Barnes & Noble student discount

Barnes & Noble Student Discount – Up to 50% Off in 2023

If you’re an avid reader, the beautiful feeling of losing yourself in far-off, mysterious lands between the pages of a book is probably very familiar to you. Also, as a student, books are part and parcel of your life; you need textbooks, research papers, e-books, and any study material available. Hence, is there any bookstore that offers budget-friendly access to books? Of course. You are about to find out about Barnes & Noble and their student discount promos.

Then again, although they’re unavoidable, they’re also quite expensive, especially in renowned bookstores like Barnes & Noble. This article will talk about Barnes & Noble, what you can find at their outlets, and how to get a student discount if there is any.

About Barnes & Noble

Founded in 1886, Barnes & Noble is an American bookseller, with headquarters in New York City, United States. Since its inception 136 years ago, it has been at the forefront of America’s book market.

Currently, it runs a whopping 614 retail outlets in all fifty states in the U.S. As a Fortune 1000 company, Barnes & Noble generates well over $1 billion, with more than 24,000 employees across its stores.

Additionally, Barnes and Noble run a spin-off subsidiary called Barnes & Noble Education, which operates and manages college textbook stores.

You’ll find most of these stores in or around college campuses, and as of December 2016, it had managed 773 campus bookstores. The company has also acquired many digital services that provide assistance specifically tailored toward students.

You’ll easily spot a Barnes & Noble outlet; they’re typically large and bustling with countless novels and other literary pieces.

But, perhaps their best feature is the accompanying café where you can buy your favorite Starbucks coffee and a snack to go with your book.


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Barnes & Noble Pricing

Most charming little bookstores you’d walk into sell mostly fictional novels and maybe the occasional non-fiction. Is Barnes and Noble any different, or is it similar to your neighborhood bookseller, but with a nationally-acclaimed name?

Well, this company hasn’t lasted for over a century for nothing; it’s not your average bookshop or bookseller. At Barnes & Noble, you can get more than you dreamed possible: books (fiction & non-fiction), e-books, audiobooks, toys, games, stationery, gifts, and even music or movies.

You can also pre-order unreleased books from your favorite authors! Indeed, this is your one-stop shop for relaxation and downtime, or if you want to get some serious reading done.

Next, let’s talk about pricing. It’s no secret that books don’t come cheap anywhere, but does Barnes & Noble charge extra rates for the name and comfort they offer? Truthfully, Barnes & Noble is expensive, and would probably cost you more compared to other competitor brands like Amazon.

It’s difficult to give a specific range because prices differ depending on what you’re looking for. However, fiction paperbacks are usually priced between $10 and $20 on the online store, while non-fiction tends to go for higher prices.

Note that prices also fluctuate concerning the book format, so the hardcover, paperback, e-book, and audiobook of the same book will have different prices. See the official Barnes & Noble website for more details.

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Is there a Barnes & Noble Student Discount

As you’ve seen Barnes & Noble isn’t cheap you can probably get the same book somewhere else at a cheaper price.

However, the quality of the books at Barnes & Noble is undeniable, plus the atmosphere of their stores is so cozy that you’ll want to read even if you hate reading. Still, this removes nothing from the fact that it’s pricey, and as a student, your budget is limited.

Unfortunately, there is no available Barnes & Noble student discount. Both their online and brick-and-mortar stores don’t have any student discount plan in place but don’t be discouraged.

Keep reading to find out how you can enjoy quality, standard books and a serene reading environment at Barnes & Noble, without going overboard on price.

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How to Save at Barnes & Noble

Yes, it would have been helpful, but you don’t need a Barnes & Noble student discount to shop for your most loved authors and school texts.

There are so many ways for you to save some cash at Barnes & Noble, no matter the book or item you want to purchase. We’ve compiled a list of foolproof ways to save you cash, so check out the next few points and see which works best for you.

●     Shop online

Walking into a bookstore and seeing all the books stacked high on the shelves, the endless possibilities and worlds you can explore are fun. But, if you’re trying to save money, this may not be in your best interest.

To begin with, Barnes & Noble doesn’t price-match, so the books online might have different prices when compared to the prices in brick-and-mortar stores. Selling online removes maintenance fees involved in running a physical store, thus more affordable prices and discounts for you.

Again, there’s almost always a coupon or discount on the website, like the 50% off book haul happening presently. In contrast, in-store prices tend to be fixed, so to save money, start by shopping online.

●     Sales

This is a no-brainer, if you want a discount, wait for books to go in the sales, then shop from that section. The Barnes & Noble online store has several special sections carved out for sales, so that’s a great place to start your hunt.

For instance, under the fiction category, you can get up to 30% off select books presently. View the items available on sale here.

●     Free Events

This is particularly helpful if you just want to read a book without buying it. Find out when your most loved authors are having reading events or activities. Note that this will differ depending on your location, so check with the store that’s closest to you for convenience.

●     Membership

For as little as $25 a year, you can join the Barnes & Noble membership program. Being a member gives you access to unbelievable benefits, including 40% off hardcover books and 10% off other items in-store, early access to sales and special events, and even a birthday present just for you!

Additionally, joining the Barnes & Noble membership program is the perfect way to waive your shipping fees. And no, there’s no minimum order requirement, they’ll ship any order you place to you for free. Of course, you’ll also have random offers and discounts throughout the year, and B & N rewards you with a $50 bonus coupon when you newly become a member.

If you’re still unsure, start with a 2-month trial membership. Like any subscription, feel free to cancel if you’re unsure or unconvinced at any point. Click here to become a member.

●     Gift Cards

Almost every brand sells gift cards, and Barnes & Noble is no exception. Using gift cards is a fantastic way to reduce the cost of your purchase, especially when you buy them from a discount gift card marketplace. There are a lot of those online, so be on the lookout. Moreover, you can redeem gift cards that you win on the Barnes & Noble website, in stores, and at the B&N college stores.

●     Coupons

Similar to gift cards, coupons are another great way to reduce your expenses at Barnes & Noble. Amazingly, the company offers multiple random coupons and deals of the day on its website, although these usually last for a limited time only. I’m sure you’ve felt the disappointment that comes with finding a coupon online, only to realize that it’s fake. But, with the coupon section on the B&N online store, you can be sure that won’t happen. Visit to see your options.

Besides the official B&N store, you can hunt for extra coupons on other sites online. Who knows, it might just be your lucky day!

●     Free Shipping

Anybody who does a lot of online shopping knows that shipping fees are the bane of every shopper, no one likes them. An inexpensive item can suddenly become a costly purchase when you add the shipping fee. So, you should always jump at any free shipping offer, including Barnes & Noble. However, unless you’re a member, you’ll have to purchase up to $40 worth of items before you’re eligible for free shipping.

Does that mean there’s no way to get your items shipped for free if you don’t want to spend up to $40? Of course not! You can always combine your order with a friend’s, that’s an age-long online shopping tradition.

●     Request for a B&N MasterCard

Last but not least, we have the B&N MasterCard. This one’s a must for you if you’re good with credit cards; it has such an amazing offer! First, your initial purchase with your card earns you a $25 gift card. Also, this credit card fetches you a 5% discount on all purchases you make at any Barnes & Noble stores apart from gift cards.

Unlike most brands, you can combine your B & N MasterCard discount with any other discounts you find. Barnes & Noble will deduct the 5% discount from your already reduced coupon or promo price.

Furthermore, this card isn’t useful at Barnes & Noble stores alone. You also get rewarded with a point for every $1 you spend with this card, irrespective of the location. When you have up to 2500 points, Barnes & Noble rewards you with a $25 gift card.

Whether there’s a Barnes & Noble student discount or not, you can still shop for your favorite books and save money while doing so. Just make sure you follow all the steps here judiciously, and you won’t have to miss out on your favorite books because of the price.

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Barnes & Noble Discount Information

Discounts and deals can’t be of help to you if you don’t know about them. You knew to search for a Barnes & Noble student discount because you’ve heard of student discount offers before, right? Therefore, how can you know when there’s a great deal coming up? How can you get the tea on coupons and deals while it’s still hot?

●     Email Newsletters

This one shouldn’t surprise you, it works for practically every brand. In the same way, you watch the news to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world, you need to read the news Barnes & Noble sends to you to know when there’s information that can benefit you. The only way to do that is to join B&N’s mailing list.

Subscribing to their emails lets you know when sales are going on and alert you of new coupons and hot deals of the day, and new book releases. In addition to the general deals on the online store. You can also get random coupons just for you, especially if you’re a member. Click this link to join the mailing list

●     Social Media

There’s no better place than social media to learn about anything. News flies within seconds and images circulate in no time, so why would Barnes & Noble be any different? Accordingly, follow all their social media pages, or maybe pick a few if you don’t want books on all your timelines.

●      Check the website

This should be your first action. If you’re looking for legit info about pricing, deals, policies, etc head to the Barnes and Noble website first.

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Reading is life; if you don’t read, how do you hope to expand your mind? Yes, with the explosion of the internet. Most people don’t buy hard copies anymore but trust me the quality at Barnes & Noble will have you falling in love with books again. Plus, there are countless ways for you to get your dream books (and other items) at affordable prices, even without a Barnes & Noble student discount. So, grab a copy of your favorite book today.

FAQs About Barnes & Noble Student Discount

1.   What is Barnes & Noble?

Barnes and Noble is an American bookseller chain.

2.   Does Barnes & Noble sell only books?

No. You can find many literary and fun activities at Barnes & Noble. Including fiction & nonfiction books in multiple formats, gifts, toys, games, or even music and movies. Plus, most Barnes & Noble stores have an accompanying cafe where you can buy Starbucks or treats.

3.   Is there a Barnes & Noble student discount?

No, Barnes & Noble doesn’t offer a student discount plan.

4.   How can I save at Barnes & Noble?

There are many ways to save at Barnes & Noble. But the best ways include shopping with their online store, becoming a member, and using the B&N MasterCard.

5.   Does Barnes & Noble offer free shipping?

Yes, you’re eligible for free shipping when you place orders worth more than $40. Alternatively, if you join the B&N membership plan for $25 per year, shipping fees won’t count for you at all.

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