15 Best-Paying Jobs In Major Chemicals [2023]

The best-paying jobs in major chemicals are most sought by individuals who desire to earn more and gain more skills for themselves.

The chemical industry has seen a turn for the good due to the fact that most industries use chemicals in various forms. In the agricultural industry, chemicals are used in the form of fertilizers.

Also, in the food production companies chemicals are used in the preservation of food items, all these and many more have contributed to the chemical industries being sought.

With this article, you will get insight into the best-paying jobs in major chemicals and how much they pay.

Requirements for jobs in the chemical industry

The chemical industry is not an industry that requires as much rigorous work as most industries. It requires the knowledge of machines and academics. So you will get to see the skills you need in this sector.

Get relevant education.

The major requirement for a job in the chemical industry is a degree in chemistry. And this can only be done within the four walls of a school.

Earn relevant certification

Asides from getting the relevant education, you can also earn certifications that would help you get the best jobs in major chemicals. 

Apply for internship

The best way to practice what you have learned is by applying for an internship. As one who wants to secure the best paying jobs in major chemicals, you should apply for internships.

During internships, you would get to learn a thing or two, and also get to use sophisticated equipment that is vital to the chemical industry. 

Skills in digital technology

Chemical companies are quickly adopting digital technologies to help them come up with new ideas. Today, the chemical industry needs data that is updated in real-time so that chemical providers can run their businesses.

You may need to learn about “the Internet of things.” In fact, some of the highest-paying jobs in big chemical companies also require skills in data analysis.

The material sciences

Biotechnologies, 3D printing, and other alternative raw materials are being used by big chemical companies to improve their products. So, you will need skills in computer-aided design, bioanalysis, and computational biology.

Also, getting specialized training in plastic technology, nanomaterials, liquid crystal, and other related material technology skills is a plus.

Best-paying jobs in the chemical industry

1. Analytical Chemist

National average salary: $61,323 annually

Chemicals are usually produced in various concentrations under certain atmospheric conditions. As an analytical chemist, it will be your job to analyze these chemical compounds before they can be put up for sale.

For this job, you would need to have a good background in chemistry and physics. 

2. Chemical Engineer

National average salary: $85,189 annually

For this job, you would be designing chemical manufacturing processes. As an engineer, you would also be involved in the various production processes in the manufacturing plant of food soap, furl, etc

For this job, you need at least a degree in chemical engineering. You can also supplement it with certification courses such as Heath and Safety Engineering (HSE).

3. Chemical Process Engineer

National average salary: $89,100 annually

 The chemical industry is an industry that deals with processes. As a process engineer, you would design and implement solid systems that would aid in converting raw materials to finished products.

For this position, you should have a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Also, a certification in the fundamentals of engineering would be an added advantage.

4. Chemical Technician

National average salary: $53,679 annually

As one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals, this position requires you to be able to use laboratory instruments, and also analyze the properties of materials.

You will also monitor water, air, and the environment. The degree required for this position is chemical technology.

5. Chemistry Teacher

National average salary: $78,758

This position requires you to have a degree in chemistry, plus a degree in teacher-certified degree.

As a chemistry teacher, you would tutor students about ions, atoms, molecules, titration, etc. And not just to teach, you should also be able to connect with your pupils as they look up to you for a better future.

6. Forensic Scientists

National average salary: $62,350 annually

Forensic science is an interesting field in the league of best-paying jobs in major chemicals. As a forensic scientist, you would be in charge of taking, preserving, and then analyzing biological samples, majorly for legal actions to be taken.

Asides from it being a good-paying job, this job would also give you the flexibility you need to always travel to collect evidence for analysis.

The requirement for this job is a degree in forensic, chemistry or molecular biology.

7. Geochemist

National average salary: $70,810

Geochemistry is one of the basic industries that convert raw materials into usable forms for other industries.

For this job, you would need a bachelor’s degree in geology, chemistry, math, oceanography, or physics.

Your job function as a geochemist would be to use inorganic chemistry to analyze the chemical properties of minerals and rocks

This analysis is very vital as a wrong concentration of a particular mineral could be disastrous.

8. Material Scientist

National average salary: $88,637

Daily, the need for materials increases. And these materials can be glass, alloys, ceramics, metal, etc.

As a material scientist, you would be in charge of analyzing these materials before they would be used industrially.

For this job, you would need a degree in chemistry or material and metallurgical engineering.

9. Organic chemist

National average salary: $82,178 annually

This job is also one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals. It requires you to have a degree in organic chemistry or chemistry.

Various materials used in various industries are composed of organic molecules and compounds. In the cosmetic industry citric acid is used to make creams and soaps. 

As an organic chemist, you will study the structure, reactions, and properties of molecules and how they can also be beneficial or harmful to individuals.

10. Pharmacologist

National average salary: $122, 229 annually

For this best-paying job in major chemicals, you would be carrying out tests on chemical compounds and medications.

As a pharmacologist, you would analyze the components of drugs, their metabolism, and half-life in the body.

If the analysis of drugs is not done properly, it could be disastrous to the health. And this stems from the fact that the liver is responsible for the metabolism of these drugs.

So for this job, you need to have a degree in pharmacology or biochemistry. 

11. Quality Control Analyst

Average national salary: $66,218 annually

A quality control analyst acts as a control in a production plant and hence is needed in a standard manufacturing company. 

The duties of a quality control analyst are to ensure that standards are adhered to during manufacturing and that the products and materials used during manufacturing are of standard too.

Furthermore, you would carry out an analysis of the finished products and if they are not up to standard, you would reject them for distribution.

12. Synthetic Chemist

National average salary: $68,155

This is also one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals, and it requires you to have a degree in biology or chemistry.

As a synthetic chemist, you would be in charge of extracting chemical compounds from substances, and further converting the chemicals to alternate forms that can be used for production.

The industries you can work in are the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, water industry, etc

13. Toxicologist

National average salary: $31,325 annually

When chemicals are ingested into the body, they are stored in different parts of the body such as the tissues, liver, kidney, and other delicate organs.

For you to get this job, you need to earn a degree in either biochemistry, toxicology, or biology. And your job would entail you analyzing chemicals if they are harmful to the health of humans and other living things.

14. Water Quality Scientist

National average salary: $55,341 annually

Water is very important for life functions, and it is very necessary for detoxification too. As a water quality scientist, you would analyze water samples to determine if they are up to the agreed standard set by regulatory bodies.

Every class of water has its own pH, alkaline, and acid value. A decrease or increase in such value can be really detrimental to the health of individuals that consume them.

For this job, you would need a degree in biology, earth science, or chemistry. To qualify for this role, you would need a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, or earth science.

15. Quality Assurance Auditor

National average salary:  $60,283

A company that has a quality assurance team monitoring the chemical components of its product also needs to also have a  quality assurance auditor whose duty would be to oversee the quality control department.

As a quality assurance auditor, you would be in charge of keeping all records straight and making the standards for production known. 

For this job, a bachelor’s degree in financial management or business, with knowledge on quality control standards would suffice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are chemical engineers paid in the USA?

In the USA, a chemical engineer can earn as much as $85,524 annually.

What is the highest-paying chemical engineering job?

The highest paying chemical engineering job is senior chemical process engineer, senior chemical engineer, chemical project engineer, etc.

Is chemistry a difficult subject?

No, chemistry is not a difficult subject. To make good grades in chemistry, you need to study hard and you would excel.

Which country is the best for major chemical jobs?

The countries that stand out for major chemical jobs are Ireland, Germany, the USA, the UK, China, Australia, etc,


The chemical industry has a lot to offer the world, and you can think of the aspects which you can develop with your knowledge of chemistry.

Nevertheless, you can acquire more degrees and certificates in chemical and other chemical-related industries, so that you will stand out from the crowd.

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