Best Law Universities In The World 2023

Are you interested in studying law in a foreign country? Do you aspire to attend one of the best law universities? Read to the end to find out the best law universities in the world.

Even if you can afford it or obtain a scholarship, you must weigh your options. That is precisely why international university rankings exist!

We’ve included the top ten lists from QS Rankings by TopUniversities, Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings, and Shanghai University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities.

  • Harvard University is the best law school in the world this year
  • The United States contains the highest number of law schools in this year’s ranking, with 50 law programs on offer
  • This is closely followed by the United Kingdom with 37 law schools

Additionally, you may read Academic Influence’s Real-Time Ranking and student reviews from graduates of the top 10 law schools.

Don’t forget that even if you’re not interested in studying at a top-tier institution, there are still plenty of excellent foreign study opportunities.

QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021: Law

  • Harvard University, US
  • University of Oxford, UK
  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • Yale University, US
  • Stanford University, US
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK
  • Columbia University, US
  • New York University (NYU), US
  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB), US
  • National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

World University Rankings 2022 by subject: Law

  • Stanford University, US
  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • New York University, US
  • University of Oxford, UK
  • University of Melbourne, Australia
  • University College London, UK
  • Harvard University, US
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Yale University, US
  • KU Leuven, Belgium

Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2021 – Law

  • Yale University, US
  • Harvard University, US
  • University of Chicago, US
  • Columbia University, US
  • New York University, US
  • University of Pennsylvania, US
  • Stanford University, US
  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB), US
  • University of Virginia, US
  • Duke University, US

Academic Influence Real-Time Rankings – Law schools November 2021

  • Harvard University, US
  • Yale University, US
  • Columbia University, US
  • University of London, UK
  • Stanford University, US
  • Georgetown University, US
  • New York University, US
  • University of Chicago, US
  • University of Michigan, US
  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB), US

Honorable Mentions

Here are other law schools we recommend:

  • Northeastern University, the US
  • University of Leeds, the UK
  • The University of Western Australia, Australia
  • Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  • University of Wroclaw, Poland

The QS World University Rankings by Subject take four factors into account: academic reputation, employer reputation, research citations per paper, and the H-index (a way of measuring the productivity and published work of a scientist or scholar).

Best Law Universities In The World: Summary


Harvard UniversityUnited States
2University of OxfordUnited Kingdom
3University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
4Yale UniversityUnited States
5Stanford UniversityUnited States
6London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)United Kingdom
7Columbia UniversityUnited States
8New York University (NYU)United States
9University of California, Berkeley (UCB)United States
10National University of Singapore (NUS)Singapore

Best Law Universities In The US And Canada

Best Law Universities In The World 2022 | Expaat

With 50 of the world’s top law schools based in the United States and 12 in Canada, an outstanding 18 North American colleges rank among the top 50 in the world for law this year.

Harvard University in the United States is the finest university in the world for law, having retained the title for the sixth consecutive year and excelling in the employer reputation indicator.

Employers in legal firms, corporations, government, and non-profit organizations value Harvard Law graduates highly.

Each year, the institution provides many Public Service Fellowships to assist graduates in pursuing positions in the public sector.

The University of Toronto’s (tied 17th) law school climbs three spots this year and receives its highest score in the academic reputation category.

The law school faculty of the University of Toronto are world-renowned specialists in various fields, and the institution’s law programs are very diversified, allowing students to tailor their studies to their unique requirements and ambitions.

Best Law Universities In Europe

Europe has the highest concentration of law schools in the world, with 148 ranked programs, including 13 in the worldwide top 50 and three in the global top ten.

The United Kingdom is represented in the ranking by an astounding 37 law schools, the most of any country in Europe, with eight of these institutions ranking in the global top 50.

Among them is the University of Oxford, Europe’s top legal school, ranked second globally.

According to the University of Oxford, its goal is to assist law students in analyzing difficult information, developing arguments, and writing with precision and clarity. This is reflected in the university’s strong academic reputation score.

KU Leuven’s law school in Belgium is ranked equal to 35th globally this year, placing it among the country’s six universities that provide law degrees.

The Faculty of Law at KU Levin was founded in 1425 and is the largest in Belgium, emphasizing an international and comparative perspective on the law.

This year, France’s Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne joins the top twenty internationally, climbing five spots.

The law school has a developing international presence, with affiliations to institutions throughout the world, and is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most illustrious centers of study and research.

It is ranked among the nine French law schools.

Elsewhere in Europe, Germany boasts two top-ranked law schools: Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin (39th) and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (50th) (41st).

The Netherlands also boasts two top-50 universities, with Leiden University ranking 24th and the University of Amsterdam ranking joint 35th.

Best Law Universities In Asia

This year’s rankings include 52 Asian law schools, with seven making the global top 50.

Mainland China is Asia’s most represented region in the rankings, with 15 programs included.

Tsinghua University and Peking University both have programs ranked in the world’s top 50, with Tsinghua University ranking 27th and Peking University ranking 28th.

Both of these universities are renowned for their research and have produced numerous important legal scholars, judges, and lawyers.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is Asia’s highest-ranked law school, jumping two spots to tenth this year.

The school’s law program obtains a high ranking across all parameters, which may be attributed to its comprehensive curriculum, which offers electives ranging from Asian legal studies to banking and finance. NUS is ranked alongside Singapore’s other two law schools.

Japan has one school ranked in the top 50 globally, with The University of Tokyo ranking equal to 21st.

At the University of Tokyo, law and political science are taught concurrently, with students examining the administrative, legislative, and judicial branches of government from a variety of perspectives.

Eight additional Japanese institutions are included in the overall rankings.

South Korea has six law programs ranked in the world’s top 50, including Seoul National University (SNU) in 33rd place.

Hong Kong offers three law programs, two of which are ranked in the top 50: The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is ranked joint 21st and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is ranked 48th.

Best Law Universities In Australia And New Zealand

Twenty-four law programs in Australia and four in New Zealand are ranked in the subject rankings, with six Australian programs ranking in the top 50 globally.

The University of Melbourne’s law program is ranked joint 11th in Australia.

This law school has spent the last year focused on the legal, ethical, and policy difficulties posed by COVID-19 and now offers instruction on the pertinent strands of law that were used throughout the epidemic and the public health tactics used during a global health crisis.

Among other significant Australian universities is the University of New South Wales (UNSW) (13th), the University of Sydney (14th), the Australian National University (ANU) (joint 17th), Monash University (40th), and the University of Queensland (UQ) (43rd).

The University of Auckland, at 54th place this year, is New Zealand’s highest entrant.

Victoria University of Wellington (tied 65th), New Zealand’s second top law school, does particularly well on the research citations per publication metric, indicating the university’s high quality of research.

Best Law Universities In Latin America

Latin America is well-represented in this year’s law rankings, with 25 programs featured. Four Latin American programs rank among the world’s top 50.

Mexico’s Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) is Latin America’s highest-ranked university this year, gaining seven places to 34th.

UNAM’s law school conducts cutting-edge legal research targeted at resolving contemporary national and international issues and is home to one of Latin America’s major law libraries.

It is one of two Mexican universities included in the 2021 rankings of law schools.

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile is the region’s second-ranked university and one of six Chilean institutions recognized this year.

For 125 years, the university’s law department has challenged students to study and develop abilities holistically, promoting thought, critical analysis, and active participation in worldwide legal and social debates.

Argentina and Brazil each have one entry in this year’s top 50, including Argentina’s Universidad de Buenos Aires, which jumps three spots to 44th this year, and Brazil’s Universidade de S. Paulo (USP), which drops three spots to 50th (joint 46th).

Among the six Colombian law schools recognized this year is Universidad de Los Andes Colombia, which is ranked 45th in the world.

Best Law Universities In Africa And The Middle East

Five African law schools are ranked, with four in South Africa and one in Egypt. The University of Cape Town is ranked highest, at 101-150. Additionally, Cairo University in Egypt (251-250) obtains the region’s top employer reputation score.

Only two Middle Eastern countries are included in the rankings — Israel and Saudi Arabia – with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University rating highest at 101-150.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem educated the majority of the Israel Prize in Law and Criminology laureates, as well as several of Israel’s previous and present Supreme Court Justices.

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