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How To Get The Amazon Prime Student Discount

There is more to university life than just lectures, essays, and groups. Benefits like the Amazon Prime Student Discount are among the perks of being a student.

You can benefit from the Amazon Prime Student program to subscribe to the service at a significant discount and use it for streaming, shopping, and other activities.

Students are entitled to various travel, technology, and apparel discounts. 

However, Amazon Prime Student is currently one of the best student deals on the market. 

It offers several Amazon Prime perks at a discount of 50% off the standard membership cost, but that’s not all. 

We will expose all the benefits of the discount in this article.

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Overview Of Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service, costing $14.99 per month or $139 annually. 

Numerous benefits are available to Prime members. 

The best benefit, though, is a free one- or two-day shipping on the majority of Amazon-sold items. 

What Is Amazon Prime Student?

The Amazon Prime student is a version of Amazon Prime intended particularly for students who are enrolled full-time in higher education. 

Students have access to the Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Reading services for a discounted monthly charge of £3.99/$7.49 or £39/$69 per year. 

Additionally, they get 10% off textbooks, free and quick delivery on anything in the Amazon shop tagged with Prime, photo storage on Amazon Drive, and early access to lightning specials.

Students in the USA are given even more incentives, such as access to Prime Gaming, Twitch TV, and the chance to rent textbooks.

Millions of items are eligible for free one-day delivery with Amazon Prime Student (one-day for UK students, unlimited two-day delivery for students in the Republic of Ireland). 

They also get access to premium content including music and movies.

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Amazon Prime Student Vs. Amazon Prime

An Amazon Prime Student account gives you access to all the benefits of a regular Prime account for half the price. 

Additionally, rather than a 30-day trial, you receive a 6-month free trial.

Can I Get Amazon Prime Student For Free?

In contrast, a normal Prime membership only permits the use of the trial version for up to 30 days.

If you decide to renew your Prime Student membership after the initial six months, you will only pay £39 ($69) per year, or $3.99 ($7.49) per month, which is half the regular Prime subscription price.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Student Cost?

After the 6-month trial, you will be charged a reduced fee of $6.49 per month, or $59 annually. 

In contrast, Amazon Prime offers a 30-day free trial and then costs $12.99 per month ($119 annually).

Who Is Eligible For Amazon Prime Student Discount?

You must be a student, 18 and above to get access to the Amazon student discount. 

How Do I Sign Up For Amazon Prime Student Discount?

You’ll need a email address to sign up for Amazon Prime Student. 

You can register using an alternative form of enrollment verification, such as a school ID card or an up-to-date transcript if you don’t have email address.

  • Log in to your account or register for a new one
  • Search for the prime student offers
  • Enter your student ID and year of graduation

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How Long Does The Amazon Student Discount Last?

The Amazon Prime Student offer expires after four years or when you graduate from college. 

What Do I Get With Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student discount offers many of the benefits of Prime that the average person cares about.

This includes unlimited photo storage, 30-minute early access to select Amazon Lightning Deals, free next-day or two-day shipping on more than 100 million eligible items, and unlimited access to more than a thousand books on Prime Reading.

Additionally, Amazon has sales on back-to-school items for college, including gadgets and dorm necessities. 

All of them are available in Amazon’s Off to College store, and a lot of them are eligible for free next-day or two-day shipping with Prime.

The other amazing benefits of Amazon Prime Student Discount are listed below:

1. Super fast shipping

Millions of things are eligible for free two-day delivery with Prime, but it’s important to note that your location will affect your Prime shipping perks.

The availability of Prime shipping services is significantly restricted in some US regions. Prime shipping with one-day or even same-day delivery is offered in some areas, particularly cities.

2. Release day delivery

If you preorder a book, movie, or video game that qualifies, you’ll have it (delivered or downloaded) the day it reaches the shop shelves.

Release-date delivery is a benefit of a Prime membership that is underappreciated.

3. Video, music, and reading libraries

You will receive unlimited streaming access to Amazon Prime movies and TV shows in addition to Prime delivery. 

Popular and widely praised books like Fleabag and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel are among the selections in this library.

Additionally, you can access Prime Reading, a private library of more than 1,000 books and magazines, and get unlimited Prime Music streaming. 

Prime Reading is available on your phone, tablet, desktop, or Kindle.

Despite the fact that Prime Video is available to both Prime members and Prime Student members, students do have access to a significantly smaller range of Prime Music and Prime Reading titles.

4. College shops

You can access Amazon’s College Shop, a particular online store with goods chosen especially for college students. 

You can get Prime shipping on the majority of items in the College Shop, plus you’ll get additional discounts on College Shop items based on prior purchases you’ve made for your classes or dorm.

5. Special partnership

Amazon frequently runs special deals and offers for Prime Students in collaboration with certain brand partners. 

6. Lighting deals

Amazon Lightning Deals are another benefit of being a Prime member.

It gives you the privilege of receiving an email alert 30 minutes before non-members can access it.

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Other Amazon Prime Offers

There are some other deals that come with Amazon prime aside from the student discount.

Let’s go over them below.

1. Amazon prime student hotel discount

This deal entitles you to an electronic Gift Card with a value equivalent to 10% of the applicable Prime Student Member’s hotel purchase price (excluding tax). 

Insurance and previously reserved accommodations are excluded from the offer and the offer is not transferable. 

To get this offer, you must be a current owner of an Amazon Prime Student account and logged in at the time of purchase. 

Within five business days following the anticipated end of the hotel stay, the electronic Gift Card will be sent to the email address on file. 

2. Amazon prime student flight discount

You are eligible for a discount of at least $5.00 off the list price (total fare including taxes and fees) of all flights booked on the StudentUniverse website.

The offer is not valid on insurance or flights that have already been reserved. 

You cannot also transfer the offer. 

To get this deal, you must be a current owner of an Amazon Prime Student account and logged in at the time of purchase.

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It’s never too early to start preparing for the new academic year, even though the back-to-school sales are still a few months away. 

Get the Amazon Prime Student discount to take advantage of these deals.

You can sign up for a free six-month free trial of Amazon Prime Student if you aren’t currently a US or UK Prime subscriber. 

This means that you can get a regular Amazon Prime subscription for half off. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Amazon Student Discount

Is Amazon Prime free for school students?

Yes, there is a free six months trial for students.

After the six months free trial on Amazon Prime Student, there is still a reduced monthly cost.

Do students get a discount with Amazon?

Your Prime Student membership entitles you to a discount on Amazon Prime following your six-month trial, as well as the advantages of Prime plus Student-only offers and discounts.

How do I change my Amazon Prime account to a student account?

You qualify for Prime Student if you are currently an Amazon Prime subscriber with an annual or monthly payment option and are a registered student. 

How long is Amazon Prime Student?

The Amazon Prime Student offer expires after four years or when you graduate from college. 

You can only use the basic Amazon Prime if you don’t fit the student discount requirement. 

How does Amazon verify student status?

You will require your academic email address and a student ID to validate your status as a student

How do I get a prime student after 4 years?

You can open a fresh Amazon account by using your student ID and email.

You can also provide documentation of a TOTUM card, which expires after a four-year subscription.

Who is eligible for Amazon Student Prime?

Anyone enrolled in at least one course at a university or college in one of the 50 US states, Washington, DC, or Puerto Rico is eligible for Amazon Prime Student. 

If you are a student at a four-year college, two-year college, or graduate program, Prime Student is available to you.

How much is Prime for college students?

The monthly membership fee for Prime Student members will rise to $7.49/month, and the yearly membership fee will rise to $69/year.

Does Prime student still exist?

You can continue using Amazon Prime Student for half the cost of Amazon Prime after the trial period has ended. 

You’ll have access to all of Amazon’s content, as well as all streaming services and early access to promotions.


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