The Ultimate Review of Athos Insurance

If you are in the sports or entertainment industry and you are in search of an insurance company that ensures the safety of your business by providing protection across all areas of risk management. Then Athos Insurance company is the best possible option for you. 

General Liability, Property Damage, Equipment Damage, Workers Compensation, Auto Liability, and Physical Damage, Umbrella/Excess, Professional Liability, Accidental Medical Coverage, and any additional coverage you may desire are all part of Athos Insurance.

About Athos Insurance

Katherine Wong, who had already spent a significant amount of time specialising in the sector of entertainment and sports insurance, established Athos Insurance in 2012. Together with her Vice President, Aylene Villarin, they are heading the Athos Team to reinvent digital insurance solutions.

Because Athos insurance is a specialist in the entertainment industry as well as the sports industry. They are accustomed to the pandemonium that is associated with approaching deadlines. 

Owning one’s own website can be advantageous for a wide range of different people and groups, including aspiring filmmakers, production companies, photographers, and organizers of special events, as well as roller derby leagues, skateboard parks, and everything in between. 

They collaborate with individuals and businesses of diverse sizes from all over the world, which is in a state of constant flux.

You can count on the Athos insurance team to communicate with you at all times, whether it’s by sending email updates on bids or requests, or by responding to your calls with questions or concerns. 

Whether it’s by email or phone, you can depend on them to communicate. At Athos Insurance, the staff puts in a lot of work every day to guarantee that the customers are happy with the service they receive.

Athos Insurance is an industry leader in providing insurance protection for skateboard parks, whether they are privately owned facilities, mobile parks, skate schools, or other organizations that train skateboarding. 

Their insurance package protects not only the riders but also the covered activities that take place within your park. This protection extends to events and also contests held in the United States.

Top Products of Athos Insurance


1. Annual Product Insurance

The Entertainment Industry Needs Annual Production Insurance as a Form of Risk Management. It is possible that you will require only one or more lines of insurance coverage, depending on the kinds of productions that you create. 

There are certain insurance firms that will sell you packages that include numerous types of coverage, some of which you probably won’t need. You will find explanations of coverage below so that you are aware of what it is that you are applying for.

Below are the available coverages you can apply for;

Coverage for General Liability Associated with Production

Coverage for bodily injury sustained by third parties is provided by general liability insurance (3rd parties are non-cast and non-crew members such as bystanders or spectators). Take, for instance, the scenario in which the production business you work for is filming inside of a museum and has electrical wiring taped onto the floor. 

A visitor from the outside of the museum is walking past when they trip over the wiring and break their arm. This bystander may file a claim for physical damage against your production business.

Damage to the Property of a Third Party

Coverage for physical damage or loss to your property, while it is in the care, custody, or control of the insured, is provided by third-party property damage insurance (the production company renting filming locations). 

Additionally, it can compensate for a loss of use (to the location owner). If the rental agreement is for seven days or fewer in a row, certain insurance companies will include Property of Others Insurance coverage as part of the General Liability Insurance policy. 

This coverage is only applicable to rented property. The services of other carriers do not include this at all.

Equipment, Props, and Sets, as well as Wardrobe, that was Rented

This protects you from liability in the event that equipment, props, sets, or wardrobes are stolen or damaged accidentally while they are in your care, custody, or control.

Allows you to create certificates specifying rental houses as “loss payee,” and certain carriers will split the limitations between rented production equipment, sets, and also clothing.

Personally Owned Equipment

This protects the production-related equipment that you own from loss or theft as well as unintentional damage.

Liability for Vehicles Not Owned and Those Rented

You will need to acquire this form of auto liability if you intend to rent a truck or vehicle for use in the production. This protects your production firm in the event that the driver causes injury or property damage to other individuals, vehicles, or both.

This also covers claims of this nature in the event that a third party sustains injuries as a result of you loading and unloading equipment from vehicles that you do not own or lease. (A member of the Third Party is not a part of the cast or the crew.)

Physical Damage to Vehicles Not Owned and Those Rented

The purchase of this policy is typically made in conjunction with the purchase of Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability. 

If you intend to rent a truck or vehicle for the purposes of your production, what are your plans? You are going to require this coverage in order to safeguard your company from any losses that may result from the theft or damage of the car (or vehicles) that you rented.

Insurance for the Protection of Workers

This is the coverage required by law for employees you hire in case they become ill or injured.

Accident Medical 

Accident Medical coverage is only available to citizens and residents of the United States who have a social security number.

If the employees are not protected by workers’ compensation, you can get this additional insurance coverage. It is to protect them from injuries linked to the production.

Eligibility is restricted to citizens and permanent residents of the United States who have a social security number. The coverage is in addition to any pre-existing medical coverage, and there is also a deductible that is associated with it. 

The maximum amount that can be used for the deductible is just $100,000 or less for each accident.

Travel Accident

Cast members and crew members are eligible for medical reimbursement in the event that they sustain injuries while travelling to or from production locations.

Only citizens of the United States of America who have a social security number can apply. A deductible will be required to be paid in the event that the coverage provided is in addition to any pre-existing health insurance.

This policy provides coverage for increased limits that can be added on to an existing general liability policy.

Film Production Insurance

This protects you against the financial loss that could arise from damage to your film medium (i.e. raw films, etc). 

This includes the additional costs incurred to re-shoot the media that was damaged. This does not cover losses that occurred as a result of defective materials, cameras, processing, or other equipment.

Faulty Stock

Purchasing this is typically done in conjunction with purchasing insurance for the creation of a negative film. This compensates for the loss that occurred as a consequence of production stock (faulty stock). 

This includes any additional costs incurred when shooting the media as a result of the defective stock.

Extra Expense

In the event that video production is interrupted, postponed, or cancelled as a direct result of damage to or total loss of property, the Extra Expense policy will reimburse the loss incurred as a result of these circumstances. This does not take into account a reduction in earnings or profits.

When a film distributor agrees to take up the distribution of your picture, they will request that you purchase a policy of Media Liability Insurance to protect them against any potential legal action. 

This can shield you from legal action brought against you for defamation, invasion of privacy, infringement of copyright, or any form of plagiarism that may have been caused by the content of your video.

Insurance for the Cast and Crew

If a member of the cast or crew who is insured is unable to perform because of illness, injury, or death? This compensates for any net losses or additional costs that were incurred in order to start or finish the film.

Protection for the Animals

This pays for any expenses incurred as a result of the death, illness, or injury of an insured animal that occurred during the filming of your project.

2. Skatepark Insurance

Skateparks can get coverage under the General Liability policy, which also includes coverage for Athletic Participant Liability and Athletic Accident Medical Insurance.

Insurance for Skate Parks Against General Liability Claims

This protects you from lawsuits filed by third parties alleging that you caused them bodily harm through negligence. Bystanders and spectators are examples of third parties that are not considered to be employees or crew members of Athos insurance.

Responsibility of Athletic Participants

This covers bodily injury negligence cases that are made by athletes (riders at skate parks and skateboard parks). The vast majority of general liability policies do not cover this. The Athletic Participant Liability coverage is something that is always included in the Athos Skate Park Insurance program unless it is clearly disclosed otherwise.

Accident Medical

This is a medical reimbursement policy for accidents based on no-fault principles, up to the level that was acquired. It is subject to the deductible that is associated with the policy. 

This coverage is essential because it helps reduce the likelihood of minor injuries resulting from no-fault situations turning into lawsuits that are filed against the general liability insurance.

It is only open to citizens of the US or permanent residents who have a social security number. The coverage is in addition to any pre-existing health insurance that you may already have. 

There is a deductible that must be met in order to qualify. The maximum amount that can be paid out for any one accident or claim is one hundred thousand dollars.

Insurance for Owned Machinery and Device

This insurance covers accidental damage to or theft of all owned equipment. This includes ramps, inventory (if you have a pro-shop), safety & protective equipment (helmets, elbow pads, wrist guards, etc.), as well as other personal property related to the operation of an individual’s skate park. 

This includes safety equipment & protective equipment (helmets, elbow pads, wrist guards, etc.).

Liability for Vehicles Not Owned and Those Rented

You will need to have this kind of auto liability insurance if you intend to rent a truck or another vehicle for your business. This protects your company in the event that an employee causes injury or property damage to third parties while operating a vehicle that is not owned by the company or that was rented. 

This takes place frequently when workers are using their own vehicles to complete work-related errands (non-owned vehicles).

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This also covers claims of this nature in the event that a third party sustains injuries as a result of loading and unloading equipment from vehicles that you do not own or lease. (A third party is someone who is not a member of our team or an employee.)

Insurance for Excess Liability Coverage

This policy provides coverage for increased limits that can be added on to an existing general liability policy.

Insurance for the Protection of Workers

This provides coverage under the law for employees who you hire as staff and/or employees (including 1099s)

Eligibility is restricted to citizens and also permanent residents of the United States who have a social security number. Generally, we advise proprietors of businesses to acquire this coverage either through their state or through a payroll service provider.

Other Products of Athos Insurance Include;

  1. Owned and/or Rented Production Equipment
  2. Short-term Equipment Insurance
  3. (Rented)Owned and/or Rented Sports & Recreational Equipment
  4. Owned and/or Rented Musical Instruments or Sound Equipment
  5. Short-Term Productions (One single project)
  6. Drone (Aviation) Insurance Coverage
  7. Feature Film Insurance
  8. Foreign Production Insurance
  9. Workers’ Compensation
  10. Movie Boat Insurance (filming on vessels)
  11. Rental House Insurance
  12. Camera Operator Insurance
  13. Sound Engineers Insurance
  14. Lighting Engineers Insurance
  15. Editing Studio Insurance
  16. Entertainment Vendor Insurance
  17. Food Vendors/Concessionaires/Exhibitors Insurance
  18. Special Event Insurance/Promoters Insurance
  19. Media/Film E&O (Errors & Omissions) Insurance
  20. Concert Insurance & Show Insurance
  21. Roller Derby Team/League Insurance
  22. Roller Derby Event Insurance
  23. Sports Leagues/Teams Insurance
  24. Inflatable Bounce House Insurance
  25. Martial Arts Studios Insurance
  26. Dance Studios Insurance
  27. Personal Trainers Insurance
  28. Yoga Instructors Insurance
  29. Fitness Instructors Insurance
  30. Performers Liability Insurance
  31. Recreational Facility Insurance
  32. Amateur Sports Insurance
  33. Business Owners Policies
  34. Errors & Omissions Liability
  35. Directors & Officers Liability
  36. Commercial AutoCyber Liability
  37. Umbrella/Excess Liability
  38. Accident Medical Insurance

The Team Behind Athos Insurance

  • KATHERINE WONG, CPCU, CLCS – President/Founder
  • AYLENE VILLARIN, CIC – Vice President
  • CHRISTINA LAM – Assistant Vice President/Senior Underwriter
  • JACE HADFIELD – Processing Manager
  • JERRY NIHEN – Chief Web Developer

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