk that fallacy. Airlines charge per seat and not as a group. Some airlines may offer discounts if they so wish to.

But the best way to go about group bookings is to – book on alternate days of the week if you can’t get a booking on a particular day.

For example, on a Tuesday or Saturday which is a recommended day to get an affordable Lagos to Abuja flight, you may not be able to secure seats for your team. 

Your best bet would be to schedule ahead and do the bookings twice.

How Affordable is Abuja?

Most people who tend to take a Lagos to Abuja flight always have this question at the back of their minds.

While some may be worried about the hotel cost at Abuja if they land late, others would be worried about the prices of food and transport.

If you belong to this category, then a breakdown of the cost of living in Abuja should help you enjoy your time there.

We would look at this sub-topic under the following headings:

1. Food

Food items in Abuja can be pretty expensive, especially if you purchase from high-end regions of Abuja.

As an expert who has your interest at heart, we recommend you cook your own food while there if you can.

This is because Abuja is in the Northern part of Nigeria, and food items tend to be cheap there. All you would need is a good translator, or your smart thinking, to be able to communicate with farmers who frequent the market, to sell their products.

2. Hotels:

There are so many hotels in Abuja that you may feel are cheap, but are they safe?

With the situation in the country, you should be very careful with the hotels you frequent in a new environment.

But with your expert guide, you would get good hotels that are safe, comfortable, and most of all affordable.

You can visit the Tranquil Mews hotel in Abuja, it costs around #21,200 per night. Presken hotels costs around #17,206 per night, Power mike guest house costs around #15,000 per night, Sheraton hotel costs around #47,923, etc.

 3. Security:

As much as you would love to hear that Abuja is a very secure place, we, the experts, would beg to differ. In all honesty, no place is secure. With the daily killings and riots, one has to be one’s own security.

While in Abuja, ensure to visit only places you can easily trace back in a blink of an eye, if you can, always leave your location on, so that friends and family can easily locate your last movement if anything goes wrong.

4. Tourist sites:

For your viewing, you can visit the Jabi lake, Jabi mosque, Usuma dam, Zuma rock, and Nike art centers, amongst other places.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Have some questions about Lagos to Abuja flight? Well, answered below are some probable questions you would have.

1. What time does it take for Lagos to Abuja Flight?

All things being equal, a Lagos to Abuja flight does not exceed an hour and 30 minutes.

2. Can I cancel a flight I have booked for? 

Yes, you can cancel a flight you booked, and also get a refund. But this is totally dependent on the cancellation policy of the airline.

If the airline does not have a cancellation policy, it would pose a difficulty for you to cancel and get a refund.

3. What if my COVID Test Comes out Positive, What Would Happen?

Well, the health of every passenger is a top priority on a plane. If your test comes out positive, you will have to be isolated and taken out for proper care.

Depending on the airline, you may or may not get a refund.


Getting a Lagos to Abuja flight is not as difficult as you would think.

But one thing you should be careful of when booking a flight online is the fact that scammers now replicate the sites of various airlines.

So, always check the name of the site, to ensure that it is that of the airline you intend to use before you make any payment.

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