AMC student discount

AMC Student Discount 2023

As a student, you probably know that student life is undoubtedly hectic and even downright stressful. You’ll need to catch some occasional downtime, and seeing movies on a big screen is one of the best ways to do that. Does this sound interesting to you? In this article, you’ll read everything you need to know about AMC student discounts.

AMC provides an opportunity for you to have fun at the movies without spending an obscene amount of money.

You’d read about the AMC student discount, various conditions for the student discount, how to purchase the AMC tickets, and many more.

So keep reading to find out!

What is AMC?

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc, originally an abbreviation for American Multi Cinemas, is the largest theatre chain in the world. This means that AMC is a large conglomerate with several identical theatres and cinemas for moviegoers in different locations.

Also, this company is a leading innovator in movie-watching experience worldwide and has acquired numerous subsidiary theatre companies in America and Europe.

AMC introduced the majority of popular cinema setups you see today, from tiered seats to love seating (adjustable armrests and cup holders).

So, if you need a relaxing weekend activity, check out any AMC cinema around you for a comfortable, quality cinema experience.

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AMC Cinema

Does AMC Offer Discounts?

AMC isn’t an overly expensive cinema chain, but are they pocket-friendly? Yes. They have many discount options in store for seniors, military veterans, and of course, students!

However, in this article, we’re specifically interested in student discounts, so what do AMC student discounts entail?

About AMC Student Discounts

First, let’s talk about pricing. There are different ticket options and price levels at AMC, with each varying in terms of comfort and benefits.

So, you have the flexibility to choose what your budget can accommodate. The ticket options available include:

  1. Basic Plan – This costs $13.69 for adults.
  2. 3D Movies – This costs $17.69 for adults.
  3. IMAX – This costs $19.69 for adults.

There are also the Dolby and Prime cinemas for a greater visual and audio experience that makes you feel like you’re in the movie yourself.

Note that these prices may vary depending on your actual location, so check with the AMC website for further information.

Next, how much is the AMC student discount offer? AMC offers a 15% student discount on all movie tickets after 4 pm daily.

Additionally, you can get a 30% off matinee showtimes before 4 pm daily and all day long on Thursdays.

Again, not all AMC theatres offer these discounts, so confirm with the customer service of your chosen location.

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What does your AMC student discount cover?

The AMC student discount covers movie tickets only; you’ll have to pay for extras like food or drink.

There are no extra freebies along with your discount.

However, you get a free refill for every large popcorn you buy, and what’s a movie without popcorn?

A good question to ask at this time is whether there any special conditions you need to meet to have access to AMC student discount.

See the answer below…

Conditions for AMC Student Discount

Well, the good news is it’s quite easy to get student discounts for AMC, as long as you have a valid means of identification.

Simply present your student ID card at the box office, and you’ll immediately get a price slash if the theatre offers student discounts.

It’s advisable to call their customer care line beforehand to know if student discounts apply at that location.

Meanwhile, as a general rule, your photo and date of birth must be visible on your student ID card.

This confirms that you’re old enough for the discount (13 years) and your preferred movie. It also checks that you’re the person in the picture.

How to Purchase AMC Movie Tickets

The first and most obvious option is to buy your ticket directly at the movie theatre. Showing your student ID then gives you immediate access to the student discount.

Notwithstanding, this method is more helpful if you already know the movie you want and its corresponding showtimes. So, try to do your research before arriving at the theatre.

Of course, you can look at the available options at the theatre with no prior knowledge. However, that would work best for you if you don’t have a specific movie in mind.

Still, on convenience and comfort, AMC wants you to get the best, so you can purchase your movie tickets beforehand online. Visit the official AMC website at to see available movies on demand and their corresponding showtimes and ticket prices.

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How to Buy AMC Tickets Online

The AMC website is pretty straightforward and easy to understand or use, nevertheless, you need this step-by-step guide to help you.

Plus, if you’ve never bought a ticket online, you’ll find a guide especially helpful. To purchase your AMC tickets online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official AMC website at Optionally, you can also use the AMC app.
  2. Click Showtimes on the right navigation bar of your screen.
  3. You’ll get an input field for city or state. Enter either your location or zip code to see the theatres closest to you.
  4. Click Showtimes when you find a theatre with a convenient location.
  5. Now, you’ll get a list of movies showing at that theatre; AMC lists shows with online tickets in blue.
  6. Click Buy Tickets under these shows.
  7. After clicking blue movie showtime, you’ll see the list of ticket types. Select your preference and the quantity you need.
  8. Now, the website will redirect you to the order page. Input your card details and place your ticket order.
  9. After placing your order, you’ll receive an email or text with your confirmation number, depending on the details you supplied. Take this number with you to the box office to print your ticket. Additionally, if you received a link to a barcode, you can show your barcode to the greeter to skip any processes.
  10. Another option is to present the card you ordered, at the box office. The staff will swipe the card and you’re good to go!
  11. Lastly, you can print your tickets at home, but you’ll need to pay extra for this.

Note that with online ticketing, AMC requires you to pay a convenience fee of $2.50. But, there’s a way to get this fee waived. Keep reading to find out.

Other AMC Deals and Discounts

Besides AMC student discounts, you can take advantage of many other discount packages and deals. You need to know about these because sometimes student discounts may not apply. For example, with online ticketing, it may be hard to apply your student discount. Plus, we’ve already seen that these student discounts vary by location, so your preferred theatre may not apply them.

Let’s look at some other AMC discounts below.

 AMC Military Discounts

The first category is military discounts. Similar to student discounts, you must show your military ID at the box office, and you’ll get your discount immediately. Unlike AMC student discounts, your ID doesn’t have to be current. You’re eligible for an AMC military discount if you’ve served with the military at any point.

AMC Stubs Membership

Most students have never been part of the military, so understandably, the first discount probably doesn’t interest you. Thus, here’s AMC’s Stubs Membership, a reward program you’ll get a lot of use out of along with your student discount. 

AMC Stubs has three membership tiers with varying levels of prices, rewards, and benefits. They include:

1. AMC Stubs Insider

AMC Stubs Insider is the basic Stubs membership package. This package gives you access to multiple amazing benefits. Some benefits include free food (popcorn and drinks), Wi-Fi, and waived online ticketing fees when you order more than four tickets. In addition, you also get free large popcorn on your birthday and 20 points per $1 you spend!

You’re probably wondering, ‘How much does all this cost?’ Well, guess what? It’s absolutely free. All you have to do is sign up for the Stubs Insider package with this link. You can also view all the benefits you get in detail on the official AMC Stubs webpage.

2. AMC Stubs Premiere

This is the second membership tier if you want to access a couple of exclusive benefits. Like many other mega brands, AMC gives you a price reduction if you pay ahead for the full year rather than monthly. This costs $15 per year and is available for a limited time only.

So, what extra benefits do you get for your cash? Firstly, your birthday gift gets a significant upgrade. Again, you don’t have to pay an extra fee for online ticketing at all, irrespective of your order size. You also get free size upgrades on any food or drinks you purchase at the movies and more! If it sounds like a train you’d like to hop on, then sign up on the official AMC Stubs page.

3. AMC Stubs A-List

Truly, this package is the A-list of membership packages. Here, you have access to everything AMC has to offer, from free food and drinks to birthday gifts and wifi. Also, AMC awards you 100 points for every $1 you spend. Like the other membership packages, once you’ve accumulated up to 5000 points, you get a reward of $5!

Still, all benefits pale in comparison to the real star of these membership packages. With the A-list package, you get up to three movies every week in all AMC’s upgraded theatres. This includes Dolby Cinema, IMAX, RealD 3D, and online reservations. No other package has this privilege, so make sure to jump on if your pocket can carry it. Visit the official AMC Stubs page to sign up for this package.

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AMC Discount Tuesdays

Although this deal is technically only available for Stubs members, it’s so unbelievable it has to be a headline of its own! AMC knows you’ve had a long school year, and you deserve the best summer break with all your favorite movies at little cost. So, they’re currently offering AMC Discount Tuesdays to all loyalty members. Every Tuesday, from July 1 to Oct 25, all movies cost just $5! Amazing, right?

Remember that this discount applies only to Stubs members (Stubs A-List, Stubs Premiere, and Stubs Insider), so sign up for a Stubs package now to access it. Also, the price does change depending on location; be sure to keep that in mind. You’ll incur additional charges for the premium theatre options, i.e., Dolby Cinema, IMAX, and RealD 3D.

How to Get AMC’s Discount Tuesday

All you have to do is show your Stubs membership card at the box office on Tuesday. If you’re making an online purchase, just log in to your Stubs account first to get access to the discounts. And yes, you can pay for a Tuesday discount ahead of time.


AMC theatres are the way to go, whether it’s a casual hangout with your friends, a romantic night out, or you just want to treat yourself to a solo movie date. Therefore, find any AMC theatre around you, sign up for any of the membership packages, and treat yourself to a beautiful movie experience.

FAQs About AMC Student Discount?

1. What is AMC?

AMC is a theatre chain group with several cinemas around the world.

2. Does AMC have student discounts?

Yes. AMC gives 15% off to students above 13 years of age.

3. What conditions do I have to meet to qualify for AMC student discounts?

AMC doesn’t require you to meet any special conditions. As long as you’re a student above 13 years of age and you have the valid identification to show it, then you’re eligible for a student discount for AMC.

4. How can I get an AMC Student Discount?

To get an AMC student discount, you must present your student ID at the box office. You’ll immediately get your student discount for AMC.

5. Can I buy my AMC movie ticket online?

Of course, you can. You can either buy your movie tickets through AMC’s website at or through the AMC app.

6. Are there other AMC discounts or deals?

Yes. Apart from student discounts, AMC also offers military discounts, senior discounts, and coupons. Most importantly, there’s the AMC stubs membership package with mouthwatering benefits that you can enjoy.

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