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10 Best Schools For Kindergarten In The US

With a lot of kindergarten schools in the US, it should be in your interest to send your kids to the best and nothing but the best.

Kindergarten is a period of learning and transition for many kids who are attending school for the first time, giving parents more reason to take it seriously.

In this article, you will learn about the best schools for kindergarten in the US and what to look out for before you select one for your kid.

Why Should You Take Your Kid To A Kindergarten School?

Kindergarten programs help to enhance the social and academic abilities of kids and get them ready for the transition to first grade.

It’s usually for young children, usually between the ages of four and six. 

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What Are The 10 Best Kindergarten Schools To Attend In The US?

All the schools mentioned in our list are proven to create environments that promote learning and support individual growth.

We focused on elements of the schools that we think contribute to such productive environments. 

These schools not only focus on academics, but they also place a high value on diversity, creativity, enjoyment, and active parental and community involvement.

The best kindergarten schools to attend in the US include;

1. Germantown Friends School, Philadelphia

This co-educational, private day school stands out as one of the best schools for kindergarten.

It is located in Philadelphia’s historic Germantown area. 

The school has strong spiritual principles because it is firmly rooted in the Society of Friends, with whom it maintains a close relationship.

2. Princeton Day School, Princeton, NJ

Students at Princeton Day School are prepared to enroll in the most prestigious and competitive colleges and universities. 

While many of its graduates go on to attend Princeton University, others opt for other Ivy League schools.

The students here are given a hands-on approach from a young age to develop a well-rounded skill set that will help them in college and in life in general. 

Kids have a head start on learning as early as kindergarten because of cutting-edge technology, unconventional teaching methods, and sophisticated curricula.

3. Collegiate School, New York

This school offers numerous practical experiences, field trips, and exceptional learning opportunities. 

The students have access to the most recent electronics, instructional resources, and technological advancements.

The collegiate school has been ranked first in the country for producing students who are admitted to Ivy League colleges.

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4. Horace Mann School, New York

This school is quite picky and tuition costs $39,100 a year. However, it is still ranked among the best schools for kindergarten.

The school, which houses kids through the 12th grade, stands out from the competition due to its serene surroundings and beautiful architecture with the most cutting-edge technologies.

To graduate from this reputable school, students must pass a swim test, learn CPR, and perform community service projects in addition to the fundamentals they learn in the classroom. 

 5. Trinity School, New York

The most cutting-edge teaching aids are accessible, and classes are housed in a lovely, historic setting. 

The school makes no attempt to cut corners when it comes to pleasures in the classroom, offering the most cutting-edge technology and the best instructional tools.

Those who get the chance to go to Trinity School benefit from a head start in life.

6. Aukamm Elementary School

Aukamm Elementary on the Wiesbaden Air Base is currently home to 250 elementary students in grades K through 5. 

AES has a multi-grade class for grades four and five.

Some of the courses offered in this school include P.E., music, art, Spanish, media center instruction, and technology instruction.

Students also take part in a Host Nation program, which offers opportunities for language learning and cultural teaching to help them properly appreciate their host nation. 

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7. Mason-Rice Elementary

Mason-Rice Elementary set out to improve public education so that students would be more intelligent and perform better on standardized examinations. No wonder it is ranked among the best schools for kindergarten.

The school offers art, music, physical education, and instrumental music instruction to children in kindergarten through fifth grade. 

Additionally, students have the option of enrolling in a Friday book discussion lunch.

8. Bay Head Elementary

One outstanding program in this school is Positive Partners, a program that pairs older kids with younger students to provide peer tutoring to the students. 

Throughout the year, partners engage in activities together to learn P.E., music, art, Spanish, etc.

Also, the school takes every class on at least two field trips a year. 

Another outstanding thing is that elementary-aged students have access to laptop computers for independent work, while teachers use Smart Boards and Smart Responders for group instruction.

9. Merion Elementary School

At Merion, students are used to using technology in the classroom and have numerous opportunities each week to use wireless technology or the computer lab. 

The options for fourth- and fifth-graders include band, orchestra, and/or chorus. 

There are also after-school programs available for students interested in sports.

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10. Crawford Elementary School

The Crawford elementary school is the last of the best schools for kindergarten.

They offer a keyword, title, author, subject, or series search function online. 

The library also offers online resources for students to access coursework in social studies, global languages, reading and language arts, math, science, and health, as well as links to the Accelerated Reader program and the ThinkCentral website.

One teacher is devoted to an extended learning program, and students take music lessons. 

Also, there are special education programs with academic and behavioral intervention professionals.

What Do I Look Out For While Searching For The Best Schools For Kindergarten?

Moving your child away from home is a significant adjustment for both the family and the child.  So it takes careful investigation to pick your child’s kindergarten school. 

Before choosing, think about the following aspects.

1. Location

Make sure the school is easily accessible and that the commute from home to school is reasonable.

2. Fees

Make sure the kindergarten program you select is within your budget. Your kid won’t have to skip class because of unpaid fees that way.

3. Curriculum

When selecting a kindergarten program for your child, take into account the curriculum of the school in relation to the requirements of your family.

4. Student-Teacher Ratio

Are there enough educators present to guarantee that the kids are receiving all the attention they require?

5. Safety

Take your child’s security into consideration. What security measures are in place at the kindergarten to protect its students?

6. Learning Environment

Consider your child’s needs, then ask the school how they may be met.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Schools For Kindergarten

Why is kindergarten important?

Kindergarten is a crucial developmental stage for children. According to research, kindergarten helps kids develop strong social skills, a love of learning, and better health and well-being.

Why is kindergarten called kindergarten?

The word “kindergarten” is a German word.

It is made up of two words- “kinder”, meaning children, and “gartens”, meaning garden.

Will a child start reading at kindergarten?

Yes, the majority of kids start reading around 6 or 7 years old, which is the ideal age for kindergarten.

What age is good for kindergarten?

5 years is the standard age for kindergarten.

When can my child start kindergarten in NY?

According to New York law, a child must turn 5 before they are enrolled in kindergarten.

Is kindergarten mandatory in NJ?

No, New Jersey is one of five states that do not mandate kindergarten.


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