All You Need to Know About Babcock University

Babcock University is a school in Nigeria, that’s what everybody knows. And if you know further, you would know it’s a private school and also a mission school.

Clicking on this post shows you want to know more about Babcock university. You’re in the right place, let’s dive in.

Babcock University is located in Ogun State. It is cited along Ilishan- Remo, off Sagamu-Benin Expressway, Ogun State, Nigeria.

BABCOCK UNIVERSITY also called BU began on September 17, 1959, as Adventist College of West Africa (ACWA). It was established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a senior college for training church workers from the West African sub-region. Initially, it had just seven ministerial students.

The University was established to provide opportunities for students to develop those higher qualities of character that will enable them to maximize their service to God, the Church, and society.

Babcock University is operated under a Christian worldview. The University is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

Babcock is not the only private missionary school in Nigeria, there are others like Covenant University, Madonna, Redeemers university, etc.

So what strikes Babcock as unique?

A few things stood out for Babcock University and we would discuss that soon.

What makes Babcock University Unique?

1. They observe Sabbath hours:

The Sabbath begins at sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday. Babcock University community observes the Sabbath “according to the commandment” (i. e. Saturday, the day between the Good Friday of Christ’s crucifixion and the Easter Sunday of Christ’s resurrection). 

The University expects all employees on campus to demonstrate a spirit of understanding and reverence to God, and are welcome to participate in the worship experience throughout the Sabbath hours.

In this regard, all offices and work activities end at 1.00 p.m. on Friday to enable all employees to prepare for the Sabbath.

Quite a rule that affects both the students and staff.

2. They are strict on their dress code and other rules:

One thing Babcock is known for is that they don’t go back on their rules.

In Babcock University, bizarre hairstyles are not allowed, Indecent dressing is strictly frowned upon, hence, skirts and skirt suits must be long enough to cover your knees. Cotton materials are strongly recommended rather than body-hugging materials.

Cooking in any form in the halls of residence is not allowed.

Loitering and association with the opposite sex at the wrong place, wrong time, and inappropriate manner is punished.

These among many other rules are followed strictly in Babcock.

3. They have a unique philosophy of education:

The Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education is Christ-centred. Adventists believe that God’s character and intentions may be understood via nature, the Bible, and Jesus Christ when guided by the Holy Spirit.

Babcock’s philosophy of education is simply “to restore human beings into the image of their Maker”

Adventists believe that Education is a means of restoring human beings to their original relationship with God.

It seeks to build character similar to that of the Creator; to nurture thinkers rather than selfish ambition; ensure maximum development of each individual’s potential; to embrace all that is true, good, and beautiful.

4. Their Aims and mission stand out:

Adventist education is aimed at preparing people for useful and joy-filled lives, fostering friendship with God, whole-person development, Bible-based values, and selfless service following the Seventh-day Adventist mission to the world.

5. They have strict core values:

Babcock university does not go back on its core values which are seven in number.

It is stated as

  • Excellence: our Culture
  • Integrity: our Promise
  • Accountability: our Moral
  • Team Spirit: our Strength
  • Servant Leadership: our Dignity
  • Autonomy Responsibility: our Passion
  • Adventist Heritage: our Commitment

More than anything these five things gave Babcock university the identity it bears.

FAQs about Babcock University

How do I get admitted into Babcock University?

An excellent JAMB score is essential for admission into Babcock University. Babcock University has a cut-off of 180.

Candidates must get the Babcock University Admission Form in order to apply for courses of their choosing. The form is required for screening and verification purposes. Applicants who do not meet the requirements of the screening process may be denied admission.

Below are the general requirements for admission into Babcock University:

  • Minimum qualification for First Degree Programs: at least 5 credits in any of GCE/SSCE/NECO Examinations or their equivalent. Sittings should not be more than two. For Medicine, only one sitting is allowed.
  • Candidates who are below 15 years of age are advised not to apply.
  • Awaiting results for WAEC/NECO/SSCE will need to person acceptable qualifications before matriculation.
  • All candidates must sit for the UTME (for 100 Level) or apply via the JAMB Direct Entry admissions (for Direct Entry). Those who sit for UTME must meet the cut-off mark required.
  • Candidates applying for Transfer Admissions must present a JAMB Admission letter, Transcript, and Attestation Letter from their previous Universities.
  • For screening and verification purposes, all candidates must receive a Babcock University admission form. If applicants do not meet the requirements of the screening process, they may be denied admission.

How many courses does Babcock University offer?

Babcock University offers over 40 courses. You will find almost any course you wish to study at the University.

How much is tuition for Babcock University?

The amount you pay in Babcock depends on your course of study and the accommodation package you choose. Babcock university offers three accommodation options; Regular, Premium, and classic.

The prices vary with the packages. You can get a breakdown here.

How many years would you study at Babcock university?

Also, the duration of your study in Babcock depends on your course of study. For some courses you would stay four years, some five, six or seven.

Are there any special requirements for being in Babcock university?

Babcock University is just like any other university where you’re required to write a JAMB to gain admission. There is no special requirement to gain admission in Babcock, you just have to reach their cut-off mark for jamb, ace your o levels and you’re good to go.

Being naturally able to bend to rules is a plus. And then the financial capacity.

Does Babcock University allow mobile phones?

Use of phones is allowed in Babcock but using it wrongly is not allowed. Unlike some private universities, Babcock allows the use of phones and only suspends students when they take actions that threaten their life and spirituality with the phone.

What is allowed is Babcock university

Things allowed in Babcock university include:

  • Bedsheet sets with bedspreads, pillowcase.
  • Corporate dressings: Shirts, trousers, ties, and suits for men: skirt suits, dresses, and shirt blouses for ladies. All-female clothing must be at least 3 inches below the knees
  • Laptop is allowed
  • Bucket, laundry bag, towels, washcloths, pressing iron, alarm clock, soap, and toiletries
  • Flashlights and study lamp
  • Table size radio or tape recorder
  • Electric kettles
  • Rechargeable lamps

What is not allowed in Babcock university

Things not allowed in Babcock university include 

  • Jeans:  dresses, skirts, trousers, pencil trousers.
  • Low neckline clothes, spaghetti straps, tight clothes, jewelry, and colored make-up kits.
  • Any cloth that reveals the upper extremities, mid-riff, or other suggestive areas of the body.
  • Cooking utensils or food that need to be cooked (indomie)
  • Personal furniture
  • Weapons, candles, boiling rings, or any other dangerous appliances.
  • Knives, forks, bottles.
  • Bushy hair and beards etc.

Is Babcock University difficult?

People say Babcock university is difficult because of the strict rules and restrictions.

If you’re willing to keep to rules and do what you’re required to do, you won’t see Babcock as difficult.

In summary, Babcock university is a place to be if you’re willing to take your education seriously, take God seriously, and can bend strict rules and regulations. These three things are a must if you must be in Babcock.

Also, do your research and find out more about the school and the course you want to study, it is always good to be better informed.

Go on and shine!

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