30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2023 Ultimate Guide]

Looking for the best Christmas gifts for college girls? In this post, you will find the 30+ best Christmas gift ideas on her wish list that she really wants!

Buying Christmas gifts for college girls isn’t easy. College girls love cute gifts for the holiday season, but they also want these gifts to be useful for college life.

Still have no idea what gifts to buy for a college student? We have the best gift list for you here.

So, in this post, you will find cute college girl Christmas gifts, thoughtful college girl Christmas gifts, personalized college girl Christmas gifts, and trendy dorm gifts.

These ideas came from a recent college grad and current college student, so they should be on almost every college girl’s bucket list!

We’ve also included a mix of quirkier and more affordable gift ideas for all budgets to give you more inspiration on what to buy for a college student or your best friend in college.

So scroll down to check out these Christmas gift ideas and best gift guide and don’t forget to pin the ideas you like.

This post is about Christmas gifts for college girls.

Nice Christmas gifts for college girls

Wireless mini keyboard and mouse combo

30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2022 Ultimate Guide] | EXPAAT

Learning alone is a lot of pressure and we always want to have some cute things on our desks to make it fun.

College girls will love using this combo.

Women’s Black Clutch Bags

This bag is expensive and perfect for your date night.

Kate Spade AirPods Case

30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2022 Ultimate Guide] | EXPAAT

The AirPods case is a perfect Christmas gift idea and this one from Kate Spade is so cute!

Inspirational Pillowcase

30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2022 Ultimate Guide] | EXPAAT

This pillowcase is well made, inspirational, and suitable for any bedroom style.

Artificial table plants

30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2022 Ultimate Guide] | EXPAAT

One of our audience’s favorite dorm decorations.

Slipper Socks

30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2022 Ultimate Guide] | EXPAAT

She loves to wear cozy slipper socks in her bedroom.

Photo Clip String Lights

A lot of college students love to hang fairy lights in their rooms and this one has photo clips to make the wall look that much prettier!

Moon Lamp

Gingko ยป Smart Moon Lamp

This moon lamp has gone viral on Tik Tok and this makes a cute and unique gift for a college student.

Cute Pajama Set

How cute is this pajama set? A cute pajama set is always a popular gift for young women. And so many brands have so many different designs and patterns to choose from.

Cute Sweatshirt

Sending a cute hoodie to young adults is always a good idea.

Neoprene Tote bag

What’s the most fashionable bag this year? The neoprene bag has to be one of them! We found this handy for you from Amazon.

UGG flip flops

Always a nice cozy gift to keep warm and cozy in the dorm or college apartment.

Retro Style Sunglasses

College girls are now obsessed with 90’s style and all retro style, and she’s going to love these sunglasses!

Boho style wall decoration

Boho style wall decor is very trendy as college dorm decor. This wall decoration is also suitable for presenting photos.

Dr. Martens Boots

These Dr. Martens Boots Instantly Transform My Outfits | Glamour

The Boots Dr. Martens are on every girl’s wish list.

Personalized gifts for students

Unique 18k gold plated initial necklace

Starter necklaces are popular with college girls and this one is elegant and not cheesy, perfect for almost any occasion for a young girl.

Homesick Scented Candle

Is she going to college far from her hometown? Send him this sweet and special gift.

Custom Night Sky Star Map Poster

This gift is thoughtful and unique! This personalized star map print is the perfect piece to mark every important life event.

Personalized Phone Cases

A new phone case is always popular among college students, and this personalized phone case is so cute and unique.

You can choose the images or quotes you like to personalize this phone case gift. Check out their shop, they even have custom phone cases for the newly released iPhone 13 Pro.

Stylish portable shower caddy

A portable shower caddy is a must for college life. This bath cart has amazing quality and stylish looks, also perfect for travel or the gym.

UGG Boots

30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2022 Ultimate Guide] | EXPAAT

This is one gift every girl would want to get.

Bath Bombs

30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2022 Ultimate Guide] | EXPAAT

This bath bomb set is the best seller on Amazon. It features 12 unique handcrafted bath bombs that are freshly made in California with premium quality natural ingredients sourced in the USA. Look how beautiful they are.

She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm For Women

This is one of the most popular gifts for girls living far from home. When threatened, activate Birdie’s LOUD siren and strobe to distract and stop an attack. The alarm is as loud as a jet engine at 30 meters!

Wireless 3-in-1 charger

The most practical phone charger ever. This wireless charger can charge cell phones, Apple Watches, and AirPods. It is suitable for Apple AirPods 1/2/AirPods Pro and Apple Watch Series 6/5/4/3/2/1/SE. Support for hybrid charging between Apple and Android.

Makeup mirror with lights

I remember how difficult it was to get the right light for the makeup in the dorms! And now you can help her solve similar problems easily by sending her this lighted makeup mirror!

The 32 built-in lamp beads can offer her an ultra-bright and uniform light source for eye protection. What a perfect gift idea!

Chunky knit blanket

30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2022 Ultimate Guide] | EXPAAT

A cute and cozy gift for college students. And also a perfect dorm decoration gift for young people.

Wireless mobile photo mini printer

30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2022 Ultimate Guide] | EXPAAT

This is such a fun gift and such a practical gift for a college student! And it’s a great way to help her capture all those precious moments on a college campus. Simply connect a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi and watch your portraits, selfies, and social media photos go from digital images to physical photos in an instant!

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Activity Tracker

College girls love to keep fit, stay healthy, and look good. This fitness tracker helps you track heart rate and more, it’s affordable and has the best features on the market!

Weighted Blanket

Give her the best sleep by sending her this heavyweight blanket. She may be feeling high pressure in college and finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, and this soft, breathable, heavyweight blanket provides the warmth and comfort to help her sleep like a gentle hug.

Instant ramen cooker

30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2022 Ultimate Guide] | EXPAAT

Enjoy hassle-free cooking with our microwaveable bowl – just pop your instant ramen into the bowl and let the microwave do all the work.

Makeup brush set

30+ Best Christmas Gifts For College Girls [2022 Ultimate Guide] | EXPAAT

This brush set looks expensive and is great quality too. Send it to your college friends!

Makeup organizer

This beautiful makeup organizer has a large space and is the perfect size to keep your makeup safe, clean and organized in your dorm room or when traveling.

College cook book

This gift is inexpensive but very thoughtful!

College students don’t usually have a lot of time, money, or kitchen space to enjoy their meals, which means cheap and cheap is the name of the game.

This college cookbook makes it easy for students to prepare fresh, tasty and healthy meals for themselves on a budget with over 100 recipes that take just 30 minutes and only require 5 key ingredients.


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