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Discover How to Get Your Audible Student Discount in 2023

As a student, you have countless pdfs or books to read and with all the other activities in your life, it might seem impossible to get everything done. If you have tried listening to your books, it will make things a whole lot easier.

The only issue is their cost might be higher than your student budget. So, what do you do? Well, you can try the Audible student discount, they have a 50% discount for students and great services that will make listening to your books easier.

Interestingly, with the Audible student discount, you get to save money and time and learn faster. An amazing offer will work great for you.

So, this article will enlighten you on all you need to know about Audible student discounts. Also, there are lots of frequently asked questions that are answered in this post.

What Is Audible?

Audible is an online audiobook or podcast streaming site created in 1995 that allows users to listen to books they purchase or stream. It is a subsidiary of Amazon and is currently the United States’ largest audiobook retailer and producer.

The site offers you a free trial to listen to books for 30 days after which you pay and get access to a huge number of books, read by professional voice artists.

Additionally, you get to read your favorite storybooks and normal books if you please and it’s an amazing site that makes reading easier because you are not doing it yourself.

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What is an Audible Student Discount?

Audible Student Discount is the reduction in the price of the audiobook streaming service. So, here you are presented with the opportunity to listen to your school books or stories at a very low price.

As a student, reading takes a whole lot of your time, and you don’t have a lot of it. So you can go for a walk or do some other activities, while you listen to your book.

You get to kill two birds with a stone! Interesting right? Audible offers a student discount through Student Beans and TOTUM.

So when you sign up to this platform you are offered a 50% discount. So how do you apply for this discount? Well, I’ll give you clear and precise steps for each of them.

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How To Apply For Audible Student Discount

First thing you need to know before applying is that you have to be a student to apply for this discount.

However, if you are using UniDays, Student Bean, or TOTUM you need a university email account to sign up.

Thus, if you have these requirements then, signing up will be super easy for you. Because there are three platforms, I’ll show you how to sign up on them. But first, what are these sites meant for?


UNiDAYS was founded in 2011, it is a discount website that is open to students for free. The service provides discounted products and services.

For example Audible student discount code and a host of others. If you are a university student, you can sign up for UNiDAYS for free and start getting amazing offers that will help you save money.

2. Student Beans

Well, this is a popular marketing technology company that offers services to over 163 million students in 52 countries.

So, they help other businesses to get their coupons or loyalty programs and connect to this large number of users on their website.

Also, their verification technology is out in a large number of apps, websites, and stores. Example google etc. Thus, their services assist students across the web. The students can access this through mobile apps, the web, etc.


TOTUM, formerly called “NUS” is a student card that provides discounts to students. It is accepted in 130 countries and their discount ranges from tech, food, fashion, travel, home delivery, etc.

So, now you know about each site and its functions. Here are the steps to follow to access the Audible Student discount.


  • Register or login into your UniDays account. After you login in, make sure your student identification is verified
  • Go  to the page and click on verify student status or
  • Click here and it will redirect you to UNiDAYS.
  • Sign in and it will verify your student discount eligibility on Audible.
  • Once you log in, find the audible student discount link and redeem your code.
  • You get to enjoy a student discount and pay $11.45 for 12 month

Student beans

  • Sign up, If you don’t have a student bean account already. If you have an account. Login.
  • After logging in, click here will be redirected to the Audible Student discount page.
  • Click on Sign up now and you will get a 50% discount for 3 months! (£3.99)
  • You can cancel before your 3 months are up but if you wish to continue you will pay £7.99/$9.70 monthly.


  • Login or signup to TOTUM. You need a valid university email to access it.
  • Once you are done Click here to go to the Audible Student discount page.
  • Click sign up here and enjoy 50% for the first 4 months. (£3.99)
  • You can cancel before 4 months if you don’t want to pay £7.99/$9.70 monthly.

If you follow these easy steps you will have no trouble signing up or enjoying the student discount on audible.

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Reasons You Should Use Audibles Student Discount.

Audible is a great platform no doubt but you must be wondering if you need it. I’m sure you feel you can just read your books for free and not spend anything on them.

Which is true but there are so many advantages to this, that I’m sure you will love it. Well, I’ll give you a few reasons why you need Audible.

1. Makes Learning Easier

Juggling a social life, personal life, and school life is hard. Especially when you are figuring life out. If you find a way to make life easier I’m sure you will jump on it.

Well, the student discount on Audible makes life way easier, you don’t have to spend so much time doing only one thing.

Audible gives you the chance to listen to your school books and leisure material will you carry other activities, so there’s no need to sit still with that big book anymore. Have Audible read it for you.

2. Get Value

Even after your subscription has expired, you still get to keep whatever books you have downloaded that work if you don’t have money to pay on time, you still have your books and you aren’t cut off.

Also if you don’t like a book, you can exchange it for another book, Audible cares about your choices which is very convenient for people who judge a book wrongly by its cover.

If it’s a bonus, audible isn’t read by robotic voices like your typical text-to-speech voices. It is voiced by professional voice artists that will make you love to listen even more!

3. Saves Money

 Saving money is a top priority for the majority of students, allowance is limited but there are so many expenses.

Audible offers you a faster and easier way to learn and also gives you a discount. It’s amazing! You don’t have to spend so much on getting something this effective.

Audible is expensive for people who don’t get this discount, so basically they would want this opportunity but it’s only for you, so why don’t you take advantage of it?

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Ways To Save On Audible

If the student discount isn’t working for you then, I have other ways you can save your money on Audible. Like I said earlier, students are looking for ways to save and want to spend their money wisely.

So you are going to want multiple options to choose from and I have a few that might work for you.

1. Buy discounted Audible products on Amazon.

If the student discount on Audible is above your budget, you can try purchasing some of their products on Amazon.

Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon, so cheaper Audible products will be on the website for sale.

If you are a prime student member, their products will be even cheaper for you and you get free shipping of your products.

So if you want cheaper Audible products you go on Amazon and check Audible products and add them to your shopping basket.

2. Look For Audible Promo Codes

Multiple sites offer discounts to college discounts, if you need a discount there are several promo codes on the internet. From legit sites like student beans, TOTUM, etc.

They care about students’ limited resources and want to do more for them.

All you have to do is check which student discount you are looking for and you have a cheaper option.

3. eBay Has Fairly Used Audible products

If you want to save money on student discounts then eBay has a great option for you.

They sell fairly used Audible products on eBay for a very good price and you get the value for whatever you pay for.

4. Social Media

There is no faster way to get news than on social media. And if you want firsthand information on anything, then you should check the official accounts of the brand.

So if you want news on a new discount on Audible, you should follow them on their official social media accounts.

This way you don’t miss out on anything new and you get the front roll to sit through all the amazing offers.

5. Amazon Prime.

As I stated earlier, Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon. Amazon runs its back-to-school discounts. If you are interested in getting the best discount on Audible you should join prime.

They offer free shipping to their students, access to movies, and hundreds of TV series, and you get all this for $6.49 per month. You get a 6 months free trial.

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Past Offers On Audible

Over the years Audible has provided amazing discounts and here are some of them that we wish to come back to again.

  • 3 months of Audible for 99p
  • 2 for 1 on audiobooks at Audible
  • Free £10 Amazon voucher with Audible free trial
  • Free 3-month Audible trial for Prime members
  • Free Audible audiobook
  • Free Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland audiobook via Audible
  • and more!


In conclusion, Audible is a great streaming service that offers students an easier way to learn and makes life simple.

It allows you to multitask and cover more books than you originally would if you were just reading.

Normally their services are expensive but the discount helps students.

So why not make reading easier by listening? It’s a smart move, you won’t regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’ve been using Audible for a while. Do I still qualify for the student discount?

Unfortunately, you don’t qualify for an audible student discount. The offer is only open to new members.

2. How long do those Audible Student Discounts last?

It depends on the site you use. If you use UNiDAYS, it lasts for 12 months. If you use Student bean or TOTUM it lasts for 3 and 4 months respectively.

3.  Can I renew my Audible Student Discount after I cancel?

No, you can’t renew it. The offer is only once and after that it can’t be renewed.

4. Are my services limited to Audible Student Discount?

Fortunately for you, they aren’t! You get full access to everything on audible.

5. Who has access to Audible Student Discount?

Students. If you are an undergraduate, full time part-time, etc are eligible for this offer. You must have a student email address though.

6. What if I want to stop my Audible Student Discount?

You can stop or cancel the plan. But you can not redeem it.

7. Can I access the student discount without a student email?

No. You have to validate your account before Audible allows you to use the student discount. So you can’t have the discount without an email.

8. How much do I pay with Amazon Prime for students?

With Amazon Prime, you get 3 months free on Audible and after the 3 months, the prices get lower.

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