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Top Best Boarding Schools In Alabama [Updated]

Boarding schools in Alabama; Alabama’s 67 county school boards and 60 municipal school boards oversee public, private, and boarding schools. 743,364 Alabama elementary and secondary students attend 1,541 public and boarding institutions.

PreK-12 education is provided. From 2007 to 2010, Alabama and North Carolina had the highest-quality early education programs. Some public and boarding schools in Alabama offer early education using local and federal funds.

Alabama High School Graduation standards offer boarding school students numerous diploma paths. Expanding elective credits will give students more options. Course flexibility provides for personalized student education strategies. Despite these possibilities, Alabama kids have tremendous expectations. Boarding school students must have a four-year plan.

The plan should represent the student’s post-high-school goals. To prepare students for higher school, four-year college, and work, electives and also credit-eligible courses should be carefully chosen. Before accepting electives and credit-eligible courses for potential student-athletes, administrators and counselors should check NCAA rules.

Boarding schools in Alabama are fewer schools than in other states. Parents and students love Alabama’s boarding institutions. Excellent academics and southern hospitality await here.

The Education System in Alabama 

Alabama’s education system is made up of public and private schools, as well as the University of Alabama, private institutions, and secondary and primary schools. Alabama’s elementary and secondary public education is administered by the Alabama State Board of Education as well as 67 county school boards and 60 municipal school boards. 

The Alabama Legislature appropriates funds for public schools through the Education Trust Fund. According to U.S. Census data from 2000, Alabama’s high school graduation rate (75%) is the second-lowest in the country (after Mississippi). 

The Alabama Commission on Higher Education oversees public postsecondary education in the state. In the 2012-2013 school year, Alabama had the second-lowest share of eighth-grade pupils in the US scoring at or above proficient on the NAEP math test. 

The Alabama State Board of Education voted in November 2013 to revoke a 2009 memorandum of understanding with the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. The National Center for Educational Statistics reports that 15% of Alabamans are functionally illiterate. However, the Literacy Council of West Alabama estimates that percentage at one in every four Alabamians.

In this article, Expaat will highlight the ten best boarding schools in Alabama in no particular order.

1. St. Bernard Preparatory School (Alabama)

St. Bernard’s Preparatory School is located in Cullman, Alabama. Since 1891, students have enjoyed a Benedictine education on the 900-acre campus of St. Bernard Preparatory School near Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama. Students can choose to stay on campus five or seven days a week or merely attend during the day.

The school offers coed summer camps at the U.S. Space Academy and English as a second language. Students at the school have a rigorous college preparatory program, preparing them for prestigious schools. It is one of the best boarding schools in Alabama.

A big portion of the curriculum is arts education. Students can play 11 sports. The school’s motto is “body, mind, and spirit”. It is represented in how they encourage students to be autonomous thinkers. St. Bernard Prep is Roman Catholic. In 2011, 92% of seniors went to 4-year universities.

2. Shepherd’s Hill Academy, Cullman, Alabama

If you have a rebellious or unruly teen, you may be looking for a Christian boarding school that addresses behaviour. Expelled? Worry about them? Your child should attend Shepherd’s Hill Academy.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy has helped troubled kids and families for 20 years. It is one of the most respected boarding schools in Alabama.

This is one of the few boarding schools in Alabama that believes that a personal relationship with Jesus is the only authentic approach to effect long-term change. To help kids build character and learn to make responsible decisions, they offer a first-rate education, individual mentorship and counselling, equine therapy, and teamwork exercises.

SHA is a cross between a wilderness program and a boarding school that emphasizes Christian values.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy, located in northeast Georgia about two hours from Atlanta, is a combination of a therapeutic wilderness program and a Christian boarding school with a variety of therapy options, including psychotherapy and also equestrian therapy. Shepherd’s Hill Academy attracts students from the east coast, south, midwest, western states, and west coast, including Cullman.

The first phase is the Wilderness Program.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy’s early years are a wilderness curriculum designed to remove distractions, create trust, and foster teamwork.

Working together to achieve fundamental daily requirements necessitates coping and collaboration skills, prompting youth to consider their responsibilities to others.

The Residential Program will follow.

When the youth in their care display responsible decision-making and take control of their development, they are admitted to the residential program and assigned a campus residence. This following step prepares people for reintegration into society by restoring rights and individual liberty.

A Christian boarding school that also provides therapy and counselling

Teenagers are enrolled in their on-campus, fully accredited junior and senior high schools, which are staffed by Georgia licensed educators, during both portions of the curriculum. They encourage students to catch up while also preparing for college, so they include SAT and ACT test prep as part of their normal curriculum.

Troubled adolescents are taught the skills they need to be more confident, productive, and polite at home, at school, and also in the community. On-campus, they have a fully approved junior and senior high school. 

Their one-of-a-kind combination of outdoor therapy, a licensed equestrian program, and a first-rate school is all meant to refocus a child’s life. Adolescents also use accountability groups, individual behavioural sessions, and family sessions.

3. Alabama School of Fine Arts

The Alabama School of Fine Arts (ASFA) is the state’s sole tuition-free arts and sciences school. ASFA is for students who want to excel in the arts and sciences in one of six areas of specialization. Students may concentrate on creative writing, dance, math science, music, theatre arts, or visual arts. 

In addition, the school provides extensive core academic subjects. ASFA’s globally renowned faculty offers unrivalled preprofessional arts and college preparatory training.

Students have a longer school day, with academic sessions in the morning and three hours of specialized education in the afternoon. There are numerous in-depth courses accessible. Their speciality work and also performances are college and preprofessional in nature. 

Students have completed all the criteria for an advanced Alabama high school diploma and are ready for a profession or higher education by the end of their senior year. 

The culture of the Alabama School of Fine Art is both rigorous and nurturing. ASFA is a gathering place for brilliant people from many backgrounds to create, practice, perform, invent, and push themselves further than they ever believed they could go on their own.

The school works under its own enabling legislation, regulations, and procedures is overseen by a state-appointed Board of Trustees, and employs over 100 full and part-time administrators, teachers, and other staff. 

Students in Alabama pay a minor semester matriculation fee but no tuition. Students from outside Alabama pay tuition. Residential students pay for room and board. This is one of the best boarding schools in Alabama.

4. Marion Military School

Since 1842, Marion Military Institute (MMI) has had a national reputation for preparing young men and women for successful civilian and military careers. This is accomplished by providing the best educational program possible in a disciplined environment for its pupils, thereby developing their intellectual, physical, moral, social and as well as leadership potential.

Marion Military Institute is a member of the Alabama Community College System and one of only four military junior colleges in the United States. Students from all across the country come to MMI to lay a solid foundation for future studies and to take advantage of the school’s leadership development possibilities. 

Approximately 40% of MMI cadets will seek civilian careers and participate in the college’s Leadership Education Program (LEP).

The Early Commissioning Program (ECP), which is unique to the four military junior colleges, allows qualified candidates to acquire a commission as a Second Lieutenant after receiving their associate’s degree to serve in either the National Guard or the United States Army Reserve.

This dedication will help pupils succeed in their future efforts, whether civilian or military. MMI is regarded as one of the best boarding schools in Alabama. Its historic campus spans 126 acres and is centred on the landmark chapel (1857) and quadrangle, with 5 barracks, a dining hall, academic buildings, a parade field, and military training facilities. 

A lighted field and track, an obstacle course, baseball and softball grounds, a nine-hole golf course, and three tennis courts are among the recreational amenities.


Marion Military Institute, a two-year public higher education institution, educates and develops cadets as future leaders through an immersive experiential military environment that integrates intellectual, leadership, character, and also physical development in order to prepare them for success in four-year colleges, US service academies, and military as well as civilian careers.


It will provide whole-cadet enrichment through an immersive and intentional experiential learning environment, a relevant, rigorous, and robust academic program, and a character and leadership education development system.

5. Southern Preparatory Academy

Southern Preparatory Academy has been educating and training future generations of leaders for almost 120 years. The Southern Prep, a military boarding school in Camp Hill, Alabama, is committed to providing a healthy environment in which its students can live and learn without the distractions seen in public institutions. Their Corps of Cadets class is intentionally small – about 125 young men – to foster a close-knit environment among its students, who are all facing new challenges.

Southern Prep is well-known for its outstanding academics, illustrious military heritage, competitive athletics, as well as creative, distinctive programs. They are more than just a military high school; they are also a boarding school, a private school, a college prep school, as well as an all-boys institution. Since 1898, it has given its students the discipline and structure they need to focus, be self-sufficient, and succeed.

The Academy is one of the best boarding schools in Alabama.

6. Alabama School of Mathematics and Science

The Alabama School of Mathematics and Science is a school for students who are ready for a fast-paced learning environment that pushes them to reach their full potential. ASMS distinguishes itself through academic rigour, a residential learning environment, leadership possibilities, and a research emphasis on students. 

Students graduate from ASMS succeeding on all levels, both inside and outside of the classroom. ASMS has a transforming impact on student success and also encourages students to be the best versions of themselves.​​

The Alabama School of Mathematics and Science provides students with the education, academic opportunities, and leadership development they need to excel in today’s fast-paced, information-based culture. 

Their graduates are pioneers in science, technology, math, engineering, public policy, education, medicine, and other fields. ASMS students have the option of customizing their educational route. 

Their students achieve a better level of knowledge and competence than their peers through practical learning in laboratories, innovation spaces, as well as communities. ASMS gives students the agency they need to stand out when applying for college admission and starting their careers.

FAQs on Boarding Schools in Alabama


How much do boarding schools in Alabama cost?

Boarding students may have to pay much more: $54,000 to $42,500 (foreign boarding students in years 8-12). (Alabama boarding tuition, grades 8-12).

Are there any free boarding schools in our area?

The truth is that there aren’t many free boarding schools in the United States. In reality, there are few free boarding schools in the United States. Free programs are frequently extremely competitive to enroll in. Since the majority are government-funded, eligibility is defined by geographic location.

What is the ideal age for boarding schools in Alabama?

What is the ideal age for boarding school? It all depends on your child’s readiness, but in the United States, the most typical entry points for boarding schools are the 9th and 10th grades, putting pupils between the ages of 14 and 16. Many schools provide a post-graduate year for students aged 18 or 19.

Conclusion on Boarding Schools in Alabama

We’ve arrived at the end of the content. There are only but few boarding schools in Alabama and we just successfully discussed the best of them all. Keep coming back for more. Expaat – The home of Scholars.

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