How to Get the AT & T Student Discount in 2023

As a student, you need high-speed internet to research assignments and projects or get in-depth knowledge on a topic but internet bills can be very expensive.

Therefore, you need to take advantage of any opportunity that reduces how much you pay for internet bills.

Now, this is where the AT & T student discount comes in handy so that you can pay less for more.

AT & T offers students a whopping $10 discount per month on their premium subscription which provides access to their superfast 5G network for no extra charge!

In this article, you will get the full details of who is eligible for this discount and how you can get the AT & T student discount. Let’s go!!

About AT & T

AT & T is a telecommunication company that provides you with high-speed internet on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other next-generation appliances.

AT & T is an American telecommunication company that was founded in 1983 and has undergone two name changes since then. Also, they were formerly known as “Southwestern Bell Corporation” from 1983-1995 and Asbc Communications Inc” from 1995 to 2005 and finally AT & T from 2005 till date.

The company has been in existence since the creation of telephones, so you can tell at they are doing. They are one of the most reliable 5G distributors in the US and have won numerous awards. AT&T is located in Texas and has over 203,000 employees working for them.

Apart from the AT&T student discount, the company offers a whole lot of giveaways from Friday access to VIP Giveaways. It doesn’t end!

The company is mostly concerned with giving you access to better technology from smart end TVs, high-speed internet service, and smart business solutions. The brand has spent $350 million on the student discount. So, their plan for you as a student is to save your money and enjoy the good things of life.

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What Is AT & T Student Discount

AT & T student discount is simply a telegraph and telecommunication company that provides students with great discounts on phones and a stable service provider. Some of the offers include an iPhone 13 for $0 with a trade-in and Samsung Galaxy S22 for $0 with a Galaxy trade-in. Also, they offer $10 off their 5G unlimited elite plan.

So, with this amazing offer, you can keep in touch with friends, and family and not worry about your social circle. Also, it is important to know that discounts vary depending on your university or school. So, to know what discount is offered to your school click here.

Their offer is open to both new and existing customers of AT&T. Thus, if you want to check your eligibility status, simply check the AT&T signature program to know if you qualify for the AT&T student discount.

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Steps to Get an AT & T Student Discount

Like most student discounts you need a valid student email to validate your studentship and see if you qualify for the AT & T student discount. But if you don’t have a Student email, you can take your student ID to the nearest AT&T store to find out if you are eligible for the offer.

What Is AT&T Signature Program

Earlier in this article, I mentioned the AT&T signature program, if you are wondering what it is. Well, I’ll be glad to explain all about it. So, the AT&T signature program is a discount program available to all qualified teachers, students, employees, and individuals that are associated with educational institutions or companies that are in partnership or sponsorship with AT&T.

This discount mostly varies depending on the company or educational institutions in question. Also, these discounts mostly cover the eligible person’s voice or data plans. So, students can access this discount and use and/or combine it with any other discount that will be listed below:

1. AT&T Worldwide Value Calling SM

This discount reduces the cost of call plans and international calls and texts. Also, they provide a cheap rate for international long-distance calls 24/7. This will work great for you if your school is outside your country and spend a lot on calling home. So, its discount rate is lower from the US to over 200 Countries 24/7.

2. AT&T International Student Deposit Waiver

If you are a student from abroad, schooling in a US college or University, this plan will make your calling and texting plan cheaper. Thus, to access the plan, you need to have active postpaid service on their approved FAN, Valid School ID, Student email, and International passport.

So, if you have all this listed above then you can have access to the discount that allows international students to have their deposit fee waived. You can have your fees waived a total of 3 times. Thus, if you join this discount you will access cheap data and extra credit for international calls.

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Other Ways to Save On AT&T

1. Check Online.

There are many discount websites online that offer student discounts, you can visit a few and check for AT&T coupons. Plus, they might help reduce the prices and help you save your money, remember that some might be expired so it’s best to stick to legit sites, to avoid any trouble.

2. Follow AT&T Official Social Handles.

The world has evolved and these days you get first-hand news on Social Media. So, if you want to be among the first people to get an update, I recommend you follow their official social media handles. Thus, you can find offers that will help your budget and help you have better calls and data rates

3. Buy Cheap AT&T Products on Amazon

If you are an Amazon Prime Student Member this offer will be a better option for you. You can order AT&T products at discounted or cheaper prices.  Thus, all you need to do is add some AT&T products to your shopping cart, you can save more money by doing this.

If you are a prime member you get free shipping which also saves your money. But if you aren’t a prime member you can still go to Amazon and search for cheap AT&T products.

4. Check eBay for cheaper AT&T

You can also check eBay for AT&T products you will get fairly used ones. Also, you get the value of whatever you pay for. So, go on and browse the web for products that will reach your price range.

5. Join Their Newsletter

Like every other authentic company, if you want firsthand information on new products or discounts. So, when you sign up for their newsletters, this information will be sent to your mail.

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Benefits of AT & T Student Discount

Apart from $10 off on AT&T unlimited plan, there are numerous benefits that you get from the student discount on AT&T. I’ll be highlighting a few that will convince you to sign up for this amazing discount.

1. 5G Network

If there’s anything better than a 4G it has to be a 5G network. AT&T is known for being the most reliable 5G distributor in America. Currently, they are distributed to 255 million people and more than 16,000 cities and towns in the US. Impressive! If you are wondering about the benefits of 5G then you should know that it downloads content way quicker than 4G can, it doesn’t lag like 4G,3G or 2G does. It has numerous benefits that will help you as a student.

2. Right to You

AT & T cares about you but how do I know this so well? Well, Right to you, means your package is delivered to you and set up by an expert, they will answer any questions you may have concerning the product and even call or text you before the arrival time before they visit.

This should be very exciting if you aren’t very good with tech products, you have someone to assist you and answer all your questions. So, all you have to do is sign up for the AT&T student discount.

3. Friday Access

Apart from the amazing student discount on AT&T, they offer Friday access. So, what then is Friday access? Well, Friday Access is a giveaway from AT & T that you play and get to win amazing prizes. So, if you participate in this event, you can get stuff free of charge from AT & T.

4. VIP Giveaways

Now if there’s anything people love more than good discounts like AT&T student discount it’s definitely the good giveaways and they offer. In the past, they have given a $500 gift card, a 5-nights trip to the beach nation pro, and other amazing prices. So, if you are a student low on allowance, you might want to jump on this opportunity. All you need to do is sign up and all this will be yours.

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Features of AT & T Student Discount

Why should you give the AT&T student discount a chance? What does it offer? Is the student discount worth it? Well, I have the answer to all your questions right here. You’ll get to know what AT & T has to offer and why it’s a great deal

1. 4G LTE

If you want advanced phones then you want a phone that is 4G and above. Phones before now were 3G and 2G which is slower compared to 4G networks. Now, if you are tired of slower downloads, Pages, and videos pausing at the good part, then you are going to love 4G because you get a faster internet connection, and quicker downloads, than 2G can’t offer. AT & T student discount gas this amazing feature that you are sure to love and get the best out of.

2. Wi-Fi Calling

Your network servers might not work everywhere, some places block out network services and so you are left with Wi-Fi. Most phones require you to download apps to use Wi-Fi services but AT&T does not require you to do that. You don’t need a new AT & T number to access Wi-Fi calling.

All you need to do is, set up your Wi-Fi and your calling works automatically. No stress. Calls to US numbers are free. So next time you are in that school area that has no service, consider using Wi-Fi calling. AT&T has great offers for this.

3.  Unlimited Talk and Text Messages

If you make a lot of calls or send a lot of messages and you haven’t found a plan that it’s your budget as a student then you need to sign up for the student discount on AT & T. They offer amazing plans on Unlimited Talk and Text messages. This way you don’t need to spend too much on reaching out to a large number of people or talking to family members.

4. Standard Definition Streaming

If you watch a lot of videos, probably on educational content and things to help school work, I think you will love this feature. AT&T student discount offers SD streaming, which means you can stream HD content on your device at SD quality, this way you do not spend as much data as you would have originally. So, if you have been looking for ways to save your data, I think this is a great option for you, so hurry up and sign up.


AT & T is a great telecommunication and telegraph company that offers the best services, discounts, and a great network.

Their student discount will go a long way if you are a student with limited funds who needs a good internet connection and a good phone for a school year, so sign up and get access to all these amazing offers. You won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who is eligible for the AT&T student discount?

Students. Although it isn’t specified. You can check here

2. What do I need to do to get an AT & T student discount?

Your valid school email is all you need. If you don’t have that, grab your school ID and go to the nearest store.

3. Are all US universities and Colleges Eligible For this discount?

Unfortunately, No. You will have to sign up to know if your school is eligible for the offer.

4. Is 5G available everywhere?

No, not all places have 5G yet. But you still have 4G LTE and 4G to fall back on until 5G becomes available.

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